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Is the World about to Come to an End?

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Question:  Do you think the end of the world is near? I'm just curious of a pastors view.

Response:  It is true that the end times are swiftly approaching (see the link: The chronology of the date 2026).  However, the world, as you put it, will endure not only through the small remainder of the Church Age (albeit under incredible stress during the final seven years of the present era, known as the Tribulation) but also thereafter under the reign of our Master, Jesus Christ, for a further thousand years known as the Millennium. After a further attempt at rebellion against His perfect rule by the devil (Rev.20:7-10), God will indeed bring the present "historical" world to an end (2Pet.3:10) - but only to replace it with the New Heavens and New Earth (Rev.21:1), the place where "righteousness dwells" (2Pet.3:13), the place of the New Jerusalem and the complete absence of sin and death, of envy and rebellion, forevermore (Rev.21-22; cf. Dan.12:3).

It is entirely understandable that in times of extreme stress and cataclysmic occurrence, the end of the world is on the public mind, whereas in times of peace and calm, no thought is generally taken of these matters whatsoever. But God has His own timetable and His own plan. He is working out human and angelic history to His own perfect and inescapable conclusion, working "all things together for good" (Rom.8:28) for those who have opted to follow Him and His Son, Jesus Christ. So that if we are truly following Him, day after day, we believers in Jesus Christ need have absolutely no fear of the end of the world, or, what is truly on the horizon in terms of what the Bible tells us about the final sequence of events, the Great Tribulation. For if we possess a healthy, respectful, loving "fear" for our heavenly Father, we have nothing to fear from anything this world can throw at us.

You might also check out part 5 of the Satanic Rebellion series, wherein you will find an overlay of the plan of God for history in general and for the end times in particular, and also the Coming Tribulation series, wherein all these matters are discussed at length.  Finally, here are some other pertinent links:

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Yours in Jesus Christ,

Bob Luginbill

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