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The Origin and Fate of the "Giants" of Genesis Chapter Six

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Question:  Hi Bob,  Did Satan's angels possess man back then to mate with these women to create the giants? I would suppose that all of these giants from inception to death were condemned? Also since there was a unnatural race then is there any chance that one might exist today, example (big foot)?
Thank you

Response:  Well, I have a lot of detail on this in Part 5 of the Satanic Rebellion series: "The Nephilim". I agree with your supposition - the Septuagint Greek translation of the Old Testament (third century B.C.) does translate "nephilim" (lit. Hebrew "fallen ones") as "giants", and that is why we have the famous KJV translation of "giants" for this passage. Although this is a concept from Greek mythology, it's not a bad translation - the giants were notorious enemies of the gods (even trying to storm Olympus at one point). Our universal conception today of what a "giant" is however (i.e., a huge mythical creature and quite barbarous in the main) does not square well with what we know of the Nephilim who were apparently incredibly talented and attractive (but not of monstrous size). My feeling is that they were not "automatically condemned" (one should never sell short the grace of God - I have argued that He would have provided for deliverance of the fallen angels, had they been at all willing), though it is clear that in fact none of them had any use for God (and so chose to remain in the condemnation which is the lot of all born into this world from Adam's line even in part).

As to the "bigfoot" issue, unless they could tread water for six months (and only aquatic creatures can do that), anything of animal life to survive the flood had to have been in the ark. All these creatures "came to Noah" (Gen.7:15), so that the selection of individuals and of species was entirely God-made. Therefore the chance of any taint of this angelic seed still existing on earth is impossible - that was the whole reason for the universal flood, i.e., not only to irreversibly and entirely eradicate this monstrous group, but also to make clear to posterity that they had been dramatically and unquestionably destroyed by God Himself.

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