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Dragons in the Bible?

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Question:  Can you please tell me of any or all the references to dragons in the Bible?

Response:  Certainly. There are no literal "dragons" in the Bible, however.  

Here are the passages on so-called "dragons" in the Old Testament (n.b.: these are from the King James Version, where "dragon/dragons" is the translation for the Hebrew "tannin", usually translated "sea monster" or "sea creature" in other versions; these are not mythological, but are the scriptural designation for all the large, terrible creatures of the deep [whether or not they have yet been identified by modern science; the Giant Squid, for example, has never been seen alive, but is known to exist from tentacles et al. that have washed up on shore]):

Deut. 32:33
Neh. 2:13
Job 30:29
Ps. 44:19; 74:13; 91:13; 148:7
Is.13:22; 27:1; 34:13; 35:7; 43:20; 51:9
Jer.9:11; 10:22; 14:6; 49:33; 51:34; 51:37

In the New Testament (n.b.: these are all the Greek "drakon", the word from which we get "dragon" in English; they all occur in the book of Revelation and all refer to the devil, who is portrayed symbolically as a "dragon" largely because of his identification with the serpent in Genesis chapter three [see part 4 of the Satanic Rebellion series, section V.1, for more on the meaning of this and other names for the devil]):


Please also see:

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Thanks for your interest in Ichthys -- hope this helps,

Yours in Christ,

Bob Luginbill


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