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The Structure of the Book of Revelation

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Question:  If I divided Revelations into three major sections and wanted to see a mental picture of the mood of each section, how would I picture - chapters 1-4, chapters 5-20, chapters 21-22? What truths are highlighted by repeated emphasis and what truths are emphasized by contrast, rather than repetition?

Response:  The book of Revelation is, roughly speaking, chronological, and has approximately the following organization by chapters:

1: the vision of Christ

2-3: trends of the Church age

4: the scene in heaven

5-7: the seal overview of the Tribulation

8-11: the Tribulation begins (trumpet warning judgments: first 3.5 years)

12-14: the Great Tribulation (second 3.5 years)

15-16: the bowl judgments (precursor warnings of the second advent)

17-18: the judgment upon Babylon (the destruction of the satanic system)

19: the second advent

20: the Millennium; the Gog-Magog rebellion; the Great White Throne judgment

21-22: the Eternal State (new Jerusalem)

This organizational scheme is scheduled is covered in detail in the *Coming Tribulation series, a compendious treatment of the history of the apocalypse organized around a verse by verse exegesis of the Book of Revelation.  Please see also the following links:

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Yours in the love of Jesus Christ,

Bob Luginbill


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