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Eschatology Issues LXXVI

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Question #1:

Do you think there are animals/creatures that exist today that are the product of demons messing with genetics in whatever which way?  Do you think some form of nephilim is alive today or would God not allow that?

Response #1:

No. Those were all wiped out by the judgment that blacked out the universe before the seven days of re-creation (nothing could survive that – there wasn't even any light until the Lord began the process of reconstructing the world in the seven Genesis days: Gen.1:2ff.).  Antichrist is the seed of Satan, so there is at least one of the latter around at present, it seems.

Question #2:

How much of a foothold does Lucifer have of this world? How much is God letting him do?

Response #2:

He is "prince of the power of the air" (Eph.2:2), which means that his foothold while extensive is also limited – by willingness of human beings to respond to his lies. In addition to many email postings on spiritual warfare (here's one at the link), there is an entire series devoted to this: the Satanic Rebellion series (see especially part 4 at the link).

Question #3:

Is sin and morality separate or the same thing? Can you be a good person but still sin? Theoretically, can demons be "good" but still sinful? Is this what makes them more tempting or what makes Satan appear as an angel of light? Is our Hollywood view of demons misleading and does that harm our vigilance in how temptation works or their allure (paganism)?

Response #3:

Sin is an anti-God thought, word or deed. Mortality is the heritage of the human race on account of the fall. All sin – because all are born with a sin nature; therefore all die physically. But believers are considered righteous by God on account of our faith by the grace of the cross. What people call "good" and what God calls "good" are two different things. Only response to God in His way is "good" in his eyes. Only through faith in Christ can anyone get God's righteousness so as to be saved. There are no "good" demons, therefore. Nor is there much of anything coming out of Hollywood which I could recommend.

Question #4:

More importantly, how do you know if you've seen or your mind is playing tricks on you... or you have some disorder that causes hallucinations?

Response #4:

Believers have the Holy Spirit. If we are truly moving forward spiritually, confessing our sins, reading our Bibles, accessing good Bible teaching, preferably daily, AND believing and applying the truth we are being taught, then we have nothing whatsoever to worry about on that score. Only individuals who are drifting around unanchored to the truth could possibly have this issue. It's all about the truth.

Question #5:

Have you met any believer with supernatural gifts from God? Do they exist?

Response #5:

Depends what you mean by supernatural gifts. All believers have spiritual gifts which are given by God, and I've never met a believer without them. If you mean tongues, healing, prophecy and the like, these gifts have not been given by the Spirit since the end of the apostolic era. We now have the Bible – which is greater than any of those.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #6:

Can you elaborate on prophecy not existing anymore? What about when we're at/near the end times? There is a lot of preachers, specifically ones who are into politics, who do a lot of prophecies. What about prophecies regarding specific people? Like if a pastor has a "vision" for you they claim is sent by God? Thanks.

Response #6:

There are no new revelations coming from God – we have the entire Bible now.

Anyone who tells you, "God told me", is at the VERY least exaggerating mightily.

We know all we need to know from the Bible. The sad thing is that few people seek out teaching ministries where the vast amount of information the Bible contains is taught and explained. So-called pastors who can't be bothered to seek the truth from the scriptures are very dangerous. I wouldn't believe a word they said.

Why would God give us prophets now when He has already given us all prophecy in the Bible?

(8) Love never falls [into inactivity]. But whether [we are talking about gifts of] prophecy, they will cease, or about [gifts of] tongues, they will come to a stop, or [about the gift of] knowledge, it will be done away with. (9) For when we exercise the gift of knowledge, its results are only partial. And when we exercise the gift of prophecy, its results are only partial. (10) But when what is complete shall have come on the scene (i.e., the completed Bible available to a mature Church), all partial measures shall be done away with.
1st Corinthians 13:8-10

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #7:

What about Acts 2:17?

Response #7:

This is a quote from Joel 2:28ff., and refers to the Millennium; but since the Church Age is a mystery age intercalated in front of the Tribulation and the Millennium, it too was inaugurated by all manner of special gifts. And we do see these gifts active throughout the book of Acts . . . during the apostolic era only (see the link in BB 5, "Temporary Gifts"). When that era ended, so did the giving of these gifts. There is much about this in BB 6B (see the particular link: "The Nature of the Book of Acts").

In Jesus,

Bob L.

Question #8:

GREETINGS TO 'YOU' AND EVERYONE WHO IS ASSOCIATED WITH 'ICHTHYS.COM'! I am 76 years of age, living alone here in the United States (OHIO). I discovered your website moments ago. THANK YOU for the opportunity to 'study to show myself approved unto GOD, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

I spent a weekend in the local hospital several weeks ago to correct problems relating to my heart, lungs, and my kidneys. No surgery was necessary. I was instructed to become more 'active'/exercise - inside and outside of my apartment. WHEN I was released to return to my apartment, I received word from a family member that I should become vaccinated as soon as possible. The next day found me at a local public health facility to receive my Johnson & Johnson shot (one shot necessary) and I was given a $100 gift card that I shared with a family member. Does my information sound 'familiar'?

I have discovered your article concerning the topic - READ THE BIBLE! I will be spending the next couple of days reading to become familiar with the article. Your website will prayerfully and thankfully keep me busy each day - for months to come, to grow steadily as a newborn babe (1 Peter 2:2). Respectfully,

Response #8:

Good to make your acquaintance – and thanks for your encouraging emails!

As to "sound familiar?", yes – everything but the $100! We're getting nothing here in KY as far as I know.

Hope your feeling well now that you're out of the hospital!

Feel free to write any time.

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob Luginbill

Question #9:


Yes, very dry in MN – live in a suburb of Minneapolis/St. Paul. The smoke we are getting has caused the worst air quality in our history. The northwest flow is bringing in Canadian smoke, it’s actually been getting tough to breath out there. Especially for those of us with asthma or other respiratory issues.

We’re also dealing with the worst drought since 1988 so we’ve had small fires, that could get much worse in August and September which are usually very dry. I hope the smoke doesn’t make its way down there.

Thanks for your prayers, I will (as always) continue mine as well.

In Jesus,

Response #9:

Thanks – you never know, do you? Got a message from a friend in Arizona who tells me that they're having the wettest summer anyone can remember.

I suppose I should be glad for Louisville's pretty predictable weather pattern!

Thanks for your prayers!

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #10:

Louisville is pretty stable weather-wise although when I lived there between 1997 and 2010 we got a lot of severe weather. 2 feet of snow in February 1998, bad severe weather outbreaks in 2003 and 2004. A couple bad ice storms and a freak wind storm in September of 2008, what was left of Hurricane Ike. Apparently it pushed the jet stream to surface level with winds 60-80 mph which I’m sure you remember.

What’s nice is the lack of subzero weather, the 60+ degree days in the dead of winter and the long, beautiful falls. The countryside is far more scenic too save Lake Superior but that’s 4 hours from here.

I heard about Arizona, if I had to choose flood or fire I’d have a hard time deciding. It does seem like Louisville has been more calm since I left, at least in general. Thanks for your prayers as well!

In Jesus Christ

Response #10:

Yes, we do have "events" here from time to time, it's true. My friend in MS remarked about the heat vs. cold thing and I said if I were rich I'd probably live in Michigan in the summer and Florida in the winter . . . but since I'm not I live half way in between, "Where the weather is always lousy" he quipped – exactly right!

In Jesus,

Bob L.

Question #11:

Hi Bob,

Every time I talk to people now, I try not to get embroiled in whatever is happening but be a good listener and kind and to be salt and light to them and try to plant seeds whenever I am given opportunity. It's not always easy explaining to people why there is so much chaos now without going into eschatology which rankles most. So I mainly talk about how we can trust God, that God is good and loves us all. I am trying to witness with my life through my person to person interaction, to stay calm and avoid dispute and be loving and seek peace.

Whenever they notice and appreciate me I always tell them it is because of Jesus, everything I have is from Him. I am finding peace again as I move slowly forward in this way.

A lot of family now have unusual health problems that may or not be connected to the vaccine. A cousin has to have facial surgery on his jaw and another has problems with rashes on her skin and her hair is now turning white. __ is having gum problems, __ has had facial pain and numbness and ___'s migraines are getting worse and worse. It may be coincidental all this of course but they all have been fully vaccinated and everyone is suddenly in pain or getting sick. Maybe people are just more aware of their bodies? I'm not sure for certain.

How can I tell them it may be the vaccine? ___ says she believes in people. I guess everyone feels the same way.

Apparently I am the only person anyone knows who isn't vaccinated. I warned them before but they wanted to do it. The problem is there will be the yearly boosters too so those who thought they could hold their breath while they got two, well it is actually an ongoing protocol. Maybe people will drop out of boosters or feel too panicked not to. It almost seems like superstition rather than science at this point. What can I say that is not akin to shouting "fire" in a crowded theatre?

I just have to go forward in faith and trust Jesus every day. My job now is the same as when I got saved, it is to grow and mature and work towards ministry whilst sharing the hope I have with others, the hope I have in Christ.

I am trying to let the Holy Spirit shine forth in all conversation. I try to take time over what I write too rather than blurting out (which I am prone to doing). I am trying to demur from saying things more often now and trying to be more Spirit led. I realise that whatever happens, the response is always the same: faith!

In Him,

Response #11:

Sorry for the delay. I seldom have time to answer emails on posting day.

Sounds to me as if you have got this exactly right! We strive to make Jesus the issue in witnessing, not our own opinions, especially not political ones. I'm thrilled to hear the wonderful progress you are making on this issue!

As to the vaccine, I have to say that everyone I know well who has been vaccinated has had problems: heart problems, blood pressure problems, migraines, vertigo. Haven't heard about the rashes and skin trouble (but I'm not close to many people who've gotten the shots). It may be "anecdotal", but it seems too much for coincidence as far as I'm concerned. Makes me glad I stayed away from it for sure [update: I did get the J&J last week; definite fatigue, but I'm trying to take it easy; I think the thing burdens the immune system and that this causes troubles if a person is in bad shape or doesn't back off until everything settles down; personal opinion only since I am NOT an M.D.]. Our university has now said that while they are not requiring vaccination they WILL require testing and mask-wearing by the non-vaccinated. I'm hoping that the thing will die off before too long. We did have a "delta spike" over here, but it seems to petering out. [update: Delta showing no signs of let-up; new policy at U of L: masks for everyone everywhere; still no word on whether I can "unmask" to teach – it's nearly impossible to teach with a mask on; rumors about going "remote" again; we shall see].

Keeping you in my prayers daily, my friend!

In Jesus,

Bob L.

Question #12:

Thanks Bob,

I have let go trying to have control over this (which I never had anyway) and have trusted in God's control instead. As soon as I did I felt this huge sense of peace and ease in my walk. By trusting in my Heavenly Father, I am truly His child: looking towards Him for direction and support. I realise that God's sufficiency is far greater than self sufficiency and gives a peace that no-one has when they try to do it alone.

I realise now that this was a big test for me, the biggest so far. I had to face down my fear of death and God had hold of my hand the whole time. I realise that when I tried to find strength in my flesh it is like a child shaking off the calm, steady and loving hand of a wise parent. I don't want to do that again. I know now I am a spiritual child, wholly dependant on my loving Father for provision, strength and deliverance.

I have felt myself grow through this and even the Bible seems more vivid to me than before. Is this what happens with spiritual growth? Do you feel yourself getting closer to God and trusting Him more and more? That's what I feel now.

Funnily enough, last night I watched a documentary about Hillary and Tenzing climbing up Mount Everest. I assumed just the two of them did it in a day! The reality involved weeks of rigorous scientific testing before they even flew anywhere near a mountain. They then deployed tens of Sherpas (basically the population of a small village) to help the team of climbers inch up from one base camp to another. They often went up just to come back down again. Weeks and weeks of carrying, fetching, climbing, descending, only to sleep in the most inhospitable climate known to man.

Finally two of them walked with oxygen tanks to the actual summit to stick a flag on the top and "touch the heavens" before making the anti-climatic but still arduous and wearing descent back to terra firma.

I couldn't help but wonder whether they were brave or just plain mad! I didn't really understand why they did it but at the end they explained why. In the words of Mallory (who died trying to climb Everest in the 1920's at the age of 37) "Why climb Everest? Because IT IS THERE!"

Apparently over 300 have died since trying to make the summit. There were eleven deaths there in 2019 alone. The bodies are still there unburied, as a grim marker for other people who may reach the same fate in the pursuit of Mallory's Quixotic dream of "It is there!"

I'd much rather Bob climb the mountain of faith because God is at the top of it! What's more He will give me eternal life and an imperishable crown at the summit! I will spend all eternity in the blissful company of Jesus Christ and all the other believers of the world! When I think of this, I can ignore the pain or the struggle I sometimes have and run up there as fast I can even when hobbling and limping with tears in my eyes.

So I can see why we should count it all for joy. All this is temporary and perishing and our futures are going to be more joyous than we could ever know here. Yes we will go through the worst time we have ever known but God will be with us every step and breath of it, holding our hands. Guiding us AND comforting us. So really we do not have anything to fear only the loss of our faith and salvation is to be feared as everything else are just brief moments that we pass through whilst walking with God.

After the documentary had finished, I opened my bible to read the Psalm of the day and was amazed at what I was reading!

Psalm 125
They that trust in the Lord shall be as mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abideth for ever. As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the Lord is round about His people from henceforth ever for ever.


Blessed be the name of the Lord!

In Jesus our Lord,

Response #12:

Love the Everest analogy!

Of course the difference is that instead of some Herculean task, we have the Spirit to do all the heavy lifting for us. All we have to do is trust the Lord and cease from our own labors (Heb.4:9-11).

You're running an excellent race, my friend, and you are an inspiration to me. Here's praying that those near and dear will be "shaken and awakened" through your good example soon too.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #13:

Dear Professor

Covid Ness: Monster from the Loch (out of the dark deep).

The planned hyped media hysteria was required to drive mass fear around the planet. [weapon of mass destruction].

The Murdoch Children’s Institute findings in Australia confirm David Rasnick’s research that the PCR test is useless and hence fraudulent to use for Covid 19. [though the MCI imply more vaccines for those who DON’T succumb to a virus - there is a greater chance of children getting sick or dying from the vaccine - so let’s give them the “vaccine” too. Evil at work delivering death instead of the promised “safety”].

Hosea 4:6a My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge;
[also read from all chapter 4 Hosea]
Collectively most are going off the way. This has allowed evil to thrive almost undetected.

My comments to add:
Around 2016 or 2017 about 50% of my sons class at school were away with the flu at one time and the whole class were away sick in sequence as it swept through the whole community. The Rats are now saying that Cov 19 is more contagious than the flu.

Q1. What is more contagious than a near 100% flu infection?
A. Fear and Lies - generated by media hype through “experts”.

Q2. What symptoms did the original reported 44 infected people in 2019/20 in China have?
A. Pneumonia. (China has over a million pneumonia cases EVERY year).

Q3. What is the correct treatment?
A. Treatment for pneumonia obviously.

Q4. What treatment did our health “experts” advocate?
A. None.

Q5. What was the “experts” tactics?
A. Wait until you are near death, then guarantee near certain death by overdosing on oxygen.

When I was in hospital with pneumonia about 2014 I had a drip feed into my hand.

Q6. What would have been my diagnosis had the PCR “test” nonsense been in vogue then.
A. You guessed correct. Positive for Covid.
Thank goodness it wasn’t in vogue then.

Q7. What would have been my treatment?
A. Same answer as in Q4 and Q5 above.

As they say, timing is everything. God is good.

The nasal assaults producing water perhaps impress the naval authorities viewing a formidable weapon bringing nations to their knees. [Strangely this weapon brings fearful people into the streets WILLINGLY lining up - careful to observe “social distance” and then submitting to closer than close nasal assault and deep throat probe from people who have NO IDEA what they are doing - other than blindly following orders].

There have been a couple of small legal victories in countries against using this weapon of mass deception. Mass deception - we have been there a few times before in very recent history. Hypnosis is dismissed by many people - most noticeably by those currently hypnotised!

Thank you for your Ministry in the Word of truth.

Keeping you in my prayers.

in Jesus our Lord and Savior.

Your student and friend

Response #13:

Very interesting article indeed. So we can't trust tests that say people have Covid and we can't trust antibody tests that say that people have had Covid. Since the mortality rate in the US is not seriously greater than the same year over year adjusted number during "Covid" as compared to normal times (and since mask-wearing and social distancing have been proven decisively not to have had any sort of positive effects yet many negative ones), the only outlier is hospitalizations. But as you rightly point out, if the system uses Covid diagnoses to preclude standard therapies for flu and pneumonia early on, then of course hospitalizations will rise; and if the system uses Covid diagnoses to preclude standard therapies for serious flu and pneumonia cases, then of course the death rate will rise. The fact that it hasn't done so substantially is a testament to the resilience of the human body in spite of malpractice. However, with more than half of the population "fully vaccinated", I wouldn't be surprised to see numbers of hospitalizations and deaths tick up. It would be ironic if these end up getting attributed in the main to "Delta" or whatever comes next in their challenged alphabet, ironic, but not surprising.

Keeping you and your driving in my daily prayers, my friend!

Remind me not to contract pneumonia this winter.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #14:

Dear Professor

“Preamble to the Constitution”

Thank you for your prayers. I am praying for your health and protection [after being vaccinated]. I think I get what you say about this not being a spiritual issue particularly as far as Salvation is concerned.

How I see this current evil being acted out:

1. Satan and his angels are behind this MOVEMENT and his minions here on earth are eagerly implementing his campaign strategy [they are steeped in lies AND definitely are bribe takers].
2. Also this is his feeble preamble at mimicking the “baptist” in preparing the way of his “savior” - the antichrist.[working quite well seeing this is just a Punch and Judy puppet show to prepare “the WATERS” for the “real thing”. Many are already worn thin before even getting a glimpse of the ring for the main event - so undoubtedly he is “confident” seeing his simple deception is already working “miracles”.
3. His “magician(s) is/are providing “the way to safety” through their ancient cocktails of their “modern magic medicines” - the Vax jabs. [“we aren’t safe until we are all safe”]. My question - ALL “safe” where? We should ALL know (No) the answer!
4. Some “stalwarts” at the cafe and in the community who declared they were not taking the jab for very good reasons have buckled - including the Baptist pastor - these perfect backflips would have ensured gold medals at the olympics. Sorry, but his “good reason” was totally hypocritical and this was AS he was replying to my question. Some people seem to be able to ignore their own contradictions. [we do tell lies and are susceptible to bribes].
5. Satan’s minions are separating the “sheep” from the “goats” - Vaxed v non Vaxed. Already it has been touted that our “Vax passport/certificate” should be inscribed into our Medicare cards. They are having two classes - Citizens v non citizens. The “unvaxed” will not qualify for the new card and our PM is mouthing at further restrictions [may not even have to wait for the tattoo after all, to starve to death]. Running out of gold medals for his stupendous backflips and putting a strain on the gold coffers! [not to mention the monumental brain strain]. Colloquially, how do you know they are lying? A = their lips move. The more things change the more they stay the same [sin nature].
6. This is a Worldwide Covid Vax Cult. Us v them. This is the method and mentality of the Mormons from where I escaped ONLY to find that the whole world would soon become a cult. [Satan has schemed that if he can not entice people into a cult - he will make the WHOLE WORLD his CULT]. He will deal with “the straggling goats” presently - or in the main ring - if any last that long]. This is SERIOUS. Though a puppet show - a REAL puppet show!

This is happening in real time right now. There are people in Sydney screaming out for help as they have been incarcerated in their apartments, charity food supplies cut off (because of the “Covid risk”), not allowed to go to work, army and police surrounding and harassing them, megaphones blaring, distraught parents told their year 12 students have to be vaccinated, unvaccinated will be unable to go to work once lockdown is lifted, only vaccinated will work. These people are BEGGING us to pray for them and to make their plight known - they can’t get out without fear of arrest. TYRANTS but the PM won’t use the word but it is the truth. The victims don’t know how long they are under house arrest. Many have come from war torn countries where the military and police were to be feared - and now this is what “freedom” is for them -again NON citizens. The Covid Vax Cult is gaining adherents at an alarming rate despite the fact it is FULLY based on lies, deceit and SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS in high places. Mormons and all cults would drool to have this MUCH power over people - needless they fret - the WORLDWIDE Covid Vax Cult accommodates ALL people who are willing to believe in THE LIE - even those who don’t but willing to “play along” (as I witness many of those I know acquiesce to the lie). In fact what could be more “empowering” than to belong to such a POWERFUL WORLD BASED CULT. (Rather than to be seen standing in the truth with those unwilling to accept OBVIOUS LIES). This (CVC) IS a CULT by ANY and EVERY measure. The greatest CULT ever witnessed in modern history of mankind. This is SPIRITUAL WARFARE being waged by demons and pulled off by puppets on strings. The Vax “freedom” will eventually deliver same results for even its adherents - it is a trick - a complete deception. This is real EVIL! Pawns are being played. Please everyone that can - WAKE UP.

There are noble doctors dentists and other professionals who can fully see the lies but the politicians and their minders and magicians throw truth to the ground. They dare not let go their stranglehold on TYRANNY for they fear of the LIGHT of TRUTH. Satan is presently laughing all the way to the Bank (blood bath bank), his puppets to the gold bank, and the world thinks he is going to deliver them - yes he will - to where he always intended mankind to go -hell. There a few still trying to expose this gigantic fraud (I just looked at a NZ doctors site - and they are pleading with the PM to stop this nonsense - illegal, unethical murderous “experiment”. They list 20 assertions that these Covid Vax Crusaders assert and declare them ALL to be UNTRUE - in fact total bold face LIES. Never thought I would see this so soon coming out of Mormonism but it was always there in scripture - the whole world becoming a CULT. Nowhere to hide.

Please pray that this evil will be exposed for what it is - a UNIVERSAL CULT directed by the devil himself. The “Preamble to the Worldwide Constitution of Evil”. The complete Constitution of Evil of course he has to wait for the mid point of the Tribulation. Then - even greater magic tricks.

Ephesians 6:12 “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this PRESENT darkness, against the SPIRITUAL forces of evil in the heavenly places”. ESV

This battle over this current evil cult certainly is a wrestle against spiritual forces of darkness. I am praying the truth will be shown, that those with eyes to see and those with ears to hear, will indeed. That the God who with abounding grace brought me out of Mormon cultism will with His abounding grace keep me out of this present worldwide cult of darkness. I pray the God of truth will deliver us all. We need more people to open their eyes to the truth and embrace it.

Keeping you in my prayers.

In Jesus our dear Lord and One and Only Savior.

Your student and friend

Response #14:

Hope you are well, my friend!

There's no question but that mask-up, lock-down and stay-apart is a triple bogie of a fiasco. Vax-shaming is just down right disgusting. What is most illuminating to me is the way so many people have been able to be made to be SO terrified. It really does set the stage for things to come. And it really does show that the percentage of strong Christians and even of unbelievers who accept God's basic truths for life generally – to the extent of being able to stand tall and make independent choices – has become rather small. Fertile ground for the evil one to be sure.

I wouldn't overestimate the organizational abilities of the enemy, however. Seen and unseen they are opportunists rather than grand strategists. If Satan were that clever, he never would have revolted. If unbelievers were that clever, they would recognize that they're mortal (and respond before it's too late). They are all arrogant beyond measure . . . and nothing makes a person stupid like arrogance does.

I don't regret getting the J&J shot. I do still have fatigue a week out (and a little bit of "balloon head"), but I'm taking care to get a lot of extra rest. I'm glad I did this before classes got cracking. U of L is on the brink – it seems to me – of making it mandatory in any case (that was the effect of "mask and test [and shame]" the unvaxed). And they have now already gone to mandatory "masks-are-us" everywhere. Still unclear to me whether I'll be able to take mine off to teach. If not, we'd just as well go remote. My students have enough trouble understanding what I'm saying without a mask on.

Keeping you and yours in my prayers daily, my friend!

In Jesus,

Bob L.

Question #15:


Response #15:

Thanks for the update – much wisdom in your words here, my friend.

Research writing is going well, thanks. Stand-in chair duties proved minimal this week. Hoping it's more of the same next week. [update: it went very well]

Families are the hardest. We care about them the most, and they are the least likely to value what we tell them (because we are "known quantities" evaluated long ago).

I promise to keep your son in my prayers too.

U of L has "no plans" to force vaccination, but they are making noises about checking everyone against some database and mandating testing and who knows what else ("shame" mask wearing when no one else has to). [update: mandatory vax is probably very close; mandatory masking for all now instituted; possibility of going remote again this fall – in spite of the disaster that would be]

Every day is more interesting than the next.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #16:

It's been a few mo. since our last exchange, but the good news is we're getting closer to "that day" when these means to messaging will be obsolete, with all the thanks going to our dear Lord ( coming to our greatest gathering thus far, only to be surpassed by our final eternal Home ) I will be glad to see you in person, along with all who endured in faith, as we cheer the One who made it all possible. And those 12+ yr. will hopefully go by fast if it be His will for us to be alive at His coming. He has our back, no matter what, come what may. So I'm excited and encouraged to stay "in the fight" all the way through. ( working to gain more spiritual growth every day, and staying close to our Commander, along with the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us into all the truth ). I'm not thinking for one moment that if it be our lot to navigate the most terrible time in human history, it will be easy. I remember Jesus making the comment "will I find faith?" Then I remember Peter saying to Jesus---" where can we go? You have the words to eternal life!" He is the answer to everything! I also want to say thank you, Bob, for all the work you do for us. Your unwavering allegiance to/for the truth is essential---- clarity needed in the "battle' for the truth. Our faith in the truth is the "key' to sustain us in this "battle'. Personally, I know that God always provides for anyone who desires the truth, so I'm grateful for His providence! ( a miracle, for sure, given my past experiences with RC, and a "holiness" pentecostal church ). I escaped 2 false "religions," and now you are my "go to guy", my pastor, in a " true Christian "fellowship. God is good! ( lost and found, never to return to any false approaches, with His superintendence ). I dare say it would have been impossible to get the "high quality feed" without your loving dedication to the truth. I'm quite sure all of us sheep value the godly wisdom you impart to all of us. This is huge, because you are definitely "moving the needle" in the right direction, so we can be equipped to grow up in the grace and knowledge of our dear Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I'm staying wrapped up in going through the studies/offerings/emails et. al. daily, and starting to put 2x2 together to get to the "big" picture. ( no problem now to slough off those nasty false teachers....thank you Jesus....the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE! ). I have been trying to encourage others to keep their faith "intact," ( kids and grandkids ) and also check out ichthys, for the best vetted teaching of the truth.( so much false teaching in the ether!)Wish they would have the same enthusiasm that I have gleaned from your studies. ( Laodicea, no doubt! ). Maybe down the trail? God is good, and with Him nothing is impossible! I'm anticipating there will come a wakeup call for some. Time for me to get ready to lend a hand, by progressing in spiritual growth myself so I will be able to be of some help. Thanks, Bob, for your trustworthy direction. Keeping you in prayer that God will supply all that is needed to complete the mission on all fronts.

Basically, our directions are to keep trusting Him in all situations, and walk worthy of the vocation He has given us, walking in love. "Love covers a multitude of sins" That's the R/x we all need. Jesus "covered" all of our sins at the cross, and there is no greater love than One who would die for His "friends".... and as for us....." we are unworthy servants, we have only done what was our duty" ( Luke 17:10b ). "Only one life will soon be past, only what's done for Christ will last"..... and He will help us to do whatever He wants us to do. ( Phil. 2:13 ).

Things are doing OK as far as my wife and my health issues are concerned. Thank you for keeping us in prayer. God is surely helping us, with His sufficient grace to get through these "thorns in the flesh".( plugging along as best we can )

We both have good days as well as bad days; both of us are very much looking forward to our perfect resurrection bodies in ~12yr. Whether we are here or not from now till then doesn't matter one iota.( Rom. 8:28 ). I know that you have been struggling with several health issues too, Bob, and this is on our prayer list along with whatever else is needful. Please let me know if there is a "special" need. Time seems to be in "fast forward", doesn't it? The veggie garden is doing great ( after a "battle" with the thieving rabbits)....been eating lettuce, spinach, beet greens, snap peas.....with beans, cabbage, corn, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, quash, on the way in the pipeline ( did I leave anything out?). Raspberries were not a "bumper crop" this year. due to the "heat wave", but the blueberries did OK. Next on the menu are the "Himalayan" blackberries that grow wild along the road. I like them in a bowl with milk.( maybe I'll twist my wife's arm and get a blackberry pie?) We had the cherries eaten by the 4th.of July, plums will be next ( about a week), then apples and Italian prunes this Fall. Another blessing from the Lord! Rounded out with a variety of meat ( I am a true carnivore, after all!), and cheese, pasta , bread...... I'm not yet reaching my weight loss goal......those "seefood" diets don't work, unless it's coupled with some serious exercise...only lost 4 lb., with 10 more to go (more will-power needed here!) I hope your summer is going well and enjoyable, even though I know you have a lot on your "plate", with research, 2 jobs, yard/garden work, maintenance. (did I leave anything out?). All the best, Bob. Your friend in Jesus,

Response #16:

Ten pounds! Sorry – that stuck out . . . but not as far as my pot belly which is needing WAY more than a ten pound reduction. I have at least been in sufficient good health lately (thanks for those prayers!) to have finally worked my way back into jogging a reasonable distance [update: I am backing off some while recovering from the J&J shot]. It took almost a year and I'm nowhere near back to where I was then and that was nowhere near where I wanted to be then . . . but I'll take it. God is good!

I too am not "looking forward" to the Tribulation. That would be foolish. Along the lines of young men full of beans who are anxious for combat (never experienced it myself but I've read enough in my life to know that the reality is far different from the expectation). On the other hand, inordinate fear is also a sign of not being in the right spot spiritually. Praise the Lord for "one day at a time", because we really will need that particular mind-set during the Tribulation, I'm thinking. We also have to remember that the Lord has already provided us the ways and the means to get through safely to the end . . . if that is what He has for us. Our job is merely to trust Him and follow through, doing what He desires us to do day by day.

Thanks for all your very generous words, my friend – they are greatly appreciated. And what a wonderful farmstead you've got going! When the famine comes, don't be surprised to find me on your doorstep! Remind me while there's still the opportunity to do so to buy a case of tuna fish as a house-warming gift.

Your friend and fellow worker in the vineyard of Jesus Christ,

Bob L.

Question #17:

Glad to hear you are making progress getting back in the run of things! ( any progress helps!). My report about the garden et. al. might be taken as hyperbole. It is great, however not too large ( though it could be ). It is a hobby/pastime with a certain beneficial return, literally reaping what you sow....so that's that. However, there is plenty of land here to expand the project when the "famine" comes, and this has been in the back of my mind, along with other "what if" possible developments. And if you ever get in a pinch, you would certainly be welcome at the doorstep! "Seefood" vs. seafood..... I got a kick out of that! My "seefood" diet.... I see food and I eat it ( not a good diet)....... but that case of tuna ( seafood )... now that just might be what the Dr. ordered! Time for me to check on things in the garden now. Hope you are having a good day! Your friend in Jesus,

Response #17:


I don't kill what I eat or eat what I kill but I do eat most anything I see . . . if it has frosting on it.

Tuna may be lean, but not when it's mixed with equal parts of mayonnaise (the only way to prepare in my humble opinion).

God helping us, we won't have to worry about any of these eventualities any time soon.

And we know that He cares for us no matter what.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #18:

Frosting??!! I hate to tell you this, Bob, but my dear wife just made moist fudge brownies with her butter frosting on top! There goes my "seefood" diet again.....oh well.....if you would have been here you could have helped me cut a few of those devilish calories! ( all down the hatch now ). This "weight loss program" isn't the best, I guess! I wasn't 100% "bad" though..... for supper she made me a beautiful green salad with fresh lettuce, cucumber, onions, carrots, grated cheese, and diced smoked ham! ( of course I "ruined" it with plenty of ranch dressing!). Not sure, maybe one of these days, might be some hope for me? Do you think my conscience is seared?..... possibly some counselling might get me back on track? Cooling down here now..... have to go out and water the garden. Good evening, Bob. Your friend in Jesus, the One who brings us all the blessings, now and forever, Amen.

Response #18:

My mom used to say that she didn't need to make a cake for me – she only needed to frost a pan. Very true!

I do eat more salads now – out of a sense of obligation.

Diet counselor. Now THERE's a million dollar idea! A billion if it worked (doubt it).

We're supposed to get a cool front – 80's! – the end of the week. Looking forward to that!

Your friend in Jesus Christ,

Bob L.

Question #19:

Whoa..... 1 out of 7+ billion translates to "seemingly against all odds". Sometimes I find myself not phrasing things quite "right", right?! This reminds me of my carpenter apprentice teacher telling us "measure twice, cut once". Wish I would have followed that advice in more areas in a lot of circumstances. I'll keep trying

Wow, a cool down in the 80's! Here @ 1:15 p.m. it's 82..... looks like it could hit 90 at this rate. ( Having an abnormal warm and dry stretch ). The brown lawn looks awful, especially with the crop of "ripe" dandelions everywhere. But the veggie garden is looking good, even though not "weed free" here either. ( no complaints, please!......thanks Adam! ).

This morning it all started with me opening up on Jer. 5:31,and for no apparent reason that's when the "brain fog" flood came in, i.e. where do I go from here? I do have to admit to going down "rabbit holes"occasionally, when I probably should have known better. ( a couple cups of joe might help!).Your mention of your mom, "frosting on the cake" quip, got me thinking about my mom, when I heard her say it's probably not the best idea to discuss politics or religion with folks, to prevent them/us from getting into a row. ( how do you like the weather Mr. or Mrs. X?.....keep it in the "safe zone"! ). Then Amos 3:3 came to mind: " can two walk together, except they be agreed"? Everybody wants to be "right", right? Then the "war drums" begin in the battle for the truth ( "the fight of faith" ) It is so easy to get on the wrong side, sometimes through no fault , sometimes through not paying attention, and sometimes through a "complacent attitude".( "hey, we already have the truth, so look no further"......we found "it", right? ). Well, not exactly..... "Do you promise to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?"... Then Pilate asked Jesus "what is truth"?, when he was talking to the TRUTH! Prov. 23:23 says "Buy the truth and sell it not...." But Pilate "sold out" because the "Truth" was inconvenient to hold his job. In order to keep "in good" with his boss, Caesar, he had to ( in his cowardly and selfish mind ), turn Jesus over to the mob. "Politics and religion" weren't mixing too well at this juncture. That "hand washing ceremony" ( projection...."it's not me...it's you!" ), just shows how Pilate did not want to be the "fall guy," for obvious reasons....the "cush" job was in jeopardy. It probably didn't turn out too well for Pilate in the end, absent some serious rethinking about the Truth. This "battle for the truth" seems like it has ramped up a lot in recent times in the "politics/religion" venue. I remember how you advised us of the folly of getting involved in such causes to the detriment of our spiritual welfare. Now that's some true spiritual spiritual common sense,and well taken! The truth is we really do have to look into all matters from God's point of view ( the one that counts--the truth ), and not the world point of view (the one that doesn't count--the lie ). God is the One who is in "control" after all, and that gives us "the peace that surpasses all understanding", as we are travelling through this nasty ,lying, sick, demonic world. It's pretty easy to swerve out of our lane, through the bombardment of false enticements, coming from all quarters in the devil's world system, ( false "religious" teaching, "political bullying" groupthink, medical misinformation, " myth happiness" of all sorts,,etc. ). Life is all about choosing, between the truth or the lie. I recall you saying that for anyone who is ever desirous of the truth that God will provide. I realize that seems like a "tough lift" to get out of a false position ( eg. being born in a false church, being taught a lot of heresy, etc.), but I am living proof of God delivering me ( 1 out of 7+ billion ) out of not one ,but two such false "religions". God is good, and with Him ALL things are possible.( Luke 1:37, Mark 9:23, Rom. 8:28 ) As you have taught us, Bob, the truth will always stand, but to act on it we need to gain the "high ground" in obtaining spiritual growth, which only comes through EXERCISING our Christian right and responsibility by personal Bible study, accessing orthodox teaching, believing the truth taught, and applying that truth to our Christian walk. I thank God for the Truth, the WAY, and the LIFE, our dear Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Have a good evening, Bob! Your friend in the Truth,

Response #19:

No odds with God! Amen! If we're meant to survive and see our Lord return while yet in these bodies, it will happen! And there is nothing anyone, not even antichrist at the height of his power, can do about it. In any case, our spirits are indestructible, and we have a resurrection to look forward to – we only need to hold onto our faith.

Going to be pretty warm where he and his followers are headed too.

Excellent analysis of the present status quo, my friend. Truth gives us to see things clearly even where the evil one has muddied the waters considerably.

Keeping you guys in my prayers, my friend!

Bob L.

Question #20:

Yes, God has the "checkmate" over all evil.... zero chance that anyone or anything will modify any of His perfect plan! ( God's will always will "be done"). I'm so blessed to belong to Him, and happy also for everyone in His Family-- the Church that Jesus is building, "and the gates of hell will not prevail against it'. He is a "rewarder of those that diligently seek Him!" I'm sure you are up for all the crowns, Bob, and I want to do what the Lord would have me do for His Church too. I realize I'm getting a "late start", but I'm hoping for a "well done" without too many "burnt-up works".( more than a "participation trophy", I hope ) I'm "all in" like you, and I thank for your true shepherding of all of us sheep that the Lord has given.

I'm just sitting here, staring out the window, with no desire to do much today. Mowed ( not on a riding lawnmower ) the blooming dandelions out of our "pathetic" lawn for 2.5 hr. yesterday, in 90 deg. weather, so now I am not motivated to do anything too physical. ( pooped out, so maybe just water the veggies, and eat food ) My "weight loss program" can wait another day, no? Speaking of weighing in, I've had some "hesitancy" to report on the vax-- no vax dilemma, which has been "plaguing" most of us. You're probably sick of hearing more about this! I have been attentive to all the concerns by "listening" to the correspondents at ichthys and doing my "due diligence" to come up with a "proper informed consent" to make the best choice for me (i.e. to vax or not to vax, that is the question?, was that Shakespeare? ). As you know, I sent you a link about ivermectin, which has been touted as an effective treatment for this disease. I did some research on it, and found out that it does, in fact, clear inflammation from the lungs ( per peer panel review at NIH) . That is good news, however, even though the study suggests a faster viral clearance, there are "flaws" in the study as well: 1. small sample, 2. lacking clinical data, 3. clinical efficacy unknown, 4. no symptom resolution with mild cases, 5. therefore the analysis and correlations are suspect. My "takeaway" from this is, that if it is implemented early on after infection, then it is an OK treatment option, but not the best solution to the main problem. At best, I feel it's another tool in the tool chest if you get covid. I had been cautiously waiting to see how things have been developing ( causing me to push "pause") before deciding the best option for me to proceed. Medical decisions can be complicated, as I can recall from a LOT of research I went through to arrive at an "informed consent" on how to choose what treatment when dealing with stage2 prostate cancer. But after looking at all the variables I was confident in that decision. Of course, I will say that my ultimate confidence was/is in the Lord! Whether we live or die we belong to Him, and He will see us through to our glorious rest (regardless of which cancer treatment, vax or no vax, etc. ), no matter what! Our hope is in the Lord, Who is the light of our path in the right direction. (into Heaven, with Him!) Since I have placed my trust in Him I know the outcome will be beyond great! Personally, I didn't get any message from God to not take the vaccine, but I do "get it" that, come what may, He definitely has everything in His control in every case that we are or will have to go through. ( more confidence!). So, after weighing all the facts, and separating the sense from the nonsense ( a lengthy exercise!) I was able to reach my personal best option. The biggest factor to weigh into is "what are YOUR risk factors", and this will be different for any particular individual, regardless of age, though those over 65 are statistically more vulnerable to get serious complications from infection. I had a lengthy meeting with Dr S., my primary care doc. to go over all the "ins and outs" for me, and also my wife's conditions ( her dealing with a compromised immune system while taking oral "chemo" after her survival from stage2 breast cancer ). If she were to contract the disease there would be severe medical complications. In my case there was cancer, a serious bout of double pneumonia over two decades ago, and age as my underlying conditions. We went over the efficacy and "safety" issues of the vax itself, as well as possible side effects. I ran with the idea of treating the disease with ivermectin which he looked into for me, but he recommended getting the "Moderna" vax. instead, because of my risk factors. He, as well as his colleagues, had all taken the vax. with only mild side effect reactions. He told me he did not want to see me in the ICU, where in the last wk. there were 2 deaths.... one a 28 yr. old woman in her 3rd. trimester of pregnancy, and one man in his 60's who was living pretty much like a hermit, not getting out in public very often and being careful when he was in public. So , after all the "due diligence"( my own lengthy research ) we opted to get the 2 dose "Moderna" vax, and only had to deal with a few minor side effects that lasted less than 2 days.... fatigue, headache, sore arm, mild chills for a couple of hr. That's it.....2nd. dose was on June 10. No issues, and not worried about all the hype and pot stirring that continues to make the rounds. I know that vax. is not the "answer" for everyone. Presently, covid is really only a threat for only a small % of the population, with few exceptions. But for people in the high risk category the vax. makes sense. This pandemic is a very sad situation, involving all aspects in the society of the whole world. So much suffering, caused by reckless and downright evil human beings......death, economic ruin, political enslavement, etc.....the toll of all the horrendous harm is immeasurable. To make matters worse, the politicians and medical "experts" have caused additional harm, on top of what the Chinese government has foisted on the world. This is beyond disgraceful, using this crisis to exploit and enslave all of us by employing their fear mongering tactics, and for what?....more control! The figurative viral backlash is getting old, i.e. the actual virus spreading ( especially "delta" ) along with the spread of ideas and misinformation that express NO clear path moving forward. These people, on both sides, cannot be trusted, and this is an age-old problem that has "infected" all aspects of society. No "fix" until Jesus returns! The unwise group thinkers are merely "stirring the pot", and this is the next variant of the "pandemonium pandemic". This is an emotion vs. logic thing. I realize that people are jittery about the "new" mRNA vax.,but in reality this is not "new" technology. It has been around for decades with building this vax. and only after many years of research. It is only "warp speed " in that they logistically got it out to the public in short order, but not without thorough vetting of safety and efficacy. There are a lot of people who are targeted by misinformation campaigns, especially by anti-vaxxers who cling to falsehoods and often exploit a false appearance of cause -and -effect when one thing follows another. It is paramount here for people to "consider the source." Again, fear mongering is a very effective tool for fraudulent medical hucksters to dupe unsuspecting folks, by trying to get you to think that they are "saving" you from a serious mis-step. And, by golly, they have just the right supplements, preferred treatments, books and valuable information to keep you well! ( quite a lucrative business, by the way! ) I could write a book on this, but I'll defer! My bottom line takeaway is that all three of the available vaxs are good, and if you get vaxxed you will be protected against this disease. We have to remember that hundreds of thousands would NOT have died had they been vaccinated. That's just the fact of the matter, as I see it, and my 2 cents worth , for what it's worth. I hope all is well for you on all fronts. Your friend in Jesus,

Response #20:

I very much appreciate your update and your report, my friend! I hope you don't mind me publishing it. It's good for folks to get both sides of this issue and there's been a lot on the other side as you know.

I keep you and your wife and your health in my prayers every day.

Things are going well here. I've gotten most of what I absolutely needed to accomplish this summer done, so I can take it a bit easy while I wait to see if there are any immediate problems, but so far outside of a tiny bit of stiffness in my arm and a little fatigue I don't notice anything at all.

I do hope that U of L won't overreact to this Delta scare. If they went back to social distancing, that would be a disaster because the whole schedule of classes for fall is based upon normal room capacity and there aren't enough big spaces to expand into for regular size classes like the ones I teach. The mask thing is also major "toe jamb". We'll see. I note that in England they had a massive Delta spike but without lockdowns or re-masking it went away quickly (probably because the bug quickly found all the "tinder" and burned itself out).

I appreciate you in the Lord, my friend!

In Jesus,

Bob L.

Question #21:

Hi Bob , I'm very happy to hear you decided to get "shot". I've looked hard into this major problem, and am confident that when you weighed into the situation carefully, you could see the obvious correct path. Also, you should note that the reaction ( stiffness and fatigue ) is a good sign, because this means your body is building the antibodies to fight this nasty disease! Go ahead and publish, if you think it might help others in making a decision that would be right for them. Correct information trumps misinformation, and I "dug up" a ton of really bad advice, which I quickly dismissed. It really does rile me up to see all these so-called "experts" posing as concerned advocates for your right in making informed health choices. They use fear to spread their "fiction" trying to debunk non-fiction. After they fuel the fear, they bring in their answer to the "smart" people to become "enlightened" to take appropriate action by peddling books, seminars---you name it! This is enormously profitable, enough to make a mega-church pastor very jealous! ( I had to get that in!).

I'm glad to hear that you were able to get what was needed done this summer. Thanks for keeping us in prayer. They are availing much, every day enabling us to get through another day. ( one day closer to "that day"!). For sure, you are in our prayers as well. Praying that everything will work out for you at U of L., and that they won't go back to "square one". I hate masks! If I were in charge I would outlaw the masks, except not, of course, for the outlaws.....they probably wouldn't comply anyway. But I don't know why not...... they probably wouldn't be arrested or prosecuted due to the "outlaw lives matter" movement! ( is this a stretch?) Have a good one, Bob! Your friend in Jesus,

Response #21:

Thanks for the prayers, my friend!

A&S is down some 700 enrollments last I heard, students whom Covid (or the response to it) chased away. Sure hoping the Delta numbers drop and common sense prevails in the fall. Don't think the university could survive another year of what we went through.

But I did notice that the Delta numbers are down the last couple of days -- and actual cases are not high nor are deaths, and hospitalizations are only concerning in a few pockets. So it seems people are overreacting. quelle surprise!

Keeping you guys in my prayers – thanks again for your input, my friend.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #22:

Hi Bob,

"So it seems people are overreacting. quelle surprise!"....totally agree here. I wish these people would take a deep breath, with their masks off! Hysteria can breed confusion, can't it? You can ditch the masks if you are vaccinated. The politics of fear should not be played in here by those gov't. mandates of wearing masks. There is nothing to fear if you are vaccinated. I'm praying that cooler heads will prevail, and that you will be allowed to proceed into the new school year, without any further adverse side effects. Your friend,

Response #22:

From your lips to the administration's ears! It'll be what God has planned for it to be. All manner of things happen in this life which we didn't anticipate and for which we have no ready answers. But we DO know that the plan is perfect and therefore everything that happens is the Will of God and perfect too. Our job is to accept it all in faith -- and continue to fight the good fight, come what may.

Thanks for your prayers and good words, my friend!

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #23:

Hi Bob , Amen! Our Father knows best! We'll just keep on keeping on, trusting, not getting weary in well doing and staying in a thankful spirit. It's ALL in His Hands! Off to the backyard....My wife just came in and told me she has the burgers ready for me to cook on the grill...... sounds good to me! Thanks for getting back, and keep me posted. I'll keep praying... thanks for yours too. In Jesus,

Response #23:

My pleasure!

Hope you enjoyed the burgers – sound great!

In Jesus,

Bob L.

Question #24:

Hi Bob,

Thank you very much for thinking about me and sharing your recently posted piece. It has come at an appropriate time and i am grateful to God and you for this.

I have already started reading it and I'm sure it will offer some comfort to my ongoing religious deliberations as well as the distress caused by my now ended relationship with my SDA partner. She told me recently that unless I align with the SDA doctrines, she does not want to continue our relationship.

Thank you also for the ongoing words of wisdom shared on your site. I will be praying for you and that God may keep you in good health and guide you in sharing His Word. I would be grateful for a prayer from you too as I battle with my relationship issues.

Yours in Jesus Christ, our Lord and God,

Response #24:

My pleasure – and thanks so much for the good words, my friend.

I have said a prayer for you and have posted a prayer request for you on Ichthys.

This is a difficult burden to bear, but the Lord can get you through it – and He certainly will as long as you commit yourself to trusting Him to do so.

In Jesus our merciful Savior,

Bob L.

Question #25:

Hi Bob,

I didn't find anything in your subject index on Ezekiel's wheels. (I would have thought you get a lot of questions on that.) The KJV in 1:16 describes the wheel as a wheel within a wheel. NIV describes it as a wheel intersecting a wheel. I get two different pictures when I try to imagine what he saw. Which is closer to the original?

My conclusion is that whatever the wheels were, they were living if they had the spirit of the cherubim and likely moving fast. Perhaps a part of the cherubim?

Am I correct in understanding that the guards and the scribe in linen were angels?

The Lord's indictment of Jerusalem, blood in the streets, violence, et. al., sounds exactly like many large cities in the western world. If the Lord used Babylon and then destroyed it because of it's evil, why should I think it won't happen to us. Maybe the US is, in fact, later day Babylon? The Israelites living in the country when that day came, died by the sword. That doesn't auger well for me, does it.

Other things:

Note that now, as predicted, there's a Lambda strain of covid that apparently originated in Peru. If I remember right, a lot of letters were skipped when they named this one. I wonder what else they've planned.

As an aside, the other day, there was a very large, very pregnant katydid peering at me from the window beside my desk. At first, it was a little unsettling. Her face was a light gold color and, except for her eyes very high on her head, her face looked quite humanoid. She had a long ovipositor like a lance with a spearhead like tip that she could maneuver around enough to clean. She had no hair, though, and wasn't shaped like a horse. She made a lasting impression.

I pray all is well with you and yours and your research and enrollments are coming along nicely. Did your plants survive the cicadas?

In Jesus,

Response #25:

The cherubs have three sets of wings, and they actuate the wheels with one set, so you are right on the money. These passages are covered wherever I talk about the cherubs (best link: The Cherubim). Yes, these are all angels. And, yes, I think at this point that there is very little doubt about the US becoming "mystery Babylon" (things will get much worse when the Holy Spirit's restraining ministry is removed at the commencement of the Tribulation).

Yes, I suppose we're not quite out of the woods yet on Covid, though I've definitely been praying for that. No plans for mandatory vaccination at U of L but they ARE saying they plan to check us all against some list and mandate testing (and who knows what all else) for those not on the list. That is, we will be on our own "special list".

Insects are amazing. Driving through Utah one time we went through a swarm of locusts of the sort I'd never seen before or since – they really did remind me of the locusts of Revelation in terms of their almost human appearance (no stinging from these fellows though).

Plants did survive! A lot of trees in the park we badly "flagged", but we got but with almost no damage at all. So thanks so much for your prayers, my friend!

Research is going well. Enrollments are stagnant (lost one in Latin today), but I'm still very hopeful of picking up a few more when we get closer to fall. Hoping (and praying) I don't have any of my classes cancelled by the administration before that.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #26:

Hi Bob and family,

Another thought that is crossing my mind these days is the QR codes that are now becoming prevalent throughout the world, which our government like others worldwide, have made it mandatory to sign in whenever you go to any business for any business transaction.

And after a little investigation as I suspected, it may be and looks like a precursor to a cashless society! Which is not surprising but merely confirmation of the hour in which we live.

Not to mention the current problems in the Middle East with Iran moving into Syria setting up rocket firing depots and baiting Israel to respond. And Iran has alliances with Russia – which makes one wonder just when will Damascus cease to be a city. The Middle East is certainly a powder keg and 2026 is looking more and more likely now.

Just wondering what your thoughts are on the QR codes.

As always my dear friend,

Response #26:

Wow! That's scary. I don't even know how to read QR codes . . . without telling "Siri" to do it.

Mostly we aren't using physical cash over here any more. It's been a minute since I used any actual bills; mostly it's credit transactions. I'm old enough to remember when one of the first national companies sent my parents some cards unsolicited. They were appalled and burned them in the back yard – for fear of someone ripping them off. Later of course they had their share. I also remember when grocery stores first started accepting them. The conventional wisdom was that this was a "moral hazard" which meant the beginning of the end. Well, the end has been beginning for a long time now. It is coming, but I don't think this sort of thing is much more than a reflection of where we are going. Scripture doesn't tell us the mechanics of how it is that no one will be able to buy or sell "without the mark". I should note that Revelation 13:17 actually says "so that no one may be able to buy or sell". In other words, that is the beast's purpose, but we may be sure that his efficiency in carrying out this scheme will not be 100%. Innovations like QR codes and all manner of other tech advances will no doubt contribute to antichrist and co.'s administration of these egregious pressures to be marked or starve, but then again there has always been a black market. Illegal drugs are bought and sold regularly in every city and town in the US, in spite of law enforcement efforts to the contrary. So you might be able "score a can of tuna" even so, if it comes to that – but it'll probably cost you.

There are a great deal of moving parts on the international stage, it is true. A lot can happen between now and when the Tribulation begins as well. One thing is clear: it will all happen just as the Bible says it will happen. So we really do need to be ready.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #27:

Hi Bob,

I don’t know how to read, scan or use QR codes and I don’t have a mobile phone either – I hate them because I see the damage they cause with people ‘glued to them’ like zombies. I’m not doubting their usefulness in certain situations, they certainly are but the downside is QR codes collect data and scammers now have another method of scamming.

I suppose, from the limited information out there it’s too early to tell but I did read a report from someone concerned about it that this is part of the ground work to enable, or roll out a cashless system easier once they have the peoples trust. And I’m not one to buck against what governments do overall but it is concerning when governments here and across the world have made it mandatory to use and I can only think that governments are puppets to ‘big business’ who may be even now, be trying to push toward a one-world-government. Even the Pope has called for ‘a single global system of governance’ not to mention that he has also said before that all religions should unite or combine into one, a one-world-religion, which in both instances is about regaining the power they once had.

Sad that so many are blind to the short time that is left.

I take your point that black markets will flourish but I wonder, if cash can’t be used would they be even too scared to bargain with us – cash won’t be any good to them either, which in turn makes you wonder what we will have to bargain with, or will cash be a bargaining tool?

Again as always my friend,

Response #27:

I have heard that down under it's difficult to do anything without your cell phone – so that you can be tracked. So kudos to you for being able to resist it! I did finally bite the bullet, but I certainly don't spend all day on it (no social media for me).

In terms of cashless-ness, well, maybe you'll have to trade a tomato for that can of tuna (or a box of nails or whatever). I would be very surprised if any tech-development manages to eradicate human behavior and human resourcefulness in the face of such necessity.

In any case, we believers do not need to worry. God will provide for us no matter what (e.g., Job 5:20; Ps.33:19; 37:25). And God also doesn't need any human channel to do so, lest we get too upset about QR codes and the mark and the prohibition et al.

Yet he gave a command to the skies above and opened the doors of the heavens; he rained down manna for the people to eat, he gave them the grain of heaven. Human beings ate the bread of angels; he sent them all the food they could eat.
Psalm 78:23-25 NIV

Elijah said to her, “Don’t be afraid. Go home and do as you have said. But first make a small loaf of bread for me from what you have and bring it to me, and then make something for yourself and your son. For this is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: ‘The jar of flour will not be used up and the jug of oil will not run dry until the day the LORD sends rain on the land.’ ” She went away and did as Elijah had told her. So there was food every day for Elijah and for the woman and her family. For the jar of flour was not used up and the jug of oil did not run dry, in keeping with the word of the LORD spoken by Elijah.
1st Kings 17:13-16 NIV

Jesus replied, “They do not need to go away. You give them something to eat.” “We have here only five loaves of bread and two fish,” they answered. “Bring them here to me,” he said. And he directed the people to sit down on the grass. Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, he gave thanks and broke the loaves. Then he gave them to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the people. They all ate and were satisfied, and the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces that were left over. The number of those who ate was about five thousand men, besides women and children.
Matthew 14:16-21 NIV

God did it before. God will do it again. We just need to trust Him.

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #28:

Hello again Bob,

I know I've told you that I'm not vaccinated and the Lord wants me to trust Him to get me through. The case figures are rising again here and with new variants and at the same time tomorrow is "freedom day" which means all previous precautions are being cancelled.

This has become a very difficult test for me. Should I stop wearing masks too then or should I continue. I am confused about this issue now. The Lord told me to wait on vaccines. My family are really anxious about me not having it. I have ___'s death at the back of my mind and Satan is really using that to make me doubt the Lord's protection. I know I cannot save my flesh and that I have already died in Christ. I do have fear though about this and that shows my faith is lacking.

If I social distance and wear a mask does that show lack of faith? If I then acted confident but in a way that disregarded other people's worries, isn't that a sin too? I realise that it is that narrow path. The government has said it is "up to you". The virus rages on and I am unvaccinated and everyone is getting rid of the masks so it is a huge test of faith for me and I realise now that God is asking me to trust Him in a really huge way that I haven't been asked before. I realise that if I flippantly say "oh well if I get it and die then so be it" that pessimism is also not of faith.

I realise that the path I must walk on is very narrow indeed then. I must trust the Lord despite what my eyes are telling me but without fear or pessimism or a flippant resignation. I need to trust that I will be delivered through this with a strong witness to others that doesn't make me look reckless or suicidal. It all feels like it is mounting up to be a very tall order for me. It's the hardest test so far for me. It's as though since my last test, the testing has gone vertical. It must mean that the Lord wants me to learn from this that my life has to be put into His hands and I have to let go of this control I am still trying to have over my body. It is a steep learning curve for me and I feel myself tottering on the edge of it.

I realise that what faith is, is just like when someone tells you to fall backwards and they promise to catch you. That is what God is doing now, asking me to let go of that fear I have and trust in Him completely over this. I'll admit that I am finding it difficult but I know that I have to trust Him to grow.

So when they say masks are optional, should I wear one or not. I know that the Lord wants to deliver me through this. So that would mean that even if I did catch it, He would get me through. I'm not finding it easy Bob I have to say. Again I am reminded of Peter struggling on the water and being fearful. I have that fear of "drowning" now too.

I am feeling much more determined and focused now. Recently I felt worry and fearful in the mornings every time I woke up because of the chaos surrounding us but now I get up knowing that I am in enemy territory and part of a spiritual battle and that I don't know how long I have so I need to make every punch count.

I pray the Our Father in the mornings and to say that I know that I am in a spiritual battle and I should not fear my flesh being destroyed but I should use my time here wisely. My top priority is my spiritual growth and production and then setting up my business and then my work around my house and helping my parents. Everything outside of that is Christian witnessing with my life and that I apply what I know from moment to moment and day by day. Everything else outside of this is of no import then. When I look too long at the world and its decay and destruction I lose my focus on Jesus and struggle to walk on water in faith.

I need to keep in mind what Jesus said "Remember Lot's wife".

My question is, why are so many Christians now becoming Judaizers? When I was a baby Christian I almost became ensnared by these types saying that we need to keep the law because Jesus did, whilst they completely ignore the book of Galatians. I was shocked once to see a woman write online that she thought Apostle Paul was the antichrist! No doubt though Paul was called such things and worse besides during his ministry.

I know that the devil is always behind all the lies that are being told and I understand how a young Christian like myself can be deceived but the Bible is very clear on this that we are under grace. Why would anyone want to be under the law? Is it because of that satanic lie of "God needs me"?

It was such a relief when I realised we are under grace not the law and I really am understanding the liberty we have in Jesus. Why would anyone want to throw that away and this wonderful free gift of Salvation in faith alone? So would that mean that some of these Judaizers are deceived Christians that are in danger of falling from grace? In that case would most Judaizers actually be the same as modern day Pharisees that is to say unbelievers pretending to believe?

When quizzed these types always want to throw Paul's Epistles away and say they are not inspired and that we should study "Torah" instead. How do the make sense of the following then..

To what purpose is the multitude of your sacrifices unto me? saith the LORD: I am full of the burnt offerings of rams, and the fat of fed beasts; and I delight not in the blood of bullocks, or of lambs, or of he goats.

Would this mean they have to reject the book of Isaiah too as well as the Epistles? These are the words of the Lord! Are they willing to throw these away?

It is so true what you write that reading our bibles everyday for ourselves is our only defence from cults and false teaching. Well modern day Judaizers have become such a cult. I have read through Galatians this morning. I prefer reading the Epistles in one sitting whereas I read the larger books through division of chapters.

In Him,

Response #28:

I'm not a medical doctor. Also, as I have affirmed many times now, this is not a spiritual issue – unless we make it one or are led to see it as one.

I can only tell you of my own experiences and of my own decision. I was leaning towards being vaccinated (not dissuaded in the least by all the "mark of the beast" false comparisons), until I started reading about the actual details of these new "medicines". Long story short, I found myself in complete agreement with someone I heard opining about this dilemma: "To tell you the truth, I'm not really worried about getting Covid, but I am concerned about the vaccine". I think I may have had Covid (more than once, actually), but I'm not concerned enough about it to seek out some antibody test. And I'm not worried about getting it, even if it turns out I haven't up until now. I don't find it nearly as scary as the vaccine. Covid is a bad flu and I have survived much worse in my life. I have no worries about the Lord being able to bring me through a bout of disease if it is His will that I endure that. Getting vaccinated is something I would be doing to myself. And since I'm not confident that it would not have negative consequences, possibly even serious ones, while I am also sure that the Lord is absolutely able to help me cope with that, it seems to me for me PERSONALLY to be a bad bargain. I could certainly be wrong about that. It may be the fact that in truth being vaccinated and spared from Covid would be a far better outcome despite whatever reactions I might have to the vaccine. But since I don't do well with flu shots, and since, as I may have mentioned, virtually everyone I know personally and closely who has had the shot has had serious and troubling reactions to it – while on the other hand I personally don't know anyone who has been adversely affected by Covid in a serious way – my decision to forgo it hasn't changed. It certainly might [update: it certainly did]. This is not a black and white spiritual decision. More information might swing things one way or the other. If I had to give up my job for refusing vaccination, it would occasion a "rethinking process", I can tell you [update: that is essentially what happened in my own case]. Your experience is clearly different from mine, as are your circumstances. So in no way would I want you to take mine and my decision as some sort of template. I do know of those who don't seem to have been harmed by the vaccine in any way, and if it has kept them out of hospital or worse, then that is what the stuff is supposed to do, after all.

So my best advice to everyone is 1) do your homework, 2) pray about it, 3) act in faith. The last part is VERY important (Rom.14:23).

I would never be upset or disappointed with anyone for getting vaccinated or refusing to do so, and it distresses me that others are not adopting this same attitude. It's a personal decision and not a spiritual one. And we all have a right to change our minds.

As to your other email, I have noted in this country a huge trend towards quondam protestants adopting Roman Catholicism – which is essentially a rip-off Judaizing religion. Most who do so seem to have politics on the brain. It's also the case that for many the rituals are reassuring. Whenever the truth is rejected, people will put something worthless in its place, some sort of lie. Whether it's over-the-top questionable music, or political action, or high ritual, there are plenty of "churches" today that cater to whatever form of backsliding people find most attractive. So I wouldn't worry about the "what" as much as the "why", and we know all about the "why": rejection of the truth of the Word of God.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #29:

Hi Bob,

I feel the same as your dear family about you getting the vaccine - so thrilled to hear this news and relieved for you too.

I'm very thankful to the Lord for helping you to make the decision that was right for you and that He has given you peace on this. He gave me absolute peace too when I had my vaccine and that was back in January and then my second shot in March. I've been praying for you and our brothers and sisters about all of this and I will continue to.

You haven't been hypocritical at all, Bob. This hasn't been easy for any of us and things keep changing with the virus and with all of the tedious rules and guidelines. But with the constant change the Lord will help and guide us along each step of the way to make the decisions and moves that are right for us at that time. And He will graciously give us the peace and calmness that comes with that. And as I see it that's what you've done and it was lovely to hear how the Lord worked it all out for you - only three doses of J&J left and you got one!

We might not like it but the more things around us change the more we're forced to trust and rely on the Lord and that's a very good thing. No sitting back feeling nice and comfortable - He's training us up for the harder times ahead. It has been a real roller coaster of a ride and we're still on it so we need to hold on tight to the Lord and help and encourage each other on the ride too! We know that the Lord never changes - He's the same yesterday and today and forever. He will never leave us or forsake us and He will always bring us through safely.

I want to thank you Bob, with all of my heart that the decision you made came from a complete love and commitment to the Lord and to the wonderful gifts and ministry He has given to you. And that you included us - the Ichthys family in your decision too. It means so much to me.

I thank the Lord for you. You're such a blessing to us in helping us to grow spiritually through your teaching of the Word, your prayers for us, your encouragement, your love, your friendship - everything! Thank you so much, Bob. I appreciate you and everything you do for us.

In our dear Lord Jesus
p.s. Is your nose still attached? Mine is so far! (you really made me laugh with that one!)

Response #29:

Thanks for all this.

I'm fully at peace with my decision. Nose is OK! At least as much as ever it was before. Reminds me of that old joke, "Doc, will I be able to play the violin after this?!", "Why, certainly.", "That's funny – I couldn't play it before!"

I very much appreciate your good words as ever, my friend.

Feeling fine today two and a half days later. A tad bit fatigued is all. I plan to take it extra easy on myself this coming week out of an abundance of caution. I have two weeks before zero week begins and, really, I've gotten all the big "to do's" out of the way; if I didn't get to anything else before the semester starts up, it'd be OK. So glad I wasn't sick for a week-plus TWICE earlier this summer like some of my friends were after Pfizer.

Your prayers are very much appreciated too – as is your friendship.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.
p.s., very glad to hear about YOUR nose still being in place! Now that WOULD make a difference.

Question #30:

Hi Bob,

Love the violin joke! I remember my brother learning to play the violin when we were kids. I needed a doctor then - it was so painful to listen to!

Quarantine is over and it's so good to be free! I went on my favourite walk today and it was lovely. Tomorrow is my last day of freedom - I'm back to work on Wednesday!

I had tears in my eyes and a smile when you told me you had got the vaccine. I was praying that the Lord would help you to make the best decision for you. I thank Him for answering my prayers for you. And as always His timing was perfect - you'll be fully vaccinated just in time for classes. You haven't even been sick like your friends - not even a dead arm like I had! And the Lord has given you peace. He worked it all out for you.

Keep taking it easy, and please let me know if there's anything else you want me to pray for.

In our dear Lord Jesus

Response #30:

I took violin for many years in grade school as well. But I was FAR more considerate to my family than your brother was: I never ever practiced.

Thanks so much for all your good words, my friend!

I rejoice in your freedom!

Hoping and praying we don't go through another crazy lock-down/mask-up/stay-apart fiasco over here.

In Jesus,

Bob L.

Question #31:

Hi Bob,

That's so funny! I didn't realise you (sort of) played the fiddle too.

I'm praying about the "lock-down/mask-up/stay-apart fiasco". How are things sounding over there for you right now? Have they said much more about it or are they keeping an eye on how things go each day?

I'm very thankful to the Lord that I didn't catch the virus off of __ and that he's better now but I still feel a bit drained after the ten days self-isolation. I don't think it's healthy for anyone.

Never mind, it's my first day back to work tomorrow. Please say a prayer for me, Bob!

Keeping you and yours in my prayers as always.

In our dear Lord Jesus

Response #31:

Thanks for those prayers. People are on tenterhooks over here about Delta. I don't get it myself, but I'll have to deal with the consequences if the powers that be decide to change the plan they've had us working on since last May at least.

I'm glad your ten day solitary confinement is over. I'll bet it's draining! As people are having such a hard time reintegrating into their lives again after eighteen months of abnormal operation, I realize I did myself as well as my classes a big favor by hanging onto as much normality of function as I could last year. It's going to be a bumpy fall – even if they don't throw a monkey wrench (i.e., "spanner") into the works.

Thanks be to God that we are all healthy and doing well! I am praying for you too, my friend.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #32:

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your prayers for me. My first day back to work went fine. I'm back in the swing of things and working tomorrow and Friday.

I wonder if everyone is on tenterhooks because they're saying Delta is more contagious. And when infection numbers rise that's when people get anxious.

Cases are on the way down now here in England but they're still wary about how things will go in the Autumn and Winter. They think things might take another turn and cases start to rise again. It's the Covid roller coaster ride again.

I promise to keep everything in prayer for you. We can't control any of this but we can pray to the One who IS in control. The Lord will help us through one day at a time, one step at a time.

I thank the Lord that we're all healthy and doing well too!

Your friend in Jesus

Response #32:

Prayers for you to get through to the weekend!

Yes, it's all about the numbers. But when 20 times more people are dying in our cities from homicides (and the way the pandemic has been handled has something to do with the rise), it does seem we've misplaced our priorities over here.

Got an A&S email today to welcome us back. While it strongly encouraged vaccination, it said nothing about plans to restore masks, distancing or go remote [update: clearly they were "protesting too much"]. I'm hoping they learned their lesson on that disaster. I do know that the committee that gives recommendations to the higher-ups on this university wide is meeting the end of this week some time, so we can't relax yet. Many of my colleagues would like nothing better than another semester at home – only partially because they are afraid.

Yes, praise the Lord who IS in control of it all! So we always need to remember not to let ourselves get upset about anything – especially since we really can't control anything (that is an illusion). But HE works it all out for the good – for us who love Him.

Here's to keeping our PERSONAL priorities pristine.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #33:

Hi Bob,

Thanks so much for your encouragement and your prayers. A tough day at work today as expected but the Lord helped me through as He always does and the weekend is here!

What's happening on the job front for you, Bob? Have you found out anymore? I'm praying for you.

The tougher it gets the more I'm seeing how the Lord is blessing me and working it all out for my good. He is so good to us!

There's no better place to leave it all than in the Lord's hands.

In Jesus

Response #33:

Glad to hear you got through it!

I was blessed to be able to finish my article revision and send it off today, so I have all week next week to devote to class prep. I need to be careful since I'm working with some serious fatigue, one week to the day from getting the "jab". I'll be able to pace myself now in preparing. The "zero week" thereafter already has three days devoted to meetings – and I'm not even on the worst committee, personnel.

We just heard today that masks are back. I made a point of taking a screen shot of my enrollments before they announced the horrible policy. There are rumblings too that we may go back to remote, but I know that the administration is very much loath to do so because of the drop in enrollments (and dollars, their real bottom line) that this occasioned last year. I emailed the powers that be to find out if I have to wear the mask while teaching now that I'm vaccinated when I did not have to when I wasn't; they were noncommittal, so I guess no decision has been made. They want to get to 80% vaccination before dumping masks, but we're well short of that for faculty and staff (high sixties) and WAY short for students (low thirties). Seems a silly approach as well. If a student is told that they have to wear a mask if not vaccinated, how will making everyone mask up help to persuade that student to GET vaccinated? Seems to me that cohort will be happy to be no longer singled out.

We do as you suggest. We leave it in the Lord's hands and carry on the best we can in the strength He gives us.

And we know that, for those who love God, He works everything together for good.
Romans 8:28

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.



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