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Eschatology Issues XLII

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Question #1:

Hello Bob,

Am I correct in understanding the persecution and crucifixion of our Lord as a foreshadowing of what we'll face in the Tribulation? Current trends seem to point that way.


Yours in our Lord Jesus Christ,

Response #1:

We do find this in scripture:

"And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me."
Matthew 10:38 NKJV

Then Jesus said to His disciples, "If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me."
Matthew 16:24 NKJV

Then He said to them all, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me."
Luke 9:23 NKJV

"Remember the word that I said to you, ‘A servant is not greater than his master.' If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you. If they kept My word, they will keep yours also."
John 15:20 NKJV

How, precisely, this following in the footsteps of Christ and more particularly "sharing the sufferings of Christ" plays out in each of our individual lives (see the link), can and has clearly been very different depending on individuals and circumstances. The same will apply during the Tribulation. We have to be ready for whatever comes:

If anyone [is marked] for captivity, he is going into captivity. If anyone [is marked] for death by the sword, by the sword [he must] be killed. Therefore endurance and faith [on the part] of [my] sanctified ones is [called for].
Revelation 13:10

I'm increasingly of the mind-set that "my job" is to help believers get TO the Tribulation. Once it starts, there is no telling what freedom we will have to meet in person or virtually, to distribute writing or teaching and encouragement, or any such thing. It seems certain to be less than now (and we see such freedom already beginning to be curtailed), and we do have this from our Lord:

"I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work."
John 9:4

Then again, we who have been preparing may find we have some opportunities to help those given now to "rapture-think" catch up once they realize their mistake.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #2:

Hi Bob,

I suspect you're right about your current thinking. From some of your email posts, it looks like there are many who are facing increasing challenges now. Then, there are some of us (at least while it lasts,) that have had only minor challenges but have the human tendency to get angry. Some will want to get actively involved. Particularly as things change and the shooting starts which appears to be in the near future.

As to what "following in" His footsteps may mean, I can't ignore Steven's example. Given the anti-Christian hate that seems to be growing, that seems like a real probability during the Tribulation. Curiously "Liberté, égalité, fraternité" seems quite close to the rhetoric we're hearing from the radical groups today. It didn't mean what it said then and today's rhetoric doesn't mean what it says, either.

What I'm seeing today seems to be a slow (or not so slow) conditioning for what we'll experience once the show starts. People will be so conditioned that they'll accept whatever is demanded of them. If Christ's persecution and crucifixion is an example for us, the Tribulation will be unbelievably horrible if we don't submit to what will be demanded.

Those who survive into the Tribulation will have their work cut out.

Yours in our only hope,

Response #2:

"Those who survive into the Tribulation will have their work cut out." - that is CERTAINLY the truth. One of the things all the recent double unpleasantness) layered onto all the societal and technological and moral meltdown that was already plaguing us) has shown is that the Tribulation will be very wearing, a constant load on our hearts and minds in the way that being involved in a major war produces (i.e., living pretty much anywhere in Europe in WWII) – only exponentially worse. No wonder that "the love of many will grow cold" because of the coming unprecedented "lawlessness" (Matt.24:12), a trend represented by the red horse (link cf. Rev.6:4). All the more reason to put the emphasis here and now on our personal spiritual growth. That's the only thing we can count on taking into the Tribulation with us . . . and be sure of bringing out with us on the other side, come what may.

In Jesus our dear Lord,

Bob L.

Question #3:

Hola Bob,

First, I need to tell you that dried yarrow powder works as well if not a little better than fresh. I keep some on hand to make anti-bug powder for my dog. Tonight, I had a full frontal assault of stupidity and negligence and sliced a couple of layers of skin off a finger. It, of course, bled profusely. My yarrow died last summer so I had to use the powder. It worked like a charm and even helped kill the pain. After a couple of hours, it even stood up to washing dishes. I get mine from Mountain Rose Herbs, but there are other suppliers that probably deliver faster.

Also, I can't help but noticing that in 1 Samuel 8 the Lord describes the type of King the Israelites would have in what was probably the first popular vote. We've been living with that choice ever since. And popular wisdom hasn't improved at all.

I suspect your ministry will take us all into the Tribulation. In today's news headlines, China insisted that Christians abandon their faith or abandon their government benefits and pensions. A foreshadowing of things to come. The Marxist agenda has been accomplished, or nearly so, here in the US and the left is now showing their Marxist stripes. The right wing, such as it is, like the Mensheviks of 100 years ago are going along meekly. I still believe this is all preparing us for the ultimate restrictions of the Tribulation. That we timidly lock ourselves in our houses and wear our government prescribed facial diapers tells me that we, as a people, are ready to submit to the antichrist.

So, Bob, I believe it's beginning now. Not nearly like it will be but it's getting us used to accepting. It is also, unlike times in the past since it's worldwide. I think the Tribulation will have a very strong Marxist character and I think China is showing the world the way. Before long, I suspect if we don't bow down at the sound of the trumpets to "Nebuchadnezzar's" golden disk (whomever and whatever that may be today,) we too will be thrown into the furnace.

If you feel I'm off base on these thoughts, please say so.

I pray you're well and the recent violence hasn't troubled you.

Also, your WWII analogy is excellent.

Years ago, my wife and I used to go to a German restaurant north of here. Our waitress, for whom we would wait until she had a table, was a child in Berlin during the bombings. The stories she told made us wonder how civilized human beings could have done such things and how a child could have coped. The pilots and air crews on those raids didn't realize what was being done – they were just following orders. (My father's cousin was a belly gunner on those raids). Even during the Vietnam adventure, the pilots and air crews didn't know what actually happened on the ground. They turned control over to Guam, sat back and drank coffee at Angels 4 until Guam let go of the planes. They missed the smell of burning flesh and body parts.

Occasionally, though, Phantom pilots came through at the TOQ. They were generally close ground support or low attack. I've seen grown men on their knees, crying over what they had seen from the cockpit. My conclusion is, if this has been "normal" for generations and the Tribulation will be unlike any time on earth, I'm not sure any of us can adequately prepare except trust in the Lord and even then, many, if not, most will fail. To adequately prepare, we'll need the same faith as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

Yours in our Lord Jesus,

Response #3:

I think one of the problems with the Tribulation will be that it will go on and on. Believers will really need to have a "short-timer" mentality, counting the months until our Lord's return, and eschewing any thought of enjoyment or permanence here in this world. We are supposed to beware of loving the world right here and now (Jn.2:15), and also to beware of being friendly with it (Jas.4:4). For the world hates us (Jn.15:19), and so we are right to despise it as well since it will never treat us the way it treats its own. During the Tribulation, a complete disregard for ourselves, worldly security, possessions and life itself will be necessary, for placing any weight on any of these things will be demoralizing in the extreme when they are endangered, degraded or lost. But if we are ready, we can expect to see the Lord's hand of judgment coming down on those who oppose us, whether it be our lot to survive until He returns or be granted an early release in a way that glorifies Him.

Then I heard the angel in charge of the waters say: “You are just in these judgments, O Holy One, you who are and who were; for they have shed the blood of your holy people and your prophets, and you have given them blood to drink as they deserve.”
Revelation 16:5-6 NIV

In other words, scripture tells us that to fully follow Jesus Christ, a complete renovation of our thinking is necessary (Rom.12:1-2; see the link: "The need to transform our thinking"). Not many of us are perfect in this regard at present. But while a "C+" may be good enough to get by now, the present double unpleasantness and our "national nervous breakdown" have increased the pressure to the point of letting all the C+-ers see that this level of transformation is not sufficient to be at peace when things get rough – and it REALLY won't be good enough to make it safely through the Tribulation with faith intact, courageously living like Christians in spite of the beast's control of the world.

So rather than bemoaning what is and fearing what will be, we need rather to be willing to bid good riddance to the world, whether we are taken out of it, or whether we see it destroyed with our own eyes. Because we may be in it, but we who belong to Jesus Christ are definitely not of it.

Jesus answered, "My kingdom is not of this world. If My kingdom were of this world, My servants would fight, so that I should not be delivered to the Jews; but now My kingdom is not from here."
John 18:36 NKJV

So let us resolve to be "strong and courageous", come what may. They may be able to "take away our birthdays" after all, but they will never be able to take away our new-birth days or our inheritance in the kingdom to come.

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #4:

Hello Bob,

Sage words of advice, though not so easy to implement. I'm already withdrawing from the world, but nothing has cut to the quick, yet, either. What I believe (and partially hope for) is that I won't survive until the Tribulation. My fear is that I will and be called on to do things I've never had to face before. However, as He wills.

I do believe the Lord will give us the strength to face our challenges and will allow no more than we can bear. He didn't say it would be pleasant, though.

I pray all is well with you and yours. Thanks for being a friend and mentor.

In our Lord Jesus,

Response #4:

It's good to remember that ALL of this is entirely temporary. The entire universe is going to be destroyed in a fiery conflagration in just over a thousand years, and then God will make "everything new" (Rev.21:5); and as bad as things will be during the Tribulation everywhere else, mystery Babylon will be completely ravaged like no other place ever before (link). In any case, the worst believers have to face is a little over thirteen years of trouble. After that, we'll all be resurrected, as long as we keep faith with Jesus Christ. Thirteen years in the rear-view mirror sure doesn't seem very long to me at this point in my life; thirteen years out in front is likely to go very quickly, even if we are given individually to face the full complement.

Make us glad for as many days as you have afflicted us, for as many years as we have seen trouble.
Psalm 90:15 NIV

In Jesus Christ our Savior,

Bob L.

Question #5:


I know you are always vigilant about protecting brothers and sisters in your ministry so I thought I would send this your way. You know that before I came to Jesus that I was a "conspiracy theorist"? I have to say that this did play a contributing factor in my becoming a Christian. I have now become a bit wary of the whole conspiracy theory movement because I am suspicious of its motivations. It seems that my suspicions are borne out. What is alarming is the conflation between conspiracy theory and biblical Eschatology. I have to say Bob that I am very guilty of this myself. Sometimes it feels impossible for the two not to get mixed up! There also seems to be an embracing of conspiracy theory within evangelical ministries. It's apparent now that many evangelical Christians follow Donald Trump. They even say that he is Cyrus! An Israeli group have made "temple coins" with his face on it saying that he is! What is worrying about all this is that Christians are fixing their eyes on worldly things and not on the things above.

Are you aware of the "QAnon" movement? Many Christians are being led into this as well. In case you didn't know, Q is supposed to mean "Q" clearance and it refers to a mystery military man who seems to have a lot of insider knowledge about the "deep state". There are things called "Q drops" whereby Q leaks "Intel" to the general population about the hidden machinations of a secretive shadow government hidden behind the democratically elected ones. A lot of Christians have been sucked into this Q movement and it basically operates as a type of cult. Q says enigmatic yet vague things such as "darkness to light" and "trust the plan". Many people wonder who Q is. I wondered whether it is named after the Q source theory about the Gospels. I'm glad that you have pointed out to me that Q -Quelle source has no legitimacy whatsoever. What's terrifying is that it is being sold to Christians that Q is the resurrected body of John F Kennedy Jnr and that he is being sold as a type of Saviour. I wish this was a joke. Someone speculated that Q stood for Quantum Computers and that maybe fallen angels were communicating through them to people directly, as a form of modern day channeling/ necromancy. It has occurred to me that maybe Q is the antichrist, sending messages to prepare the way before he physically takes the stage. All this is pure speculation of course but something to be aware of. I have noticed that the things that Q says are very occultic and new age. It uses language that sometimes appears to be scripture but isn't. "Darkness to light" being a more obvious one. All of this may just fizzle out one day but then again it may be more meaningful.

I also hasten to add that the conspiracy theory movement (truth movement) IS a new age or gnostic movement. At the very heart of it, there is the lie that WE ARE GODS!! So it's all based around the original lie in the garden. Why would Satan change the tune when it has worked so well for him for so many years! It is also perpetuating that knowledge or "gnosis" is what saves us. Christians need to be warned about this Bob. The so called "truth movement" is yet another lie. Jesus is the truth and yet you will not hear any "truth seekers" in the "truth movement" saying this. Most of the mainstream conspiracy theorists are unabashedly Gnostic. They say that Lucifer is a kind of Prometheus who stole the fire of enlightenment to give to man in defiance to the angry "demiurge". Of course this is an evil blasphemy, a wicked and satanic inversion of the truth. Christians need to be aware of this as many ministries are embracing conspiracy theory and so are in danger of embracing the Gnosticism/ New Age that goes hand in hand with it. We have already seen many new age practices and teachings infiltrate the churches already. I have come to the same conclusion about conspiracy theory now.

I hope you found this information useful. It may be yet another blind alley or red herring but I thought it important to warn people of how deep the deception goes and unfortunately we are surrounded by it right now. It has never been more true than now than to be in the world but not of it.

In the only truth movement, the truth of Jesus Christ,

Response #5:

I'm glad to hear that things are settling down and settling out for you, and that you have a reasonable plan going forward.

On conspiracy theories, however the Lord chooses to bring straying sheep around to the truth, we all rejoice when it happens. But being enamored of such theories really is a trap. There are many traps out there – the devil's system has something for everyone. Blessedly, we have the Bible and we know what will happen, irrespective of any conspiracies whether real or imagined. And we know that nothing whatsoever can touch a single hair of any believer's head if the Lord is unwilling for that to happen. Which goes to show that spiritual growth, drawing closer to Him day by day through paying attention to good teaching and believing and applying what we learn, is absolutely the key. If we are standing side by side with the Lord, a conspiracy of all the forces of evil is powerless against us.

When the servant of the man of God got up and went out early the next morning, an army with horses and chariots had surrounded the city. “Oh no, my lord! What shall we do?” the servant asked. “Don’t be afraid,” the prophet answered. “Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” And Elisha prayed, “Open his eyes, LORD, so that he may see.” Then the LORD opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.
2nd Kings 6:15-17 NIV

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #6:

I've realised that I am being disciplined at the moment. I realise now that the spirit behind conspiracy theory is a seductive spirit and the so called "truths" that you think you learn is actually gnosticism. The curiosity I have had in "what is going on" to put it bluntly is an initiation into mystery Babylon itself!

The whole thing is so slick and so poisonous. It reminds me of the foxglove in my garden; the roots, the bulb, the leaves and the flowers are all deadly and yet the fully grown plant is highly attractive to the eye. Mystery Babylon is worse as even the ground around it is poisoned too. It has a false light to it and that false light is Satan. I realise that what it does, it beckons you to come closer and closer and closer. It's like the siren's song, beckoning you closer to wreck your ship (shipwreck your faith). It's the "mystery" of it that is so alluring and yet so deadly. Yet I now know the only mystery to be revealed is that Satan is behind it. He has fashioned himself his own "religion" that seduces people with the promise of hidden secrets just how all cults operate.

I realise now that even reading around the subject is hugely spiritually dangerous. It's as though the ground around it is both tilted and slick and leads straight into the abyss itself which is spiritual darkness. At a certain point you realise that the curiosity that one has about it is actually being tempted by Satan himself! It is the same curiosity that caused Eve and then Adam to eat of the fruit. I have underestimated the enemy and it has caused me to get very close to this seductive spirit. Paul said to "Flee from sexual immorality". I realise that it is maybe even more important to flee from spiritual wickedness especially when it masquerades as "enlightenment".
We must flee from these things too as the surrounding ground is deadly poisonous. I've confessed and repented of this and I won't look back. I know that spiritual adultery is a constant theme in the bible.

Every part of mystery school teachings is evil and rotten to the core. It is extremely spiritually dangerous as it has an addictive quality like a drug. I'll admit that I have been addicted to this drug as I found myself saying "just read a little bit more and a little bit more". At a certain point you realise..I'm being "initiated" here! You can find yourself almost getting prideful from knowing about Egyptian idols and yet it is all Satan isn't it! It's complete trash and a waste of valuable time that can be spent developing spiritual maturity, walking closely with God and becoming a witness to Jesus.

Please share this with others to warn them of the dangers. It can start off seemingly innocently enough, it can even start with looking into eschatology. The dangers with this occur when we stray from the bible and look into other books about end times. It is at this point that we are wandering into enemy territory. I know enough now that the "hidden hand" of freemasonry/ mystery school teaching is now being revealed. They call it the "externalisation of the hierarchy".

Over the next few years there will be shocking news revealed to the world's population. What has been hidden will be revealed. This hidden "knowledge", once revealed will be very traumatising for people. It will make them question everything they think they know. It will topple people who are lukewarm as it will expose many religious leaders (even purported Christian leaders) as false.

Maybe it will be this "unveiling" which will provide the main catalyst for the great apostasy. At some point the satanic lie that "we are gods" will be unleashed on us all.

I am glad to be free of all this now as I know it is part of the deception.

God bless you Bob and thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

I'm watching the CS: First things series. I needed something gentle to watch whilst struggling emotionally and mentally. They are absolutely delightful and even though they are meant for children, they are very intellectually rigorous and profound. If you ever get chance to pass words with Pastor Omo in the near future, please tell him his work has really comforted a sister in Christ when she was experiencing one of her lowest moments.

I have been fellowshipping with a Nazarene church near me online. They are really glad to have me but it bothers me that the play so much Hillsong music. I enjoy their analysis of the bible in part and discussion of it. It is fairly basic in a way but I enjoy it as I am doing the more in depth study on my own. The Hillsong stuff though really bothers me and depresses me in a way (I don't know why..)

God bless.

In Him,

Response #6:

Any time we give our attention to things that are not spiritually correct, we get "spiritual indigestion" – and the more questionable they are, the greater the dyspepsia.

I think it is a mark in your favor that you are troubled by the "Hillsong music" since the lyrics of most modern Christian songs are usually "off" in terms of content, sometimes dangerously so (here's one link that will lead to others: "Christian music"; see also in BB 6B). This is also the case for your reaction to the conspiracy theory "information". I would see this as essentially similar to getting too involved in politics, but with a more demonstrable demonic strain, so it's very good in my opinion that you are extricating yourself. "Cold turkey" on anything we are used to is often not the easiest thing, but you're making a good start. Godliness in the Bible is essentially seeing things Gods way and then doing them God's way. But we have to understand the truth and accept it before we can really follow Him. The other way around is merely whitewashing the tomb. So while staying away from bad things is always salutary, it's no substitute for digging into the truth of the Word of God. Keep at the latter, even as you are more circumspect about the former, and before you know it you'll be walking in the peace and confidence our Lord means for all believers to have.

Bible Academy is a great place to grow (link)!

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord,

Bob L.

Question #7:

Dear Professor

I hope you are coping with preparing the difficult online stuff and also getting some time to get a little done on your current project, ‘the Study of the Bible’.

I looked up Matthew 25:42-46 as I have wondered about this scripture for some time.
In your Matthew Verse by Verse you answer at 127). My Q: Where do millennial believers have the opportunity to feed the hungry, visit those sick and in prison, clothe the naked; when near perfect conditions prevail?

And similarly in answer 129) My Q: The king is referencing the hungry, thirsty, naked, prisoners. How can this be referring to those living during the millennium? I am trying to understand it from the answer at 129)

Small update: I caught up with __ today after quite a few weeks. He has been helping out on a small farm. I showed him my freehand scrawling (I need to put it down by pen on paper to try to get my head around it) of your ‘Jewish Ceremonial Calendar’ from SR5. I am getting to understand it a little better now. It is fascinating in the best sense to see how precisely God has worked out all things exactly and I think that at the teaching of the 144,000 to the Jews and/or at The 2nd Advent of Jesus Christ, the significance of their festivals and the gaps between them will become obvious. He stated again that we must keep meeting together to strengthen each other. I am gladdened that he feels uplifted with our meeting together. He is going home to look up some Old Testament scriptures.

Q: I am wondering whether the 36, 108, and 144 refer to specific numbers (e.g. millions) or purely proportional of the number of believers saved in each period?

Might be a bit of a curly Q. 288 million does seem a tiny number in comparison to the billions of people who have, and will, live. Also I do not know what numbers God uses. (Myriads?)
Just a wondering/wandering question.

Feel free to leave any response until you are not so pushed for time.

I have had a few small nibbles of texts with __ overseas. Slowly, slowly. I am praying he will rekindle his faith in Jesus Christ.

As always, I am so grateful for the gem of your Ministry. Keeping you in my prayers.

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior.

Your student

Response #7:

Good to hear from you, my friend. Glad also to hear that you are making some progress with friends and family. That's the value of godly perseverance.

As to Matthew 25:42-46, the Gog-Magog revolt instigated by the devil upon his release at the end of the Tribulation is handled curtly at Revelation 20:7-10, but that does not mean or imply that it is a quick or an easy event. The fall seems in the narrative to occur right on the heels of Adam and Eve's creation, but the numbers in Genesis suggest they were in the garden for over fifty years before being ejected (see the link).

Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain? The kings of the earth rise up and the rulers band together against the LORD and against his anointed, saying, “Let us break their chains and throw off their shackles.” The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them. He rebukes them in his anger and terrifies them in his wrath, saying, “I have installed my king on Zion, my holy mountain.”
Psalm 2:1-6 NIV

The Gog-Magog rebellion is the ultimate and main fulfillment of this Psalm, and we can see in the conspiring (better "raging") and plotting of the nations and their rulers a great deal of dislocation that must have taken a good long time. For all the nations of the earth to throw off the Messiah's rule, for them to organize and assemble armies (when none have existed for a thousand years) and congregate against Jerusalem from every corner of the planet will have been a lengthy process with much dislocation around the world, and with those who believe – significantly in the minority in spite of perfect rule by the Son of God for a thousand years – being cast in the role of scapegoats and targets for the wrath of the majority, egged on by the devil. So I would imagine that there will be ample opportunity for all to "show their true colors" during that extended event.

As to the numbers and the calendar, I can't say, except to say that I would be skeptical if they are anything but proportional. It may be the case that far fewer than we would ever imagine are saved – but we hope and pray that it's the other way around.

Keeping you and your family in my daily prayers.

In Jesus Christ our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #8:

Dear Professor

Thank you for your explanation which seems to fit perfectly with the scriptures you cite.

Yes it is good to make some progress, and I wonder that if I were a little more diligent, would that mean a little more progress. Yes. I had a dozen of your ‘The Jewish Calendar’ charts printed off at the office shop in town today, and the woman asked me what a Gentile was. I did not give a very good answer, though I did point out on the timeline where we are (just before Trumpets?) and a little discussion ensued of the 6 “good” years left before the 7 terrible years. What! Worse than this (covid 19)? Yes. This is the preparatory picnic. (Worried looks). I was a bit apprehensive as on previous occasions she came out like a bull at a gate, at the mention of ANYTHING Biblical. Today, we discovered that her mum and I are the same age, that her __ is highly susceptible to any cold/flu, so she is extremely cautious regarding bugs.

I am hoping at some time, when I understand the calendar much better, that I can give a lesson(s) in our Bible fellowship, using your chart and explanations. It certainly sparked __’s interest (likes the Old Testament). He has gone back to help on the farm, so it may be a while until our weekday Bible study recommences, though I am hoping we will catch up in town again before that.

I had wondered about the length of time of the Millennium. 1000 years.

Thinking aloud; during the Millennium - perfect rule with rod of iron with resurrected beings being part of governance (how can it get out of hand ?), AFTER the thousand years Satan released (will that mean perhaps another thousand years - though that would mean 8 Millennial days - so doesn’t sound right - a suppose a generation is plenty of time for a rebellion - how do things go awry under a perfect rule (while realising that free will will still have to be in play for it to be a fair test of faith)? Much still to understand. Also if all Millennium Age dwellers were saved, they would out number believers from all other Ages combined, by an overwhelming amount. I realise from your writings and the Bible that all are not saved. A thousand years of plenty may give the mind plenty of time to “forget”. With all nations coming to Jerusalem every year to worship, I am imagining more a delegation, rather than everyone - some suggest it will be a pilgrimage everyone will have to make once in their lifetime, similar to what Muslims do now?

If at present, we humans are overcome by angels’ glory, then it would seem that resurrected beings governing during the Millennium would have to be visible in a very subdued state of glory. I am imagining this would also have to be true for our Lord who deals with the Jews in the desert, before they enter the Promised Land.

Thank you for your excellent Ministry. You give us so much hope and encouragement. We certainly need it. Jesus relates, “Feed my sheep”, to loving Him. You certainly do this.

Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior.

Your student

Response #8:

I'm always grateful to hear about your doings, my friend! You spread the truth wherever you go. Good for you! We all have to be ready to say with Paul, "For we are a fragrance of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing; to the one an aroma from death to death, to the other an aroma from life to life." (2Cor.2:15-16a NASB).

Scripture doesn't say how long the revolt at the end of the Millennium lasts, but it is appended to the end of the Millennium (Rev.20:7). Still, I don't think it need to be even a generation long to be significant and accomplish what is said in Matthew 25. World War II lasted less than seven years and shook the planet even though the conflict areas were localized with a large part of the world more or less left out of direct involvement; this revolt will be worldwide.

Why would people revolt against perfect government? Precisely because it IS perfect. People "want to do what they want to do", but during the Millennium they won't be able to do anything of a seriously evil or immoral or illegal character; and it may be that all manner of minor compromising things also won't be readily available. That right there excludes about 90+% of what human beings do "for entertainment" and most of what motivates them to get through the day. Since MOST of those born during the Millennium will not become believers, by the time we get to the end we will have a majority of the population that has lived hundreds of years but have never been able to do the sinning and the evil that were really in their hearts. All those lusts and evil desires pent up for centuries! No wonder they will be cheering and shouting, "Let us break Their bonds in pieces and cast away Their cords from us." (Ps.2:3 NKJV). All they will need is the opportunity, and God in His wisdom has ordained to allow the devil to give it to them. Why? Precisely to demonstrate what is really in the human heart, and that sin and evil and rebellion against God have nothing to do with environment – since all that is coming in the rebellion will be in reaction the most perfect environment that sinful human beings could ever experience.

As to history, in my country at present we are in the process of destroying it and remaking it in to suit our preferences. People are not interested in the truth. They are interested in remaking the truth in their own image. That is what the devil did. That is called, "the lie" (Jn.8:45). If truth can be turned on its head and the lie affirmed as "truth", then God can be cast from His throne – so the devil thought (see the SR series link). And so all who have followed him and his example ever since have thought, whether that attitude has manifest itself in gross evil or merely the subtle, essential sin of denying Jesus Christ (something even "good" people do all the time). I have taught that the phrase "disobedient to their parents" at 2nd Timothy 3:2 (cf. Rom.1:30), part of the description of the character of people in the last days, has to do with rejection of authority generally, of which the family – ruled by parents – is God's fundamental building block. That is true, but it is also the case that parents and family represent tradition. Casting it all aside without really giving serious consideration to the worth of it, judging it superficially, condemning it and then discarding it is also a fair interpretation of this prediction – and we're certainly seeing that here in the states of late. And it hasn't taken a thousand years to "forget"; it's only taken one new generation that doesn't care.

In terms of just how the Millennium will be administered, and how direct a role we will play, and how we will interact with the non-resurrected governments that are subsequently put in place, we will have to wait to find out. We only know that it will all be as perfect as a world inhabited by sinful people can be – and that in the end will be "the problem" in the eyes of those who hate the truth.

In Jesus Christ our Lord,

Bob L.

Question #9:

Dear Bob:

I think one of the good reasons for mass Apostasy is that its not simply the believers who will be persecuted or even killed but their entire families and every last one of their relatives and their friends will also share in that fate.

The Soviet Union punished all blood relatives of the person and every friend of the person they are targeting. Therefore the singleness of the Jews who are the part of the 144,000 makes sense since their families couldn't be taken hostage or persecuted. But their blood relatives and friends could still be persecuted because of them.


Response #9:

There's nothing in scripture about that. The pressures that the Bible tells us will be used are economic. While wishing to save one's family is certainly a motivation (if that were the case), desire to avoid starvation has historically proved at least an equally effective one, I would argue. Also, it seems that having the mark is what makes one "safe" – from the beast (not from the Lord's vengeance) – so that it would be completely counterproductive, it seems to me, to kill those who did have the mark for the sake of those who don't. In fact, of course, we know that things will work the other way around. Love will "grow cold" during the Tribulation's pressures (Matt.24:12) so that everyone will be out for themselves alone (believers walking with Christ being the major exceptions). And one result of that is that instead of protecting their families, people will betray them instead:

Do not believe a friend. Do not put your confidence in a companion. Guard the entrances of your mouth from her who lies in your bosom. For a son will treat his father disgracefully, and a daughter will rise up against her mother, and a mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law. A man's enemies will be those of his own household.
Micah 7:5-6 (cf. Jer.9:4-6; Matt.10:34-35; Lk.12:51-53)

All the more reason to do what we can to prepare for these pressures today while there is still time to do so.

"We must work the works of Him who sent Me as long as it is day. Night is coming, when no one is going to be able to work."
John 9:4

In Jesus,

Bob L.

Question #10:

Dear Bob:

Sure. I am definitely talking about all the blood relations of believers not the general populace. Therefore taking their relatives hostage and doing all sorts of evil to them or killing them in retaliation for the believers actions could happen.

And that the believer either has the choice to obey God or have their family executed or their loved ones get tortured would also be relevant.

I don't disagree with any of your arguments.

Response #10:

I don't disagree with you either. It's certainly a possibility to consider. Everyone of us who loves the Lord will no doubt be tested one way or another on this front of friend, relatives and acquaintances.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #11:

Martyrdom of oneself is easy in comparison to having the people you love being punished also right in front of you or martyred with you.

The threat to loved ones is more often which breaks men than the threat to oneself.

I hope God give us strength to deal with this.

Response #11:

I do understand. Best not to focus on worst case scenarios, however. Our God is a God of deliverances, and He certainly knows what we can and cannot take (1Cor.10:13). The latter we are often wrong about, but there are limits, and we need not fear that we will be asked to do or suffer things that do exceed our actual ones. In fact we need to have absolute faith that this is true.

(12) I know how to handle humiliation; I also know how to handle prosperity. I have learned by experience in each and every way how to handle being abundantly provided for and being impoverished, being in prosperity and being in a state of deprivation. (13) I have the strength to endure all [extremes] in the One who empowers me to do so.
Philippians 4:12-13

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #12:

Hello again Bob, when the command is given to flee Babylon, what about believers who live in other countries? Will they also be able to flee to Israel or does this only apply to believers in the U.S.?

Many thanks for your response.

Response #12:

Good to hear from you again!

My understanding of this issue is that mystery Babylon will be totally destroyed in swift, dramatic and terrible fashion (see the link). The reason for the flight is "so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues" (Rev.18:4 NIV). This particular punishment is leveled on mystery Babylon alone, and will be so intense that anyone who remains therein will suffer grievously for it. That will not be true of any other country or geographic area, so there will be no need for believers in, say, New Zealand, to take this sort of action. The reason I have posited Israel as the destination is that at this time it will be the only other place in the world that has completely thrown off antichrist's rule and that will persevere in rebellion – which is one major reason why Israel will be the target of Armageddon (with Babylon destroyed). When the beast reemerges from the darkness, having settled affairs in the north, the rest of the globe will quickly come around again to following him so that the armies surrounding Jerusalem at Armageddon will come from everywhere around the world.

I'm sure there is a good deal about all this that will be made more clear to us at the time – should it be our lot to still be around in the final months before our Lord's return.

Marana Tha! ["Return to us, O thou our Lord!"]
1st Corinthians 16:22

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #13:

Hi Dr Luginbill,

Quick question. I’m rereading your Tribulation series and was wondering if you are still comfortable with the 2026-2033 Tribulation timeline. I suppose you must be or you wouldn’t have it up on your site.

Is the timeline based just on the 2,000 years between the first and second coming of the Lord or are there other considerations for believing that The Tribulation begins in six years?

Thank you,

Hope you are well,

Response #13:

That's right. All my studies indicate that there are seven millennial da7s of human history (i.e., seven sets of a thousand years), and that this pattern is foreshadowed by the seven days during which the Lord reconstructed the world for human habitation. Best link on that for the details is "The Specific Chronology of the Seven Days" in SR 5 (at the link).

For 2026 specifically, as I always say, this is an interpretation – one which I firmly believe – based upon certain assumptions (like the details in the paragraph above) which I also hold to be true and correct. In a nutshell, since approximately 2,000 years elapsed between the fall and the call of Abraham, and since approximately 2,000 years elapsed between that call and the birth of Christ, and since we know that the Millennium is 1,000 years, positing 2,000 years for the Church Age is reasonable. Note that this also squares with the details found in the Jewish ceremonial calendar (at the link), and fully explains the seven days used by God restore the world (when He could have done it in an instant just as He originally created it instantaneously). We know that Christ was crucified and rose from the dead ca. 33 A.D. (a date that is hard to move; see first link above), and we know that the Tribulation at the conclusion of which Christ returns lasts seven years. That leaves us with 2026 as the probable date of the commencement. Changing any of the above (or the further assumptions listed in the first link above) would likewise change the date – but I don't know of any convincing biblical reason to do so; quite the contrary.

(24) And let us give careful attention to one another['s ministries] as motivation for [our own] love and good works, (25) not abandoning your mutual assembling as some have made it their practice to do [and which makes this impossible], but rather encouraging each other [to persevere in this work of the Lord], and doing so to an ever greater degree to the extent that you see the day [of the Lord] drawing [ever] closer.
Hebrews 10:24-25

Benefiting from traditional "church" assembly these days is nigh on impossible. Most today "do more harm than good" (1Cor.11:17; cf. Is.1:12-14; Amos 5:21; Mal.1:10), and even those where Jesus is truly preached mostly "teach" that believers don't have to worry about the seven years preceding "the day" which is close upon us. Being unprepared for the Tribulation on account of a life of spiritual immaturity is exactly the wrong way to start those last seven years.

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #14:

Thank you again Dr L,

I spent most of last night reviewing the link you sent me at SR5. Seems like we should be doing more to get ready but I know you address this in your material and that the Lord will provide.

Response #14:

My pleasure.

"Seems like we should be doing more to get ready" - Amen!

Most of the recent weekly email postings have to do with this issue one way or another (latest one is "Eschatology Issues XLI"; see the others listed at "previous postings" link). Also CT 7 "Preparing for Tribulation" is primarily about that as well.

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #15:


Response #15:

Thanks for the update.

Gardens here doing well. Getting some rain today so that is helpful.

Yes, on masks, one of the first times I wore my bandana to the grocery store I asked at the deli for "pastrami" and didn't notice till the clerk was almost done that she'd been slicing up "salami". Explaining things in Greek is tricky enough without a mask in between me and what I'm trying to say ("whad mm train de thay)".

You're right! Digging out right now.

Stay healthy – keeping you and your family in my daily prayers, my friend.

In Jesus,

Bob L.

Question #16:


Response #16:

I'm very happy to hear that you're making some connections. Mutual encouragement through the truth is what the Body of Christ is all about (Heb.10:25 tells us that this is the reason for assembly; and 2Cor. is ALL about mutual Christian encouragement – it's the theme of the epistle).

Had a "shoku" today. The latest plan is for all classrooms to be PD6 safe in fall – meaning low enough occupancy for students to stay six feet apart. That reduces my Latin 101 classroom to 10 – and I have 25 signed up so far! They're talking about "cohorts" – as if I could or would be willing to teach the same class three times with everything else I've go to do – and when and where? The students all have schedules too. So it's messed up good and getting worse. They're talking about a major budget shortfall for next year, and if they keep this nonsense up they'll get it too! I would think twice about paying tuition given what they're pulling. Also it seems our retirement will be reduced again. One of my 'heroes', an 80+ year old philosophy professor whom I've helped with Greek issues in his research, has finally had enough and is throwing in the towel. More retirements from our end too. Don't blame them. If I didn't have the seven dwarfs problem ("I owe, I owe, so off to work I go!"), I'd give serious consideration to joining them.

Nice warm weather here. Caught up on the mowing today (thunderstorms predicted for the next few days ahead) and still managed a touch of research. Seem to be gradually weaning myself back into shape. Sounds as if it'll be VERY necessary come mid-August!

Take care of yourself, my friend. I'm keeping you and your family in my daily prayers.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #17:

Dear Professor

Thank you for your continuing Ministry in the truth. It is what keeps us going forward, with your encouragement.

Your latest emails Response 4: I found the parable of the 10 virgins. What is the reference for the 7 wise and 7 foolish women? Or s this a typo?

Have been busy and tired for the last little while. Last night we had our first Bible fellowship since March. All of us realised that we and our friends and families have been well looked after during the world silliness experiment. Each family has income with at least one bread winner. Only our teacher was put off work, though his wife retains a full time job, and he has other irons in the fire to keep them going.

We thanked our Lord that we could join together in a feast of plenty. We still consider that we are in the good times, both physically and spiritually. We agree that this is certainly the time for developing a closer relationship with Jesus, particularly while we still have unfettered access to Bible teaching and the Bible itself. We do not take it for granted that these will always be accessible - that it may come to a time where all we have left might be what we have internalised during the 7 good years of plenty.

I am very grateful for your dedication to labouring in the fields of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Keeping you in my prayers.

Your student and friend

Response #17:

Thanks for catching this – me and numbers don't mix!

Glad to hear that you and your circle have been spared the worst. I wonder what genius thought that the world economy could be shut down without devastating consequences? Latest thing I've heard is that until around 60% get infected, we are headed to that number, since that is where the fuel for the fire begins to burn out, and nothing human beings can do can stop it; slowing it only puts off the inevitable.

Thanks as always for your encouragement, my friend! I'm sorry to hear that you're fatigued. I hope you'll be able to rest up. I've noticed I need a bit more of that as the years have advanced. That's a reality that can't be safely ignored.

Keeping you and your family in my prayers daily.

In Jesus,

Bob L.

Question #18:

Dear Professor

It is good that we have your generous offerings to feed on. I find that I learn and understand more of the truth with each reading and am sure others do as well. Be assured that your teachings strengthen and encourage each of us to work while it is still day.

With so many of the students on my bus taking time off in “shifts” from school with the cold/flu it is no surprise that I feel a bit under the weather lately. More than the usual number of road trains this morning, two of which I met on bends - one right hand, the other left hand. Their lights make it hard to see the edge of the road and whether they are on their side of the centre line (short days, dark cold mornings at this time of year). At least it was clear, unlike Friday when the whole trip over and back was in quite heavy fog. Thankfully hardly a road train then. I have only ever met one at the bridge (though several close to), for which I managed to stop and let him come through first, all the time hoping someone wasn’t doing the 110 kph speed limit or faster behind me on the approach bend and unable to stop before the rear of my bus (nowhere for me to pull off the road). When I remember, I am praying that the bridge is clear of road trains. School buses are speed limited to 100 kph.

Our state is open to travel anywhere within it, though we are not open to the rest of Australia. I am wondering that should a cure not be found, will we be shut off forever? Once we do open cv is most likely going to spread, and we are having the worst recession since the Great Depression and there is no certainty we will EVER recover.

Thankfully, even amongst all the uncertainty, our Lord has told us not to be alarmed - and we haven’t even reached that point He was referring to (the Tribulation). Makes one think that we should be improving our efforts for our Lord while this is still ‘picnic“ phase.

__ got “phased out” after watching a 4 Corners program on artificial intelligence showing a young woman in China purchasing an item with just a smile to the camera. No credit card or phone required. He prefers to pay cash so that he can’t be tracked, and was alarmed at how advanced and widespread facial recognition technology is in China with cameras everywhere watching to fine jaywalkers and rating each citizen for benefits such as whether you qualify for a passport, to the other end of the sliding scale of benefits/penalties, and including whether a citizen might benefit from a compulsory concentrated re- education in special purpose built facilities to ensure no state learning escapes the mind. The placing of ideologies to their correct position of relevance seems to be another extreme benefit. This advanced technology reportedly can tell what mood a person is in from the way he walks - or even who the person is without seeing the face.

His alarm was at how close the no cash (also no card/no phone) economy is. He thought we had more time - though I have given him your calibration of just over 6 years from now to the Tribulation. Then I suppose it will be another 3 years after that that it becomes altogether compulsory in order to buy/sell, or even live.

The program suggested that the West would need to try and match China in this strategic technology so as not to be left behind.

From my perspective I am aware of reported shameful lawbreaking events that the Australian and USA governments have already perpetrated, so it is no great stretch to see that others view these and most governments as untrustworthy, and so they are looking for a “savior“ of sorts.
I like your saltiness lesson reference to believers. Our Savior waits for the world to choose which leader they set their hearts on, on who they trust with their lives. Best we KEEP the eternal life perspective, rather than fall for the temporary life blip.

Now that you are working on BB7, did I mention that before I came to find Ichthys, I read a book, Cold Case Christianity, by a countryman of yours, J. Warner Wallace, a cold-case homicide investigator who changed from being an atheist to being a believer by examining the evidence? In his book he does look at how the scriptures have been preserved over time. In case it is of some use to you.

Apologies if I have mentioned any of this stuff before.

In Jesus our dear Lord and Savior.

Your student

Response #18:

I'm praying for you on-the-job safety. It sounds pretty dangerous.

Scary info. I'd heard and seen a good deal about the degree to which China is going in controlling its population, but it seems to get worse and worse. To me this is a good lesson for those who want to say that somehow we who believe and are unwilling to submit to the worship of the beast can somehow use our smarts to stay beneath the radar screen. We'll have to be ready to endure anything that comes in fact it seems.

As to J. Warner Wallace, thanks for the reference. I'd never heard of him before. He has a pretty fancy website and it seems he's earning a good living from his efforts. I checked one link he had: "Are there varying degrees of punishment in hell?" – an easy one, I thought, so let's see how he handles it. He got it upside down wrong. In any case, I'm not really writing BB 7 as an apologetic exercise but rather for edification of Christians who do believe, so it won't be the standard sort of thing folks might be expecting. But I'm very happy with the way it's proceeding at present (except that it is slow going – as all writing always seems to be).

Keeping you and your family in my prayers every day, my friend! Thanks so much for yours, and for all your encouragement too.

In Jesus Christ our Lord,

Bob L.

Question #19:

Dear Professor

When I think to remember I do pray for safety on the roads. Tons of metal going in opposite directions at high speed separated by a painted white line (at times invisible from sun shining off wet road or headlight glare) gives credence to the saying of travelling on a wing and a prayer. I got to keep it flat tack - 100 on the limiter - to keep the schedule, and prefer to so as to keep awake. The default speed limit is 110 kph in country areas, though many roads are not designed for it (another reason the road toll is FAR higher than the covid toll in this country and state). I am grateful for the divine protection each time I travel.

Re: J Warner Wallace: I read his book, which I found beneficial, many years ago, but hardly spent any time on his website - and once I found your site I haven’t been back. I did order a kids Bible type book but it turned out to be disappointing, so I haven’t used it with my boy. Somewhere in the book that I did read, he did give some sort of chain linking the present day Bible to older manuscripts. The main focus was on “proving” a case for Jesus and the Bible beyond reasonable doubt, and using his experience as a detective to solve cold cases. Yes, it seems many Jesus preachers do make some kind - some a very big kind - of a living from the gospel. I just thought you may have heard of him. I might need to check that one about degrees of punishment myself - not certain about it but have an idea that however one “misses out” on salvation, it would be very far from desirable or enjoyable!

It does seem that the best teachers do not make such a good living - I suppose Paul’s tent making was just enough to keep him (when he wasn’t in prison and chains), though his living now is way beyond those that had all the “good” things for a short spell, though now they lack everything.

I am still having a couple of goes at getting my head around: SR 5 : 8c Jewish Ceremonial Calendar. It is starting to slowly seep through the clogged channels of the brain. (You don’t have sole claim to “me and numbers don’t mix” - anything more than simple has me in knots). It is good to have a reread of the things I didn’t quite get the first time.`

When I look at your website I think what a treasure! If it was appropriately priced ONLY the very wealthy and royalty would be able to afford to buy here! Matthew 13:45-46. I find myself puzzled why more people are not voraciously devouring your teachings like there is no tomorrow (and SOON there will not be). Especially Christians who should want ALL the truth explained from an excellent Bible teacher.

I know this is not your plan, but I have wanderingly wondered that had you devised your books into payable items like on these flash preacher sites, whether your sales would explode into the millions. Marketing works wonders - that’s why they prosper.

For many years the cigarette pedlars made a mint out of selling death packaged attractively.
One of the ads that has stuck to this day was of the golden Benson and Hedges packet:
“When only the best will do; and isn’t that all the time”. Reminds me of the white washed tombs full of dead men’s bones, that our Savior referred to as being the religious rulers in His day. Matthew 23:27

Then there is the REAL gold. Hard to believe all your works are free. I am amazed! And grateful! God is good!

Thank you for all you do for all of us (sheep).

Keeping you and yours in my prayers.

In our dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Your student

Response #19:

I'll definitely be keeping your driving in my prayers.

Thanks also for your good words. I'm very pleased with the way the Lord has worked out the details of this ministry. I've never liked asking people for things, and, blessedly, apart from my parents (who were generous with me to a fault), I've never had to do so. In fact, any time anyone has ever given me something I didn't ask for, it always seems to have turned out to sour the relationship for some reason. So I try to avoid that scenario at all costs. My mom used to say that offering things for free was a questionable practice because if people don't have to pay they don't appreciate the value of what they are getting. While that may be true for other things, I don't think it's a rule for the truth of the Word of God. As our Lord told the twelve:

"Freely you have received, freely give."
Matthew 10:8b NKJV

That was a unique ministry (as for the 72 and the 144K as well), and nowadays "the workman is worthy of his wages", it is true – and was true then as well (Lk.10:7; 1Tim.5:18). But the great advantage of offering this material for free is that this natural human tendency – of not appreciating what you don't have to pay for – has served as a wonderful device for separating the wheat from the chaff. It seems to me to operate in a similar way to the parables used by our Lord: only those truly interested persevered to get to the truth (in my case my dense writing adds a helpful layer to that as well!).

I thank the Lord for wonderful believers like yourself who ARE interested and who DO feel they've found a treasure hidden in a field. Blessedly, through God's provision on this end and on that, you don't have to "sell all" to possess it.

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #20:

Dear Professor

Thank you for your prayers. I had such a good bus run this morning. The students are having their turns of days or a week off school with the cold/flu. We all seem to share in these things in this close environment. We just passed the winter solstice here, which means dark for the empty trip over in the morning, sun in eyes for the return run, and dark at end of last empty run home. The stars in the sky are brilliant in the mornings!

You nearly “lost” me when I first came upon your Ministry. As it was “dense going” (as you put it), I thought I would just check out some simpler ministries for a bit and then come back to the meat once the little sugary snacks subsided. But, I forgot to check the name of your Ministry, and, the computer history had been deleted, so I panicked for quite a bit searching for that which was “lost” and was so happy to find it again!

Calling the family and neighbors in my joy did not result in them rejoicing with me (unlike the rejoicing woman in Jesus’ parable). It has rather been a hard slog trying to “sell” the pearl or coin to them - perhaps it IS extremely expensive.

By feeding out little bits of your teachings to others, I hope I do not upset the dense layer “policy” too much. It takes time for people to come around, and some people are not particularly capable readers, to some English is not their first language. I have seen a few encouraging signs, though I am learning to keep my “rejoicing” somewhat in check. Seems the line upon line progress is more workable with many people, but I am still hoping for that enthusiastic believer to appear and rejoice with me in the Ichthys Ministry.

Your “competitors” have realised how to cash in on that parable of the pearl, by extracting coins and pearls in exchange for little of the truth or even for trash in colourful wrapping paper. Many have convinced people to keep spending on snake oil - the more they give to the salesman - the more blessed the giver (more blessed to give than to receive) - perhaps the next batch of snake oil will endure, but no, it is even more slippery because they are grasping so tightly it slips straight back to the salesman/magician who catches their desperation and sells it back to them. Those that do finally wake up to the conjurer (he is not giving them anything of value, rather he is the receiver, they the giver) opt for living the lie or giving up faith - either way Satan has got great service out of that “preacher/teacher”.

Cults work the snake oil game to a sophisticated tee. As you are aware, Mormons get their adherents to swear everything to THEIR church, even their own lives if necessary. There is a subtle slippery snake oily difference to their demand. Jesus asks us to be willing to give our lives to Him - and NOT to an organisation and especially NOT to a cult!

Idolatry in the extreme is when you swear everything to someone or something else, other than to Jesus (even if the cult tacks His name on their brand). By their works shall you know them. (Reminds one of the false prophet demanding worship of the beast in Revelation 13:12).
They say, do not check up on our history or listen to any others that are “negative” towards their church, otherwise we will excommunicate you. They employed much more drastic methods in their dark past, but white washing snake filled tombs works well with slippery oil - they are so slippery and do not provide handles so that you can not even look at the inside. Best I don’t get started. Oops! I have . Time to go. But it is serious what we are now facing and will face in the Tribulation.

Thank you Lord Jesus that we have a Ministry dedicated to teaching ALL the truth; that reveals ALL things necessary for us to follow You; even as the days grow more evil, that we may walk in the light, while we wait for our deliverance and salvation. Thank you for unfolding the scriptures through our teacher Dr Luginbill.

Keeping you, Professor, in my prayers.

In our dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Your student

Response #20:

Great insights as always, my friend! I always enjoy reading your emails and greatly appreciate your encouragement. I love the story about losing Ichthys and having to search for it – not the first time I've heard this! It does show that for anyone who wants this teaching, the Lord helps them find it; and on the other side of the coin, that He is certainly able to bring any who really are desirous of it to my doorstep (without me having to worry overly about promoting it somehow).

Keeping you and your family in my daily prayers.

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

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