Bible Study Resources

  1. Ichthys: Bible Study for Spiritual Growth  [sponsor site]

     A  site devoted to helping Christians grow spiritually through in-depth study of the Word of God. An archive of Bible studies based on the original Greek and Hebrew scriptures and designed to contribute to spiritual growth for the purpose of the edification of the Church of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

  2.  Blue Letter Bible

     Superior searchable on-line Bible with multiple versions, concordances, commentaries et al.

  3.  Bible Gateway

     Excellent searchable on-line Bible in over 50 versions.

  4.  Bible Academy

    Pastor-teacher Curtis Omo's Bible-teaching videos in the Khan-academy style. For the YouTube site click the following link:  Bible Academy YouTube Channel.

  5. Biblica:  on-Line Concordances from the International Bible Society

    Searchable versions of NIV, KJV, TNIV and more, with many helpful search option.

  6. The Voice of the Bible

    Alexander Scourby's superior narration of the King James version.

  7. Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (CSNTM)

    Exhaustive archive of manuscript facsimiles, including the queen of NT mss., Sinaiticus.

  8. Christian Classics Ethereal Library

    Excellent collection of well-known, classical biblical books and commentaries available free on-line.

  9. The Unbound Bible

    Allows for up to four parallel views of various translations for comparison on-line.

  10. E-Sword

    Free downloadable Bible study software allowing multiple options for parallel searches.

  11. Bible Study Tools

    Personalize your Bible study with the ability to highlight passages, save notes, and split screens with different versions while accessing commentaries, lexicons, concordances and a variety of other resources.

  12. Free Bible Commentary

    Dr. Bob Utley's online ministry including numerous verse by verse exegetical commentaries on various books of the Bible in a variety of formats and in several different languages.

  13. Providence Baptist Ministries

    A very helpful collection of archives, links and other resources.

  14. Christianity Cove

    Free Sunday School lessons, Bible games, crafts, skits and activities for Children's Church.

  15. Dedicated to Truth

    Gospel outreach site on YouTube

  16. God's Philosopher

    Tom Ostojich's apologetics blog


    Search Engine for Bible verses with a topical focus

  18. Tecarta

        Search Engine for Bible verses


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