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Can You Recommend a Church?

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Question:  Mr. Luginbill, In my continuing research, I seem to be coming across so many doctrines that I do not agree with, just when I think I've found something good. Since I enjoy your writings so much, I thought perhaps I might enjoy your "church" (figuratively speaking, of course). May I ask what denomination you are? Hope all is well with you. Sincerely,

Response:  I'm pleased that you are enjoying my Bible studies. I do have a ministry: ICHTHYS. I am not a member of a denomination and don't have a church, per se, though I do minister the Word of God through these writings. Recommending a local church is very difficult; one has to know so much about the stated beliefs, the actual beliefs, practices and teachings, and - last but not least - the character and heart of the pastor-teacher. For this reason, there are only a very few local churches I recommend, places where I personally know for sure that the Word of God is given more than lip service.

These are difficult times for the Church of Jesus Christ universal. I feel and share your frustration about the general lack of availability of solid scriptural teaching - in person. It seems to me that we live in a day when entertainment, programs, music, and frills are all that people are truly interested in. Few thirst to know about the Bible, to really learn about it and what is in it; and few are honestly concerned to follow Jesus Christ wherever He may lead and whatever it may cost (this too, takes a deep knowledge of the scripture and its teachings, so deep that faith is solid and strong enough to accomplish what He would have us do). I find it incredibly ironic, in fact, that in this day of super-technology, instant information, and unparalleled opportunities, people are less interested than ever in preparing adequately to teach God's Word and to diligently mine truth from it. Small wonder really, I suppose, for the number of people who are interested in really seeking God in this proper way (i.e., through His words to us), seems smaller than ever before - a clear sign that we are closer to the end than the beginning. This much I can tell you: if you are truly seeking God, seeking to draw nearer to Him, He will provide you the means of doing so.  Please see also the following links:

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I hope in some small way that this has been helpful to you.

Yours in Christ,

Bob Luginbill

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