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History's Seven Millennial Days:

The Seven Thousand Years of Human History

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In part 3 of the Rebellion series there is a footnote about "seven days" of history - do you have more on this somewhere? Does this mean that the tribulation is imminent?


The reference to the 7,000 years / 7 millennial day interpretation was only a passing one because of time and space (part III was long enough already) and because it is handled in part V of the Satanic Rebellion series. The link is:  "The Seven Days of Human History"

I can give you a very brief overview here: beginning with Irenaeus, the interpretation has been advanced that human history will last 7,000 years; according to the biblical system of dates found primarily in Genesis, the fall took place circa 4000 B.C.; we know the millennium of Christ's rule will be 1,000 years; adding another 2,000 for the Church of the present day, one gets 7,000 (approx.); Moses in Ps. 90 (quoted by Peter) says that "a day is like a 1,000 years to the Lord"; there is also the fact that 7 days comprise the re-creation of earth for Man and that the 7th is a day of rest (which would by analogy correspond to the Millennium); this is an interpretation rather than a direct teaching of scripture, but it has much to recommend it and the details, including a more or less complete chronology, are presented in SR part 5.

As far as the imminency of the tribulation is concerned, I believe that scripture indicates we should begin our count of the Church Age's 2000 years with crucifixion and resurrection rather than with the birth of Christ (so that Y2K had no theological significance).  That would place the Second Advent at 2033, with the Tribulation beginning seven years earlier.  For the rationale for this please see the links:

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All of this is, of course, covered in voluminous detail in the nearly complete Coming Tribulation Series.

Hope this helps,

Yours in Christ,

Bob Luginbill


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