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Where can I find more information about the Genesis Gap?

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Question:  Robert, Yours is the first work that I've come across the GAP theory as you have laid out. Is it my narrow study sources, or are there others who have expanded on this theory?  Thanks again for all the work,

Response:  Good to hear from you. Thanks for the encouraging words. The idea of the "Genesis Gap" has been around for a long time (since it is scriptural, though not necessarily easily developed). I try to credit others in the footnotes where I have gained specific info or analysis that ought to be cited. In addition to my own Satan's Rebellion part 2:  "The Genesis Gap", a couple of other famous places to look, if you are interested (though needless to say I don't give any of them blanket endorsement) include:

1. Merril F. Unger's Commentary on the Old Testament (Moody: Chicago 1981) v.1, s.v. Genesis 1:1

2. Arthur Custance's "Doorway Papers"

3. R.B. Thieme' "Creation, Chaos, Restoration"

4. J. Walwoord of D.T.S. fame also had a unique take on the "gap" in an article he placed in the journal Bibliotheca Sacra (also from Dallas Theological online, but you will need a login) back in the early 80's; though I have no way of giving you a precise reference, I'm sure it's there.

5. Steven E. Dill's In the Beginnings (Xulon Press)

All this having been said, I do think that, for good or ill (and I hope for good), much if not most of what is to be found in the Satanic Rebellion, Part 2:  "The Genesis Gap" will not be found elsewhere.

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Hope this is of some help in you studies.

Yours in Christ,

Bob Luginbill

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