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Salvation and Spiritual Growth

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Question:  Pardon my input, but I see 1st John 2:20 thru 2:23 where people give the appearance of salvation but deny it as times get rough for the loss of them not being saved. I believe that you can't put salvation in your pocket and walk away with it and keep it without testing, if a person is truly saved the testing will establish his faith. A true believer will be tested somewhere in his walk and then he or she will no where there heart is. As it is written in the word, as the furnace is for gold, the crucible for silver, so the Lord will test the hearts of men. I believe a true believer will each day be aware of his salvation, if not then what you have said in Pet.#27 will be true of salvation lost. Just my observation. Thanks,

Response:  I think you are certainly correct; in the Christian life, the only truly safe direction is "forward" (cf. Jn.15), and all who attempt to pick up their cross and follow our Lord are going to be opposed by the adversary. But, as you also correctly say, this testing is ultimately for our good (if we react the correct way), for there can be no growth without testing just as there can be no physical conditioning without exercise. You have absolutely the right perspective - we need to "count it all joy", even though that can be very difficult to remember when under the gun, let alone apply.

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