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Colonel Thieme and the Origin of the Ichthys Ministry

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Question:  Can I ask you a question? Did you ever study under Col. R.B. Thieme, and have you been influenced by him?

Response:  I was a "taper" for a number of years while on active duty with the Marines, and then also while pursuing my second B.A. and seminary M.A.B.S. (where I had a close circle of friends likewise following the Col.'s ministry). I did meet the Col. a couple of times years ago, though only very briefly and not to speak to (he doesn't know me).

I haven't had any direct contact with him or his ministry for going on two decades. It is more than fair to say that Col. Thieme "influenced me" - indeed, I learned a great deal from him (the books were especially helpful). However, it is also almost certainly fair to say that much of what is to be found here at ICHTHYS would not be enthusiastically approved of by him or his (even from where things stood back in the 80's).

I have been pursing theology and the knowledge of God's Word as a teacher in my own right for many years now, and my ministry is an independent one. I would certainly not want to represent the Bible studies at ICHTHYS as having anyone else's stamp of approval (including Col. Thieme's). As I say in my "Use Policy", the work is meant to stand for itself. I continue to strive to provide detailed scriptural support for every point of truth taught in these studies so that those who read and study them can discern for themselves whether they do "rightly divide the Word of truth". It is my most earnest desire and honest belief that they do, and I would hope that it would be clear from my C.V. that this confidence is at least based upon extensive preparation, qualifications, and service in the cause of Jesus Christ.

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I hope this answers your question,

Yours in Christ,

Bob Luginbill


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