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Eschatology Issues LIX

[posted 1/16/21]

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special prayer requests

Question #1:

Dear Teacher

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Thank you for your generosity with your time and tutelage and wisdom, Sir. We have been blessed beyond words these three years. We pray that the Lord will grant you much more fruitfulness in this coming year and in others besides.

Did your Christmas turn out okay? It wasn't too bad here.

Thank you so much for the prayer, Sir. We're looking to the Lord for all of our hopes and desires. He has been so good to us all this time. I know that He will not stop in this coming year.

We wish you even more comfort from the Lord in all your striving in 2021. And we continue to keep you in our prayers.

Your student in Jesus Christ

Response #1:

Glad to hear you had such a good Christmas – that was needful. We had a wonderful one here as well. I got some good rest – although I'm feeling a little "fat and fatigued" as a result! Next week things get back into gear as I prep my classes and deal with admin issues; classes start a week from Monday [1/11].

Thanks for your update and, your kind words, and most especially for your prayers, my friend! They are greatly appreciated. Keeping you in mine daily too.

Wishing you a much better 2021 as well! God is faithful and ever so, regardless of what may betide.

In Jesus our faithful Savior.

Bob L.

Question #2:

Dear Teacher

Thank you, Sir, for the encouragement. I have been trying to keep doing that. I will continue to fight that way. I consider that if I hold to spiritual progress, it will resolve in time. I know that it will take effort from me, but it seems to be that as one thing grows larger, then its opposite grows smaller in me too.

Have you been having a good first week, Sir?

Your student in Jesus Christ

Response #2:

Today, for the first time, I used the "hyflex" gear in HM 202 to stream my class to students who weren't there in person. It's new equipment, and they finally got it working. But it was WEIRD. I had ONE student in the classroom and three on the computer . . . and they really couldn't see the blackboard good enough for me to use that. So I was jumping back and forth (and trying to get BlackBoard Ultra, our interface program, to work). I'm doing this for my upper level Greek class because, well, I have a number who can't/won't come to class on account of Covid.

They're going to be making the vaccine (which one?) available to everyone at U of L as soon as they get the hospital and clinical people taken care of. I have my reservations. I'm not sure it'll work, for one thing, especially with the new strains . . . or not work for long.

Keeping you in my prayers daily, along with your families.

Keep up the great work for our Lord and His Church!

Your friend in Jesus Christ,

Bob L.

Question #3:

Dear Teacher

That sounds like a fair bit of fun for you, Sir. LOL.

I have also felt the same way about the vaccines. Your responses in the email postings helped me think through the matter too. They're pretty rushed. Here in Nigeria, as always, the vaccines are going first to the rich and powerful before they get to anyone else. That may be a saving grace in disguise. Another quite certain thing is that if we have to pay to be vaccinated, a large number of Nigerians will go without.

Thank you for your prayers, Sir. We are very grateful for them. And we continue to pray for you from here too.

Thank you, Sir.

Your student in Jesus Christ

Response #3:

You're most welcome, my friend!

People clamoring to get the vaccine and others terrified about the prospect of being forced into it – that's where we are at present.

More about vaccines tomorrow!

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #4:

What is going on in this country is wearing on me as I am so saddened and angry to see what is happening. These are difficult times not in the material sense but in the spiritual sense and they will only worsen no doubt as we come closer to Rev. 8:5. I know I am not the only one distraught. Blessedly I know what is to come and know that Jesus is looking over us keeping us safe. I have had a couple of fruitful conversations with family members recently who also are beginning to suspect that the antichrist is around the corner.

In the coming King whose kingdom will have no coups or rampant immorality or anything else abominable to speak of.

Response #4:

Things are a mess. This is all very wearing – I certainly grant you that! However, it can be a very good time for believers . . . a good time, that is, for taking stock and seeing that all this temporary stuff in the world is really meaningless. Everything we see is only dust, dust that itself is going to be completely incinerated at the end of our Lord's millennial rule. And that rule is coming soon! Marana Tha! Oh, our Lord, come quickly!

We who know something of the truth need to be prepared for MUCH worse than what we are presently beholding with these eyes of flesh, instead seeing with the eyes of faith the bigger picture: our Lord is working all of this out for the good. Babylon is being prepared by the evil one, but not without the complete working out of the plan of God for His own perfect ends. So if we are overly distraught – no one wants to see their country and all they've worked for and invested in corrupted and destroyed – we need to remember that we are sojourners here, and that this is not our country: we have a kingdom not of this earth. Whatever we have down here is just temporary – a means to an end. We need to keep focused on that end, therefore: a good report before our Lord in the very near future, having made use of what He's given us, our "talent" as in the parable, to accomplish what He had for us to do. It's not easy to hold onto that perspective always and have our emotions completely uninvolved, but that is what we need to strive for.

So don't watch the news! Or go ahead and watch it – and rejoice in the fiery justice of our Lord soon to be unleashed against all who intend to persecute us.

(5) [These tribulations which you are enduring] are evidence of the righteous judgment of God in His [judging] you to be worthy of His kingdom on behalf of which you are also suffering. (6) Since indeed it is just for God to repay with tribulation those who are subjecting you to tribulation, (7) and to give you who are being distressed relief along with us at the revelation of our Lord Jesus from heaven with His powerful angels, (8) wreaking vengeance in a flame of fire upon those who do not know God and do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus. (9) These will pay the penalty of eternal destruction away from the presence of the Lord and the glory of His power, (10) when He comes on that [great] day to be glorified in the midst of His saints (i.e., resurrected believers) and to be marveled at among all those who have believed – as our testimony has been believed in your case.
2nd Thessalonians 1:5-10

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #5:

Hello again Bob,

I couldn't let this one go by without chiming in. First, I think there is great satisfaction in Ludditery. Scything, e.g., (which I know is not your favorite tool) gives you an opportunity to be still and count your blessings. Life without a cell phone is peaceful. Tilling by hand is quieter than a tiller and doesn't stink. My hot button, though, was pushed by the DNA discussion.

As has been said, "God didn't create no junk" so I personally object to having my DNA monkeyed. A recent Moderna piece (Moderna makes one of the two known mRNA vaccines) states:

"Our Operating System

"Recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer. It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case, the "program” or “app” is our mRNA drug - the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein.

"We have a dedicated team of several hundred scientists and engineers solely focused on advancing Moderna's platform technology. They are organized around key disciplines and work in an integrated fashion to advance knowledge surrounding mRNA science and solve for challenges that are unique to mRNA drug development. Some of these disciplines include mRNA biology, chemistry, formulation & delivery, bioinformatics and protein engineering."


That suggests more is coming and who knows where that could lead us. Particularly now that we have lethal mutated viruses (none of which have been found or isolated) which the "experts" claim will require more vaccines.

In addition, Mr. Gates, who never got an operating system to work right is behind these vaccines and has been a strong advocate of "population reduction." As I told my daughter many times when she was getting old enough to enter the hormone storm, "When in doubt, don't." Given that much of what masquerades as "science" strikes me as hubris and fraud (as it did British Medical Journal and Journal of the American Medical Association,) I doubt. So I won't.

The same holds true for genetically modified food (or phude, as I like to call it.) There have been too many "unexpected" side changes to plant and animal DNA that I refuse to eat that, too. There has been enough empirical evidence for me to avoid it whenever possible. Real food bred naturally follows God's laws. GM phude doesn't. That man feels he can improve God's work is insane. Who would want to eat something designed and engineered to kill? Is GM phude playing a role in the magic virus pandemic? Have you noticed that the seasonal flu has vanished?

Having said that, Mr. Gates and his ilk want to put nano-chips in vaccines, supposedly to monitor a person's health in real time. Who knows what that really means. Given that we already have RFID tattoos, I wonder if that would complete a communication link from outside into the body? RFID chips implanted in animals cause cancer. Will that have a role in the actual Mark?

Finally, in one of your earlier email postings, you said you didn't believe we have been visited by aliens. I would disagree. Having been on Market street in San Francisco and 42nd street in NYC and especially after reading about the kabuki comedy in Washington DC, I'm convinced we have aliens living among us today. (I finally understand your amused disgust comments.)

Be well and safe.

In Jesus,

Response #5:

I appreciate your perspective, my friend.

On Luddites and scythes, I assume you're making use of a metal one, no doubt made of steel. Figuring out how to forge iron then steel was in many ways the "mother" of all technological achievements. The "Iron Age" is a big deal in ancient history for a very good reason. It revolutionized warfare. So technology has been around since the beginning (cf. Gen.4:21-22). It can't be avoided. A person can be selective, but not independent. There is no escaping this world as long as we are in it. Blessedly, we are not "of it" (Jn.17:16), and that makes all the difference. This is about the spiritual, not the physical.

Same goes for the vaccine. Take, don't take it. Doesn't make any difference to the Lord I'm sure – unless a person is convinced that it's a sin to take it or not to take it and does the opposite. In fact it's neither either way.

So we are being manipulated? Nothing new there. The question is, what does God expect us to do? I'm very sure, based upon the Bible, that He does NOT expect us to get so riled up about this we start some kind of movement to overthrow the present power structure so as to put a stop to this and all the over evil that's going on under the sun. That's not our job. That's His job.

But the LORD came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men had built. And the LORD said, “Indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them. Come, let Us go down and there confuse their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.” So the LORD scattered them abroad from there over the face of all the earth, and they ceased building the city.
Genesis 11:5-8 NKJV

Will God allow things to get so bad in terms of a one world government and technological manipulation of the world in any way or every way that free will is essentially extinguished? We know that's not the case from the example above . . . not to mention that He's promised never to forsake us and has proven His faithfulness to us individually and collectively more times than can be counted.

So "what do we do?". We can get upset and do nothing. That's just bad for the blood pressure. We can get upset and take action. That sort of political action is bad for the spirit (and eventually the body). Or we can trust the Lord that He has this all under control in His perfect plan. Which He does.

Really, as believers, we only need to know one thing: "what does the Lord want me to do?" Then we need to do it.

In practical terms, then, the question is "do I take this vaccine or not?" The answer is individual and, in spiritual terms, inconsequential, since it's not right or wrong spiritually to take it or not to take it. But if a person doesn't agree with that assessment, he/she should do what, in the Spirit, he/she feels the Spirit is telling them to do. Personally, I don't see a spiritual side to this, except in so far as this is another level of pressure and it tests our faith in the Lord and our reliance on Him and in Him. To that extent, if we are upset or distressed either way, we probably need to take stock.

As to "Will that have a role in the actual Mark?", I have tried to make as crystal clear as possible that these things have nothing to do with each other, that the mark is a mark and not something other than a mark, that taking the mark is an act of worship of the beast and will be recognized as such, and that no one will be tricked into doing this against their true free will. That's the best I can do, other than to mention again that I believe it's spiritually dangerous to equate the two, not only because it sows confusion as to what the mark is (where the Bible is very clear on that point), but also because of the unnecessary spiritual disruption that may result.

Don't want to take the vaccine? No worries. People who want it are clamoring to get it. Will they force us to be vaccinated? Who knows with the growing craziness what might happen. Same sex marriage may be made mandatory for all I know (never was good at predicting the future). But again, we only need to ask what the Lord wants us to do and do it – and what He doesn't want us to do and then don't do it. If a person is convinced that the Lord does NOT want him/her vaccinated, then he/she should refrain . . . but I don't find any biblical basis for making this a clear spiritual yes or no, so I'm careful about telling others yes or no.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #6:

Ah, Bob,

I think I picked off a scab and that was not my intention. I apologize. I only wanted to share my take on the nonsense going on today. There are many things I won't do, taking vaccines (of any kind,) eating GMOs and pointing a loaded gun at my foot and pulling the trigger are among them. They are personal choices. I don't know of anything Biblical that would encourage or prohibit those choices. It doesn't sound like you do either.

I do, however, believe technology will play a large role in the Tribulation. The tech for "signs and lying wonders" is already in place and most likely being used today. If we don't know for sure it isn't being used that way today, what do we expect to know when it gets serious? How it will all play out is an open question. Like your other correspondent, it's something I watch and concerns me because I think we'll see it manifested even before the show starts. While I don't expect to be around to see it all play out, I am still concerned.

Unlike many, I think "high tech" (and computers especially) is essentially evil or, at least, a perfect tool for evil people. True, tech can be used for good, as your ministry proves, as much as evil -- much like firearms. I initially got involved with computers in the '70s because I saw how much good it could offer. Instead, over the next 30+ years, I saw it degrade and kept hearing, "It's good enough" and saw an horrendous decline in quality of printed and written material. And now, we have twittering twits and their overlords punishing people for speaking their mind. "To protect us."

At the bottom of it all, after frumping and strutting, I don't see any spiritual significance to these attitudes (correct me if I'm wrong) and I completely understand your correspondent's concern. After all, we don't want Charlie under the wire. We obviously don't want that concern to divert our attention from spiritual growth and as stunted as mine may be, that's my first concern. Thanks in large part to you, I think I'm progressing.

So, I apologize for any concern I caused. I just want to be the wise man alert for the thieves. Whether I am or not, remains to be seen...

Yours in our Lord,

Response #6:

No worries on this end, my friend!

I'm not convinced that the vaccine will be helpful, though I'll probably end up getting it [update – some version of it at some point]. I'm trying to let readers who are concerned have their say, but I also don't want to be responsible for someone not getting the dose if it is what they probably ought to do for the sake of their health and, even more importantly, the health of those around them. I generally stay away from the medicos and anything having to do with their arts as much as I can. But I have benefited from medicine, obviously (the doc who operated on me at Ft. Knox saved me from being permanently crippled).

I don't have an issue with calling tech basically "evil". It's all "magic", after all (cf. Is.47:12-14), human attempts to manipulate the world and change things – when really only God can change things . . . for the good. But this is all philosophy at some point. We are individual believers and we are living in this world, like it or not, until the Lord comes back for us or takes us home. Until then, we are confronted with all manner of choices about what to do and not to do. My focus as a pastor-teacher is on the spiritual. When it comes to other things, what is right for me might not be right for you and vice versa, without either of us being sinful in our approach.

Whatever we do (or don't do) as individuals, the Lord will take us home at the right time or preserve us until He returns. The Tribulation will begin right on time . . . and blessedly the second advent won't be delayed a single second from what has been decreed. We believers have a right to be confident in the faithfulness of our dear Savior to bring us through absolutely everything and anything we may face down here. So when it comes to eating this or that, getting this shot or not, and all such peripheral things the world is so concerned about, while we all have opinions about such things, it is also important to keep the big picture in mind and focus on what is truly important to the Lord.

"My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand."
John 10:27-28 NKJV

Keeping you and yours in my daily prayers!

Your friend in Jesus Christ,

Bob L.

Question #7:

Hello Dr.,

Hope you are well. We are fine here. The City has strictly warned all employees to refrain from certain topics of discussion both professional and private (1st Amendment anyone?). Also they have informed us that as building inspectors we are considered essential and are on the short list for the vaccine. At the moment it is voluntary, so I politely declined. I’m sure you’ve done your research, so I don’t want to waste your time. However, I’ve included a link to a short discussion on the potential effects of the vaccine by two genetics scientists. It appears credible, is only 12 1/2 minutes long, and may be worth consideration. I know man can do nothing to us that the Lord doesn’t allow, so this is not sent in a spirit of panic or fear, just an FYI.


All the best,

Rev. 22:20

Response #7:

Great to hear from you as always, my friend.

In terms of research, to be honest, I haven't done very much. This is an informative link you include, but I have questions about it and also about mRNA vaccination generally. Both the vaccines my own employer is offering (they won't tell you which one you're going to get before you show up . . . which is "special"), are mRNA type. To be honest, while I would probably have no problem getting the Oxford / AstraZeneca one since it's a "viral vector" one (i.e., using a harmless virus containing the Covid info to which one's immune system reacts) or a traditional "whole [dead] virus" one (similar to flu shots), these mRNA ones do give me some pause. Mind you, I don't even like flu shots, but I'm not worried about them killing me. And not that I'm worried really about the prospect of dying, either from the virus or the vaccine. It's much better on the other side! And I have complete confidence that the Lord will protect me from anything and everything out of my control as long as He wants me here. Still, before a person jumps off a roof, they ought to have some idea of how gravity and acceleration will affect their personal mass (especially if we are talking multiple stories).

Here's the thing about the video vs. the mainline sites which, of course, want to suggest that these mRNA vaccines are safer than aspirin. A good comparison, actually, because the Bayer corporation actually came up with TWO "wonder drugs" in Germany in the 1920's, both of which were sold under trade names now famous and both sold over the counter: "Aspirin" and "Heroin". So there can be unintended consequences even with the best of intentions.

Things agreed upon (and apologies to all and sundry: I am NOT an MD nor a scientist!): 1) mRNA vaccine is still "experimental". Our Provost here at U of L in encouraging all to get it when our turn rolls up said that the reason it's being made voluntary and not mandatory is precisely because it is still "experimental". While this technology has been around for a fairly long time, it's never been authorized for human beings before beyond the trial stage. Maybe there is some reason for that. 2) The vaccine works by causing the mRNA to enter some cells and then causing the cells, "giving them the M message", to produce the CV-19 proteins which (steps skipped here) is identified by our immune system which then mounts a response, producing antibodies which in turn give us a leg up against actual CV-19 virus which may later find it's way into our system. In other words, though the process of producing the antibodies and priming our immune system is different from traditional vaccines, the result is the same – and maybe better because the body's own cells are producing the proteins to which the immune system reacts (more proteins / stronger, better reaction). As I say, apologies for anything I've gotten wrong here a little or a lot.

What I can't find resolution on in my research: pro-vaccine info assures us that these vaccines do NOT affect our DNA in any way. As they put it, DNA produces RNA and never the other way around (some qualifications here above my pay-grade). And, critically, once the mRNA of the vaccine has done its job, the cells in question shed this messenger since "job is done" and no new mRNA with the Covid strain is produced – which is why a second dose of the vaccine is necessary in most cases to ensure an adequate immune response. However, this video states that once the mRNA is introduced, it becomes part of the body's "operating system" for all time. That is a problem because it means that if the immune system is ever again "set off" by a reaction to a similar virus it will overreact in trying to rid itself of the viral parts which, in essence, the body is producing now, and the overreaction can / could be fatal. That is because the immune system will not stop trying to rid the body of something that is now being produced by the body and is thus essentially a part of the body ever after being vaccinated. The video, which is short, does not address the mechanics of this. The traditional / governmental websites do. Are there things one side – or more probably both sides – don't know or understand yet about the mechanics of all this? Personally, I don't understand how our bodies could be "permanently changed" on a cellular level without our DNA being altered . . . but then add "I'm not a cellular biologist" to the list of caveats.

The video suggests that because of continued and continuing mRNA presence, vaccinated individuals, especially elderly ones, may be more vulnerable to disease in the future, even if they have an immunity to Covid 19 specifically, because of this unwanted "cytokine storm" that may occur as a result of prior vaccination when the immune system encounters a future threat and then tries to get rid of the mRNA which is now impossible since the body itself is producing it. The truth of this or lack thereof I am unable to weigh in on with any authority at all. I think there are two things we can fairly say about the discourse: 1) there is a good deal of alarmism out there which is not credible; 2) the cooing sounds of the establishment suggesting this vaccination is no more potentially damaging than a tetanus shot should probably be taken with at least a grain of salt.

What to do? First, I wouldn't think ill of any Christian who got vaccinated nor of any believer who thought it best not to get vaccinated. This is a personal decision which falls into the realm of Christian application since there is no specific biblical guidance for it one way or another. If we knew that all the worst horror stories circulating out there on the internet were true, then why would we get it? Of course they can't ALL be true at the same time. If we were convinced that everything the CDC (or any traditional medical website) says was honest and completely forthcoming and transparent, then why wouldn't we get it? Of course we have plenty of examples close to hand of the truth being a rather rare commodity in this polarized time in which we live. Between these two extremes, there is also the point to be made that there is at least some gulf of knowledge between proponents and opponents, that there are some things that honest people on both sides just do not know for certain, at least not yet, about how this type of vaccine will work and work out once it has been distributed in mass AND has been "out there" for a while (the video suggests that it may be some months before we see the adverse reactions they fear because the vaccinated individuals have to be exposed later to some other threat to make the body overreact).

I appreciate very much "not sent in a spirit of panic or fear". We belong to Jesus Christ. He is absolutely faithful in protecting us. And while there is much we do not know (we don't even have a sliver of a notion of just HOW much we don't know), the plan of God has taken everything into account.

So we are back to the "square one" for all believers. All we really need to know is "what does the Lord want me to do?" And once we know that, our job is "to do it".

Even though this issue is greatly exercising many believers (why wouldn't it?), as mentioned above, it's not a spiritual issue . . . unless one becomes convinced that it's wrong to do and does it anyway, or unless one is convinced that it's right to do and doesn't do it.

How could it be wrong to decline it? First, if God provides us with a means of healing from disease or warding off disease and we fail to accept it, at the very least this doesn't seem very smart. I.e., we have a crippling headache and refuse to take the aspirin sitting in our medicine cabinet and as a result don't do our job today which otherwise we could well have done. Worse, what if we decline vaccination and as a result become responsible for infecting others, people we really love and care about in particular? That could easily be considered irresponsible and become a great cause of future regret.

How could it be wrong to be vaccinated? If we knew for a fact that this would do more harm than good, opening us to future disease, so that even the common cold could very well produce a fatal immune response, we would be nuts to do it. That would be jumping off the roof pretending gravity doesn't exist in our case (cf. Matt.4:5-7; Lk.4:9-12).

This all, in my opinion for what it is worth, therefore, comes down to a question of facts . . . which may be in insufficient supply at present.

Receive one who is weak in the faith, but not to disputes over doubtful things. For one believes he may eat all things, but he who is weak eats only vegetables. Let not him who eats despise him who does not eat, and let not him who does not eat judge him who eats; for God has received him. Who are you to judge another’s servant? To his own master he stands or falls. Indeed, he will be made to stand, for God is able to make him stand.
Romans 14:1-4 NKJV

So this issue, while no doubt important and very much on the minds of many of us, is in my view in biblical terms a "disputable issue". If that is true of issues such as the one above wherein we do have biblical guidance, how much more so is that not the case in regard to things where scientists do not all agree? Or as one correspondent put it, "I don't think that God expects me to scour the internet forever trying to find the right solution to this problem". Or as you put it, "fear and panic" have no place in the Christian life. We all have to make our own decisions on this issue, and it seems pretty clear to me that we will have to do so on the basis of incomplete information. There may be disinformation or at least incorrect information to be found on one side or the other (and probably on both, this being the world, after all), but it seems beyond dispute that no one has all the facts yet – not the ones we who are going to (or not going to) have the vaccine injected would like to know ahead of time.

Glad to hear you are well! Sorry about the muzzle. But to be honest, I've self-muzzled about anything non-professional at work as a matter of policy for many years. It seems to me to be merely godly prudence. Still, I appreciate the difference between it being a personal decision and an employer mandate.

Keeping you guys in my prayers daily!

Thanks so much for the link!

In Jesus Christ our always faithful Savior,

Bob L.

Question #8:

Hi Bob,

Feel like I'm in prison with all the restrictions. I, personally, prefer the mRNA vaccine. I sent an article about vector vaccines. Because of our age, as the article states, we have a resistance to vector vaccines. From my understanding, most vaccines attenuated vaccines, but time was of the essence and these were the quickest to prepare. Hope this helps.


Your friend,

Response #8:


I'm concerned about the mRNA not being cleared out of the body with unforeseen (or non-transparently anticipated but not revealed) problems resulting.

Question #9:

Dear Teacher

Your response actually educated me more thoroughly on the nature of mRNA. I did do a little research to help me understand it more thoroughly.

So far, mRNA appears to be normally generated by the DNA in the nuclei of our cells. But there is no information about what happens to our normal mRNA after proteins have been synthesized. Moderna mentioned siRNA as the mechanism that destroys or eliminates mRNA, but I found at https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31054052/ that "major challenges in most siRNA therapeutics remains unchanged-safe, efficient and target oriented delivery of siRNA." I can't access the full article, so I don't know what the breakthroughs that they speak of are.

The science does not appear to support the idea that the mRNA genetically modifies the vaccinated person. As you said, there doesn't appear to be much lending weight to either the idea that mRNA vaccines are inherently harmless or the idea that they will genetically change anyone. It also doesn't appear that the introduction of mRNA into cells to make proteins falls under the definition of gene therapy.

My verdict at this point would be that the vaccinations planned are a massive clinical trial to see exactly what happens when you introduce a foreign mRNA into a human cell to make proteins that should stimulate the body's immune system to defend it from infection.

I tried to avoid any discussions or "science" pertaining to the current vaccines and just learn what RNA, DNA, and mRNA are really all about. Moderna was obviously making a marketing pitch, so I didn't attach too much credence to what they said. What I found out about siRNA independently was just that it inhibits the production of proteins. I don't see that it eliminates mRNA in any way. I'll follow this email with another if I find out anything more. I doubt though that I will find out anything that significantly changes my understanding of the matter here.

It's actually not the Oxford vaccine that we're getting here. It's the Pfizer-BioNTech one, an mRNA one.

Your student in Jesus Christ

Response #9:


I greatly appreciate your response and the swiftness of it, my friend!

Hope you don't mind me publishing this. I think many will find it valuable (I certainly did).

We just heard here that Johnson and Johnson is close to coming out with their vaccine too; it's an adenovirus vector one like Oxford, so we may have more choices here in the states soon.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #10:

Hi Bob!

I am honoured that you have asked me! Thank you for sharing the email to the reader which you are going to post today. I will reply below to various points.

As to what you wrote about mRNA vaccine, I completely agree with you on all this. From the briefest of notes I have read about mRNA is that it is far more aggressive and hasty than the traditional vaccine approach and that was always a point of concern. I recently took some new advanced form of antibiotic to treat a minor infection. I afterwards felt as though I had drank bleach as it had a scouring effect inside! The full course was only three tablets! It was debatable afterwards which was worse: the infection or the cure!

From my scant research it seems that it isn't Covid as such that is the worry but the body's reaction to it as it seems to interfere with the immune system. When people tend to die from it, it is actually pneumonia that kills them. It is their bodies' overreaction to it that is dangerous. That is why everyone with an already compromised immune system is at high risk. A healthy immune system correctly identifies what it is and deals with it and the sufferer has bad flu at worst. A compromised immune system seems to go into "fight to the death" mode so it could be debatable on whether it is Covid that kills or the bodies' overreaction to it.

I noticed that a scientific paper (which was later removed) said that part of the Covid code sequencing was identical to HIV which incidentally also attacks the immune system. (I am leaning towards the idea that this is a bioweapon and was planned for and orchestrated).

So it's intriguing to think that the mRNA vaccine also interferes with the body's immune system. Does it bypass it and seek to replace it? From what you described it seems like it is a self producing mini immune system but could be bad for the body's natural immune system itself. Again it would seem that the cure could be worse than the disease.

Both Covid and the mRNA vaccine bear a striking resemblance to HIV. So the mRNA is an aggressive self contained mini immune system (by the sound of it) that is promoted as superior to our own immune system in that it beats Covid but if it stays in our body forever then basically the body could end up attacking itself rather than any rogue virus because of mRNA interfering with its proper function.

Doesn't HIV cause the immune system to attack healthy cells? Isn't Cancer rogue information? Isn't Cancer treatment (chemotherapy) the destruction of healthy cells as well as rogue ones?
I'm seeing a pattern here...

I can understand the alarm here as it seems that we are in a corner and presented with a "Hobson's Choice". Is it death by the pit or by the pendulum?

I eventually recognised (after a long period of time) that being a conspiracy theorist and living in constant fear of big pharma, 5G, smart meters, chemtrails, HAARP machines, chemicals in toiletries, mercury in drugs, GMO in food, fluoridated water, morgellons, nanobots, radiation from Wi-fi and mobile phones (I could go on and on) and last but not least "killer vaccines". I realised that if I was constantly living in fear then I was living a slave under the devil. Conspiracy theory is of the devil. There I have said it.

Our God is not a God of confusion. He wants all to be saved and He wants us all to have blessings and spiritual growth in life to cope with the tribulation that inevitably comes our way. He wants us to grow closer to Him each day and to help others to do same. How many times in the bible does Jesus say "do not fear", "fear not" and more pointedly "ye of little faith!" Fear always points to a failure to have faith, I will admit this now.

One day we will lose this tabernacle and when we do it will be under God's watchful and loving gaze and part of His plan to give Him glory on glory!

I don't fear death anymore but that doesn't mean I go jumping off buildings. Christianity presents us constantly with a seeming paradox. Our lives are precious and we are fearfully and wonderfully made but we should not be so overawed by our own flesh to be a slave to it through sin and also we should not prize it so that we refuse to lay it down should that be the will of our Father. This seems like a contradiction just like the Trinity or that we have predestination AND free will. These are profound truths that in our current form, cannot fully grasp but in the end we will have full understanding and that is why Jesus said we then will not be asking Him any questions because there will be no need to.

John 16:22-23
And ye now therefore have sorrow: but I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man taketh from you.

And in that day ye shall ask me nothing. Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you.

These are spiritual questions and need spiritual answers that is why when we are with Him we will either know the answer or it won't even matter! It is like you said Bob, for now we have a veil between us and God and it is preserved so that our free will choice for Him is genuine. When we all go together to be with Him, that is why we will no longer cry but laugh. All these things that we fear and trouble ourselves now will seem laughably silly when we are spending eternity in paradise, like a child being afraid of what lies under the bed but is immediately comforted by their parent coming into the room.

What we are presented with now is a seeming paradox. Will Covid kill us or will the cure? ___ said he is reminded of "Buridan's Donkey" but I think it more "Hobson's Choice". Buridan's donkey was paralysed by choosing between two positive choices and so did neither. The scary disease or the scary vaccine is like Hobson's Choice, having to choose between two unpleasant outcomes.

I would say the Biblical example is in Exodus. The Israelites could only see Pharaoh and his army behind them (death by a thousand cuts) or the Red Sea before them (death by drowning). Moses instead saw deliverance from God. God parted the sea so they could walk BETWEEN the parted sea. In the NT, Jesus walked ABOVE the sea and asked Peter to trust Him so he could do the same. It was only when Peter took his eyes off Jesus that he floundered into the water.

So we are presented with a similar situation: Covid is behind us and the vaccine is ahead of us. So what we must do is we trust God to deliver us like we always do because He always does and always will. We either take the vaccine in good faith or refuse it in good faith and either way it will work out for good.

I agree with you entirely that this is NOT the mark of the beast and I will elaborate on this in my next email on why the powers that be want us to think it is. No one can snatch us from Jesus' hand and the only way we can leave Him is if we walk right out of His hand and shockingly many will do exactly this during the Great Apostasy.

I want to be a good witness in death as well as in life. If we show others that we are panicking about our health or losing our life then that hurts our witness. It is also spiritually unsound ground because a believer who fears dying or damage to the body now, is less likely to have the spiritual strength to lay their body down during the tribulation should that be asked of them. Such a person should worry more about seeking the mark of the beast in a bid to save their skin for a month at most than what a vaccine could do to the body. Especially given Jesus' effortless ability to cure all disease and resuscitate people back to life! Whatever happens will be part of the plan and God's will. He will always deliver us whatever happens.

I've realised Bob, that you can tell people this but the only way that they will know it to be true is if they believe it. I now see the trial I went through as a blessing because God showed me that He is faithful and can and will move mountains to help me!

It is only through growth, application and overcoming tribulation through faith and being led by the Spirit that we learn these things and then know them to be true.

In conspiracy theory mindsets, there is ALWAYS something to fear and once one problem is moved to the back then another one springs to the fore. It's a tool of Satan after all, constant fear. He knows that mans biggest fear is death but we shouldn't have that fear anymore because Jesus has saved us from it!

John 16:33
These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

Satan seems to be either telling us that we "shall not surely die" or be in the constant business of threatening us with death! I will talk more about how conspiracy theory is basically harming people, Christians and Christianity in general in the next email.

I hope this is useful.

See you soon my friend!

In Jesus who made everything, who is the light and the life,

Response #10:

Thank you!

I'll be putting this up later today – apologies in advance for some editing.

You have a very level-headed view and I appreciate it . . . and you!

In Jesus our faithful Savior,

Bob L.

p.s., additional links supplied after posting on potential dangers of this process:



Question #11:

Hi Bob,

I read questions 29, 30 and 31 last night from your correspondent who is against having the Covid vaccine. I have to be honest Bob, this has done nothing to help me but has only upset, scared and confused me.

I know we have to be careful in these times but does that mean we have to scour Facebook etc. etc. to try to research and understand all of this stuff that me and many other believers would never fully understand anyway? Do we really have to be that clever? Would the Lord really do that to me or any of our brothers or sisters who love Him and the Truth with all of our hearts. I thought we were supposed to be reading, learning and believing the Bible - growing closer to our Lord - growing spiritually - not using our time to look at what Facebook or anything else is saying.

So what is it that I should do? Not bother wearing my PPE because it's all a load of unnecessary nonsense because there's less deaths than the flu anyway? That I should just catch the virus and pass it on to who knows how many of our patients and staff with the very strong possibility that one of those elderly patients would die? How utterly selfish and irresponsible would that be of me.

We have no idea which one of our patients could potentially have the virus when we are treating them and a lot of them wouldn't even know themselves - they could be asymptomatic. We work inches away from a patient's mouth and we're kicking up aerosols into the air with our drills. Aerosols that are a known transmission route for the virus behind Covid-19 - generated when saliva mixes with water and air streams used in dental procedures. If I get this virus how do I know how it will affect me? I could be asymptomatic or I could die from it. I'm not scared of the virus - I never have been. I trust the Lord whatever - if I die then it's only ever because it's the Lord's Will. He gave me life and He chooses when my time here is done.

A few people will always have a bad reaction to a vaccine like you did with the flu vaccine but millions of other people don't and they benefit from having it. Why do people always have to focus on the few that have bad allergic reactions or a paralysed face or whatever else they read or watch? It seems like they're just searching for anything bad they can find because they're already "suspicious" of it. __ is allergic to penicillin and a lot of other antibiotics so does that mean that the whole world should never take penicillin? If she kept taking it her reaction to it would be worse each time and it could kill her. Yet penicillin has saved millions of lives.

___ is working on the Covid wards and he has said it is "horrendous". He received the second dose of the vaccine on Friday. Maybe he should never have had it and just caught the virus, been off work sick and at best put the NHS staff under even more pressure or at worst died from it. ___ received his second dose yesterday. Maybe he shouldn't have had it and caught the virus and just died instead. Yes he's had a good innings so far at 81 years old but that doesn't mean that his life isn't still precious to his family who love and want the best for him. They seem "fine" but who knows after what I've just read in the emails maybe they won't be now.

I spoke to one of our patients at work who is a nurse and is also working right in the thick of it all with Covid patients. She said the same - it's like a "war zone" in there. The volume of patients coming in is overwhelming. She said she's watched patients of ALL ages die of this virus and colleagues of hers die as well.

So now I read people trying to warn me against having the vaccine because it could mess with my DNA etc. And as I sit here and type this to you my boss has just sent us a text message telling us the hospital where we can book our appointment to have our Covid shot. Some of my work colleagues have already booked theirs and my boss is having his first dose tonight.

All I know is that this vaccine has got nothing to do with the mark of the beast and I'm very grateful for all you wrote in your responses to those emails.

So I have to come to a decision either way and whatever that is, at the end of the day I will put my full confidence and trust in my Lord and His protection of me. I'm His and I love Him with all of my heart and I know that He loves me and He will see me through whatever happens.

I haven't taken offense at any of what your correspondent has written even if it sounds like I have. I just hope it hasn't upset, scared and confused any of our brothers and sisters as it has me.

I do have the utmost respect and gratitude for everything our doctors and nurses are doing day in and day out and the toll it is taking on their mental and physical health to care for all those very sick patients in hospital. I thank the Lord for them.

I'm very grateful for your prayers, Bob. I hope all goes well for you on your first week back at uni. Keeping you in my prayers too.

In our dear Lord Jesus

Response #11:

I hope you can see (as I think from you full text that you do see) that I'm in agreement with you: this vaccine has nothing to do with "the mark", and it's important not to confuse the two.

As to "what to do?", your solution is perfect: we trust the Lord. You make a very good point that I'm in the process of making to yet another person with concerns about this vaccine, namely, that the "what should we do?" is the real question. If we suspect foul play, are we supposed to get riled up and overthrow the government? I don't think so. I don't think there is ANYTHING any believer can do except to trust the Lord – nothing legitimate, that is.

Whether or not to take the vaccine if available has struck me from the beginning as a health concern, weighing out the possibility of getting the disease and the dire consequences that might be avoided if vaccinated. I don't think this is a spiritual issue – except where it comes to trusting the Lord to keep us safe. After all, vaccines are never perfect, even if there aren't side effects. And no preventative measures of any kind can be guaranteed to keep us safe – but we can trust the Lord that He will keep us safe, and that whatever happens He has our best interests at heart in His perfect plan.

So in this as in every other thing we need to be putting the Lord and glorifying Him first in whatever decisions we make. Is the devil manipulating things to his advantage? He does that all the time. If we fret about that with every step we take we'll never get anywhere. As long as we are walking with the Lord, this is really a non-issue – even though it is clearly consuming many people. As a pastor-teacher, I can't tell folks something is safe and devoid of mal-intent on all levels if I don't know that's true; it would also be irresponsible to tell people not to do something that might save their lives – and those of their loved ones. This is a personal decision and the main aspects of that decision are, in my view, entirely spiritual. We do what we think best in the Spirit to keep ourselves and families as safe as is reasonably possible without panicking either way. We trust in the Lord – not in man-made deliverance. We trust in the Lord – and know that He can keep us from being harmed by the disease or by the cure, whatever we are led to decide.

I think it would be extremely helpful for the very many people who read this ministry to get your important and godly perspective on this.

Thanks for your prayers and good wishes for tomorrow, my friend! Greatly appreciated. Keeping you and yours in mine daily as well.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #12:

Hi Bob,

I hope your first day back at uni went well. I'm sure it will still be very quiet in there at the moment.

Thanks so much for the emails you sent me yesterday - they were very reassuring and helpful. I'm very thankful to the Lord for my brothers and sisters who love me and are looking out for me (I love them too) and I do respect their thoughts and the decisions they have made in the Spirit about the vaccine. The best decision for us to make as individuals is between us and the Lord. We can take it all to Him in prayer - there's no one better to talk to about this than Him and we can ask for wisdom and He will give it to us. (James 1:5)

The PM announced today a total of 2.4 million vaccinations have been given so far across the UK. The government is aiming to vaccinate around 15 million people in the UK by mid-February. England's chief medical officer said there were over 30,000 people in English hospitals alone with Covid-19 compared to about 18,000 in England at the peak last April.

I know that nothing we do is 100% guaranteed to keep us safe but I do the best I can from what I know in the Spirit is okay for me to do whether it's following advice given by the medical experts or what the government is asking me to do to keep everyone and myself safe. That's the sensible and God honouring thing to do.

We belong to the Lord, we're His children and He loves and protects us like nobody or nothing else can even come close to. We CAN trust Him 100%. He is faithful. And like you said, "whatever happens He has our best interests at heart in His perfect plan" and that is something I have always remembered and what gives me peace in my heart. (Philippians 4:6-7)

I know this is slightly different, but about 20 years ago around the time my kids were due to have their measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (MMR) the publication of a controversial study by a doctor came out. It claimed there was a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. This led to a fall in vaccine coverage to levels low enough for measles outbreaks to occur. I remember doctors on TV trying to reassure parents about the safety of the MMR vaccine and that there was no evidence that it caused autism. It was a worrying and confusing time for us because this wasn't a decision we had to make for our own health but for our children's health. In the end we decided we had to listen to the medical experts and not the scary media coverage. Thankfully we made the right decision and our son and daughter are both fit and healthy. A major study confirmed there was no link between the MMR vaccine and autism and this doctor's work was completely discredited and he has been struck off as a doctor in the UK. This all happened before I came back to the Lord but I know He was still there for me and my babies at that time.

As for the Covid-19 vaccine - I booked my appointment online last night to have my first dose on Saturday morning. This isn't because I've been taken in by the government's immunisation plans, it isn't because I'm following my work colleagues, it isn't because I feel any pressure whatsoever to do this and it isn't because I'm putting my faith in a vaccine. It's because I'm listening to the Spirit, I'm being guided by Him and my trust is completely in the Lord. I have no doubts or fears whatsoever. Again, Bob as I'm typing this to you, my boss has just forwarded a document through to us which is the latest research on Covid and vaccines. He says it's very technical but explains well how the vaccines were developed and approved so as to reassure everyone.

Our God is a merciful God and I choose to look at this vaccine as evidence of His mercy. If it helps to get us out of this mess and all the pain and suffering this virus has caused and gives some relief for a while at least until the Tribulation begins then I'm thankful to the Lord for that.

I've heard of people who have become believers because of this pandemic and that is the most wonderful thing that could ever come out of this!

I didn't want to upset or offend anyone by what I wrote but if you think it will be of some help and encouragement to others then I'm very happy for you to post all of it.

Thank you, Bob for all your time and help and prayers. Keeping you and your family in mine too.

Your friend in Jesus

Response #12:

Thank you. I very much appreciate your willingness to share AND your perspective.

Our university apparently has an "in" on the vaccine (one of them, not sure which) because of our medical efforts, and we're told that all faculty and staff will be able to get dosed as soon as they finish up on the hospital and clinical side of things (we have a dental school too, as a matter of fact).

So while I've told people that I'm not anxious to get it, I leaning towards getting it now when it becomes available [update: the type does matter to me – I would be less concerned getting the non-mRNA type you'll be getting] – yielding to the concerns and desires of loved ones, mostly (also, I wouldn't want to GIVE it to anyone). Will it help? Not sure about that. It's not a panacea, apparently. There are questions about its effectiveness against the new strains, questions about how long immunity lasts, questions about effectiveness generally . . . and of course about the potential side effects [see emails above]. Still, since it's beginning to seem best to me to get it, I do want to set what seems the best example (even if I can't bring myself to call it a "good example" without more info which may not be forthcoming before the moment is long over).

Your measles example is a good one (there are differences, of course, for a number of reasons). When I was very young, my baby brother and I both contracted measles and both nearly died of it. I'm convinced that I'd be a couple of inches taller and that I never would have had the allergies I've now FINALLY mostly outgrown were it not for that bout with the measles. On the other hand, it seems to have given an immunity against fevers, so maybe I have had Covid before it was recognized as such (got sick with a strange ailment and a sore throat etc. last January but recovered fairly quickly – no fever). I would trade that for not having suffered the negatives of the measles, but of course there was no vaccine at that time.

Ultimately, this is not really an important spiritual issue. As I often say, all we really need on any question of application is for the Lord to show us what is right for US to do . . . and then do it. End of story. Sometimes what's right for us in matters of application that do not involve violating or comporting with direct biblical guidance may be different from what is right for someone else. What I am struggling to do in engaging with readers concerned about this is to steer a middle course. On the one hand, I don't want to give the impression that I think we know all there is to know about what this virus is or what these vaccines will or will not do; on the other hand, I don't want to give an excuse to folks who ought to get dosed not to do so because they are overly worried and concerned about things which either have no solid basis in fact or, even if they do, are ultimately not important from a spiritual point of view. Your experience and wise counsel provides very valuable input here, and I've benefited from it myself – so thank you for your willingness to share.

Two of my students today reported that they contracted Covid over the break. Both of them are strapping, healthy young men. One of them just reports being normally sick – but is still tired over a month later; the other one was down for the count for sixteen days, lost ten pounds, had terrible headaches . . . and still is getting them. So there is no doubt that this is a nasty bug. And of course the effects on those who are NOT strapping and young can be a lot worse.

I'm not afraid of it. Not in the least. The Lord always protects me. But when something is prudent to do not only for oneself but also for others about whom one is concerned, well, it's at least worth considering doing it, after all. If He makes a path through the sea, best to take it. If He sends a boat, best to take it (rather than waiting for the sea to part).

Your friend in Jesus Christ our Lord,

Bob L.

Question #13:

You're very welcome, Bob! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share. Your reply was so interesting and helpful to me again.

I do thank the Lord for protecting you. It's something I always ask Him for in my prayers for you and your family. I must admit that I'm with your loved ones on this - I'd be happy if you did decide to go ahead with the vaccine. So I'm pleased the opportunity is there for you at your university - but those are just my thoughts for you!

I was so sorry to read about you and your brother contracting measles and the negative health effects it caused you to have. I'm VERY thankful to the Lord for His protection again and for keeping you and your brother here with us.

Even though it's early days and there are the questions you wrote about - I'm still thankful to the Lord that we have a vaccine. It's better than having no vaccine at all. We can continue to pray and trust the Lord that it gives us some chance of getting this virus under control even if it could still take many months before the restrictions can gradually be lifted and we can get back to some kind of "normality".

The vaccine I'll be having on Saturday is the Pfizer one. I'm still feeling fine after my first flu shot too. And my first Covid home test was negative - the next one is due tomorrow. It's like having a mini lab at home. Covid is keeping me very busy!

I'm praying for all of our brothers and sisters who are patiently seeking the Lord about what He wants them to do. I'm praying for your students too.

I'm back to work tomorrow - hope you have a good day too, Bob!

In our dear Lord Jesus

Response #13:

It's my pleasure! In matters of application that affect all believers, it's really nice to get some balance into the discussion – especially level-headed thinking from you!

"Covid is keeping me very busy!" That is certainly classic British understatement! It's amazing all the layers of extra "stuff" I have to do – for everything: work, health compliance, daily living – that this bug and more to the point the reaction and over-reaction to it have occasioned. But we get through – because God helps us through.

"It's better than having no vaccine at all." That is probably true. I certainly HOPE so. But we'll have to wait and find out. I truly hope the stuff really works (and doesn't just give some fleeting, temporary immunity to only some strains of the bug), without at the same time causing the damage some people fear (not just conspiracy theorists: I've heard some of the top experts admit there is a lot that is presently unknown). But here too I trust in the Lord. He can keep us safe, even if we have to walk over serpents and scorpions in our quest to do what He wants us to do (Lk.10:19).

Thanks for all your prayers and good wishes, my friend!

Day #2 tomorrow. I'll attempt to stream my small upper division Greek class for the benefit of those student whom Covid is keeping away (new equipment never been tried – we'll see!).

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #14:

Hi Bob,

Hope your day went well and you managed to figure out the new equipment for your streaming.

I've got some more I'd like to write to you about the vaccines etc. I've been to work today so I haven't had quite so much time and I don't want to rush it so I'll get it all down and send it to you tomorrow.

I did my Covid test tonight and it was negative - so all good!

It always makes me laugh when you pick up on the "British understatement!" I don't even realise I'm doing it - but I suppose that's because I'm . . well . . British!

Have a good evening, Bob!

In our dear Lord Jesus

Response #14:

I'll be looking forward to it. Which one are you getting? I have questions about the Pfizer one, namely, whether or not it might be ineffective for not having been kept cold enough some where along the line. Also about mRNA (both Pfizer and Moderna use that process).

The gear DID work, but it was an odd experience. For one thing, it's difficult to teach "on line" AND to the class sitting in front of you at the same time. The camera doesn't seem to be capable of being focused in, so the online ones couldn't read the blackboard well – which meant that I had to do things on the computer instead . . . which meant I largely had to neglect the ones sitting right there in front of me for the most part (actually only "one" today in this small class). I'll have to figure all this out, but it wasn't a complete bust, just a rolling disaster (I've had enough of those in my life to be able to cope with them).

Thanks for your support, my friend!

In Jesus,

Bob L.

Question #15:

Hi Bob,

Well done on surviving your "rolling disaster"! It sounds tricky but hopefully you'll get the knack of it with a bit more practice. Another challenge that Covid has sent your way!

Just a few more thoughts on the Covid-19 vaccines - it seems a lot of people are worried about them because of how quickly they were developed. They're wondering how we can be sure they are safe when they've been made so fast. It's easy to research it a little and find out more about how they were able to do this.

I've read that the biggest misconception is the work on the vaccine started when the pandemic began. The world was able to develop Covid-19 vaccines so quickly because of years of previous research on related coronaviruses and faster ways to manufacture vaccines, enormous funding that allowed firms to run multiple trials in parallel, and regulators moving more quickly than normal. So they weren't starting from scratch.

I listened to an interview this week with one of the professors who helped to develop the Oxford vaccine and she said they had already been working on this for 10 years.

I read another article where they said it was "lucky" that the pandemic was caused by a coronavirus. They already knew the virus's biology and how it behaved so they had a huge head start. They said that if this had been a completely unknown virus, then we'd have been in a very different position. So this is why they were able to get it out there so quickly.

The first thing I thought when I read this was that we know as believers there's no such thing as "luck" but that the Lord has a perfect plan and is in complete control of everything. I couldn't help thinking that He has His own perfect reasons for allowing things to happen in this world and in our own individual lives (pandemics included) and that no matter what happens we can trust Him because it's only ever for our good.

You mentioned in one of your emails about some people worrying about the damage these vaccines could cause (and not just conspiracy theorists). I also read that medical research cannot make any guarantees that problems will not appear in the future. Usually, side-effects of vaccines appear either at the time they are given or a few months afterwards. It is possible that rarer problems could emerge when millions of people are immunised, but this is true of every vaccine that has ever been developed. So I guess we've been here before with every other vaccine and that they will only be used if their benefits clearly outweigh the risks. We can put our trust in the Lord for His care and protection.

___ sent me a text message this week. She works in a hospital and she said it's an utter nightmare at work at the moment. She said it's as bad if not worse than the news says. Almost all of the wards are "red" (Covid patients), it's spreading like wildfire and 100 times more cases. She said almost all of her caseload of patients have it. My brother-in-law is working in itu in the same hospital. They have both had the Covid vaccine (both doses of the Pfizer) and she said if they had not had the vaccine they'd be very very worried. She said hopefully in a few months it will all calm down. She said she was pleased that I was getting mine soon too and to be prepared for some mild side effects but that they don't last too long.

I should have a bit more info about mine tomorrow - my appointment is on Saturday!

Won't it be nice when we're back to "normal", Bob - whatever that means!

Keeping you in my prayers.

In our dear Lord Jesus

Response #15:

Thanks so much for these updates, my friend!

Greatly appreciated.

Got an official email from U of L today that indeed we are all going to be getting the vaccine, and since I'm over 65 I'll be in the second wave (health care folks are in the first wave) I don't have to do anything but wait and they will contact me. The FAQs were typically not helpful. "Which vaccine will I get?" Answer: "They won't be able to tell you even when you make the appointment". Not sure it matters. To be honest, I don't have any great confidence that it will work (especially the Pfizer one because there's no telling if someone dropped the ball in distribution and it got too warm). And of course there are those new strains out there and the reports of questions about how long the immunity lasts. But I'll do it since family are insistent . . . and I don't want to be responsible for getting anyone sick [update: it may indeed depend upon which type is being offered; see emails above]. When and if it does happen, I'm not going to consider myself invulnerable just because I was vaccinated.

In all this, the important thing is as you said exactly: "We can put our trust in the Lord for His care and protection." That is "the ticket". I'm trusting the Lord to protect me from the virus . . . and from the cure too.

Thanks for those prayers! Keeping you in mine too, my friend. Please do keep me in the loop as the experience since you're diving in before I even have an appointment.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #16:

Hello Dr. Luginbill,

I enjoyed your final series on the bible. If we knew in detail how precise the Holy Spirit supervised the Word of God, I think we would be totally amazed. Run to the “Son” in 2021… he’s are only hope, take care,

Response #16:

Love your 2021 rhyme! A good idea any year, and especially this one.

Wishing you a great 2021 – as Dave Barry quipped, "happy new year!" this time around is "as much a prayer as a wish"!

Thanks for the positive comments.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #17:

Hi Bob,

Happy Saturday!

Thanks for the video and your response which I have watched and read through carefully. Your response is extremely helpful!

My boss (being a medical man) always tells us that whatever we read make sure it's from a "reputable" source like the traditional / governmental or medical journals or websites. The little bit of research I have done are from these places. I've read the same as you about how the mRNA vaccines work and also how they do not affect our DNA. I agree with you in not understanding how our bodies could be "permanently changed" on a cellular level without our DNA being altered.

Our government and NHS websites state that the vaccines approved for use have met strict standards of safety, quality and effectiveness set out by the independent Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Any coronavirus vaccine that is approved must go through all the clinical trials and safety checks all other licensed medicines go through. The MHRA follows international standards of safety.

Although there are things they don't know yet about how this new vaccine will work out, my thoughts are that if the information given in the video was true (and it's alarming to say the least) and of huge concern to the majority of scientists and medical experts then I just can't see how these vaccines would even be allowed out there.

There's a lot of alarmism and confusion of different sorts. I read an article today where a doctor said that fake news is likely to be causing some people from the UK's South Asian communities to reject the Covid vaccine. Much of the disinformation surrounds the contents of the vaccine falsely claiming the vaccines contain animal produce - eating pork goes against the religious beliefs of Muslims, as does eating beef for Hindus. One doctor said they'd been calling all patients and booking them in for vaccines but the admin staff say when they call a lot of the South Asian patients they decline and refuse to have the vaccination. Another person from this community said, "Some of the videos are quite disturbing especially when you actually see the person reporting is a medic and telling you that the vaccine is going to alter your DNA. For the layman it is very confusing". About 100 mosques have joined a campaign to counter vaccine disinformation and persuade their communities to take the vaccine.

As Christians whatever each one of us decides is best to do then we make that decision in faith knowing that without a shadow of a doubt the Lord loves us and has our best interests at heart and will protect us. And we let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts. (Colossians 3:15, John 14:27, Phil. 4:6-7)

The Lord is in full control and whatever His Will is for us we have absolutely nothing to fear.

Just quickly, Bob everyone at work are getting their Covid shot today (some tomorrow) and are all congratulating themselves on WhatsApp. The one they've had is the Pfizer one. There is a cathedral about a two minute walk from where I work which started yesterday to be used for giving the vaccine. They were giving the Oxford / AstraZeneca one. I'm wondering if when we get our OFFICIAL invitation from the NHS to make an appointment whether this will be the one I will be getting. I'll be the only one in work if I do and the only one to have stuck to the rules in obedience to the law and in my case to the Lord - interesting! But as I say, I'm not worried about any of them.

I'm not sure if this will be of any help to you, Bob but so far those are my thoughts. Looking forward to reading our brothers and sisters thoughts too.

Your friend in Jesus

Response #17:

Thanks you SO much for getting back to me . . . and quickly! I really appreciate your response, my friend. One of my correspondents who has a much deeper science background than I do (not that that is much of a hurdle to hop), wrote, after I asked him about the mRNA issue, "My verdict at this point would be that the vaccinations planned are a massive clinical trial to see exactly what happens when you introduce a foreign mRNA into a human cell to make proteins that should stimulate the body's immune system to defend it from infection."

When you told me you were going to be getting the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine and not the Pfizer one, I felt an immediate wave of relief – which tells me something . . . about my feelings regarding the mRNA vaccines. No I don't think this is a grand conspiracy. No I don't think DNA will be altered. No I don't believe that this vaccine will implant something deliberately that has nothing to do with Covid – and it is most definitely NOT the "mark of the beast"! However, I'm also not convinced that this new mRNA process is without as yet unknown or underappreciated risks. Given the seriousness of the crisis, one can easily see how even well-meaning people might want to underplay those potential risks. So I'm most likely going to get vaccinated when I have the chance – for the Oxford / AstraZeneca one or the new Johnson and Johnson one soon to be coming out too, we hear. Neither one is mRNA. I'm still not crazy about it. But I will probably do it.

We do the best we can for the Lord and those He has given us based what we know and believe.

Your friend in Jesus Christ our dear Savior,

Bob L.

P.S.:  If you haven't noticed or already done so, please check out the list of wonderful ministry offerings on the Special Topics page, including postings by Bartek Sylwestrzak (*series on Mary now complete!), Christian Vassallo, John Jackson, "Bible Readings by Emma", Bible Reading Log by Christian Vassallo (helps for reading through the English Bible),  The Holocaust: A Biblical and Historical Examination (Future Implications) by Fred London, the Expanded Index to Old Testment translations at Ichthys, Foundational Principles, by Odii Ariwodo, "The Peter series" translated into Kiswahili by Resi Kilambo, and, most recently, "Bible Crash Course" by Will Rieke.

Special Prayer Request

To Bob:  There’s a young family in Zionsville, IN (NW suburb of Indianapolis) that is in need of prayer. The Chisholm family was visiting a friend’s house this weekend. The house has an indoor pool which is always supposed to be locked. The adults were hanging out in one room while the children were in another playing. Suddenly one of the kids came in and said, “it’s not fair THEY get to swim.” The parents all rushed to the pool to find the Chisholm twins, Levi & Lainey (age 22 months), unresponsive in the pool. Praise the Lord, the house was blocks away from a Children’s Hospital. Both babies are still alive. Lainey actually got a great report yesterday on her MRI and she has started speaking & eating again. Levi has not woken up. His MRI this morning indicated that his brain damage is severe — doctors are saying it’s unlikely he’ll ever speak, walk or eat on his own again. It’s been an emotional week following these updates and sending them to all my mom groups for prayer. My heart is so heavy for this family. They also have a 3-year-old daughter who has a serious disease (22q) and so they’ve been through a lot already. They are believers! Every update the mom posts is filled with scripture and hope and prayer trusting God. Even so, I am seeing her grow weary. Especially after the grave news about Levi this morning. I cannot imagine being in that spot of celebrating the miracle of one child coming back, but learning the other child might never be the same.   [Picture of the twins]

Oh, my heart!

Please add the Chisholm family to your prayers.
Scott, Meagan (Parents)
Levi & Lainey (twins)
Connor & Charley (older siblings)

Special Prayer Requests

  • For all those affected by the large fire at an apartment complex in Warner Robins that swept through multiple buildings the night of January 17, 2021.
  • For Andrea's continuing progress in spiritual growth, for her daughter Juanita's salvation, and for David's successful double cataract surgery and the means to pay for it.

  • For Anna's brother who is in failing health, that he might be led to the Lord.

  • For our friend Odii and his family for comfort, encouragement and support on the passing of his father, and for deliverance from malevolent individuals attempting to take advantage of the situation.

  • For our friend Yuhanna, for swift deliverance from his present situation.

  • *For Ashley, for recovery of her health from a difficult to diagnose and serious condition [worsening with shortness of breath and termors]

  • For Gill's sister, praise here as prayers have been answered and she has been moved to the right place.  Gill asks for prayer "for her continued recovery, as well as to demonstrate to the family the power of prayer and faith in Christ".

  • For Jon's mother, for healing from an intestinal mass, and for peace and deliverance on her job.

  • For our brother Abishai's help with his business to provide for his family's basic needs (hard times at present).  Please also pray for his ministry activities and for his wife's healing.  Please pray for Jacob who presently lacks income and has a difficult family situation, and for Bhavani whose husband has recently become unemployed.

  • For Femi who is in severe legal jeopardy, for his deliverance [praise here! Dr. Femi is home tonight; please keep praying for his deliverance going forward].

  • Brian is in the hospital with pancreatitis; [*out now but please also pray for recovery and that his insurance will cover it].

  • For Will successful surgery for his for his nerve impingement and recovery therefrom.

  • For the comfort of Emma and her mother and uncles in the unexpected loss of their brother.

  • For Walter's son Josh, in need of surgery for a defective heart valve.

  • For our friend Gaurav, for encouragement, health, and material deliverance. [n.b., Gaurav was the first one on this list years ago; he writes that he is still "hanging in" and staying faithful to the Lord, but he and his family are in greater material need than ever; please remember them in your prayers]
  • For David's wife who is entering hospice [*update: our friend's wife has gone to be with the Lord; please pray for his comfort].
  • For Bob and Debbie for healing and recovery following successful cancer treatments. "Praise/thanks here for our Lord's wonderful help and grace, both bodily and spiritually! Please keep us in prayer for help and healing/coping with other health issues. Thanks to all for their love and prayerful support in our trials. Your friend in Jesus, Bob P."

  • For comfort for Jon and his family in the loss of his father (thanks to all who have been praying for him.  Jon reports convincing evidence that his dad was indeed saved before the end.  Praise the Lord!); **please also pray for peace for him and for his mother in their job situations and for genuine Christian fellowship.
  • For Abby for success and blessing in her new efforts in ministry, and for her cousin Danny's health. *Please also pray for her health, strength and perseverance in stressful and challenging circumstances.
  • For our friend Bartek, for the recovery of his health, and also for success in gaining citizenship in the UK [*praise here as his petition was successful!]. *Also, please pray for empowerment and help for his father in his evangelization ministry.
  • For Ramsey, in his new position.

  • For the empowerment of our friend Curt's ministry; for his health, the health of his family [praise for good news here - please pray for Curt's own health], and for his finances.

  • For our friend John's family's deliverance from cult influence [praise for some good news here, but some members are still entrapped]. *Please also pray for John's health and that of his wife as well.

  • For our friend Steve for strength, protection, providence and deliverance – more needful now than ever.
  • For help and deliverance for our friend Cindy's daughter.
  • For our friend Brittany's spiritual recovery and encouragement.
  • For our friend Ken and his family's protection from persecution for seeking the truth.
  • Ken Young's ministry and for his health (please see the link).
  • For Christian congregations being persecuted in Sri Lanka (please see the link).
  • For the healing, blessing, encouragement and vindication of our brother, Nihal.  Please also protect him and his family and church family from the recent troubles in Sri Lanka.
  • For our friend Mike's encouragement and God's blessing on his livelihood to provide for his family.
  • For Helen's healing from cancer and for her comfort in the loss of her family members.
  • For Clyde's encouragement and deliverance in severe testing.
  • For Judah in overcoming spiritual obstacles and for help in preparing for ministry.
  • For the salvation of Tom and his family.

  • For our friend Oscar's continued spiritual growth and help in securing suitable employment in spite of serious satanic opposition.
  • For the salvation of Danny's mother and for her healing in extreme pain; for healing in body and mind, and for his protection and blessing on his family and for their reconciliation.  Please also pray for Danny's living situation, and also for his job situation where he is experiencing persecution.
  • For deliverance for John's friend from the JW heresy.
  • For our friend Anna and her family's comfort in the loss of her daughter, and for the comfort, encouragement and salvation of her two grandchildren.
  • For our friend Sheila's healing from the effects of a chronic condition.
  • Our friend Sandra [she went to be with the Lord 7/7/20].
  • For our newly converted brother Jacob in India, for healing for him and for his daughter, for his material needs, and for the salvation of his parents.
  • For Billy's mother to be led into all of God's truth.
  • For Resi in transitioning from Roman Catholicism and for help in serious financial difficulties.  Please also pray for our friend and his cooperative to be successful (praise here for some wonderful progress!).  Prayers also please for family who does not share his faith. And please pray for our friend's protection from persecution in a place where standing up for the truth and not following the crowd results in suspicion and shunning.
  • For Leigh, for protection and deliverance from a dangerous neighbor, and for help in restoring her home and home situation.

  • For help for Steven, for success in his new job and for balance in preparing to minister to the body of Christ.
  • For Becca's mother, for healing from serious liver disease, lung problems, and chronic pain.

  • For the salvation of John's two unbelieving sons.
  • For Charles' two granddaughters for their salvation and spiritual growth.
  • For Chris, for health concerns (memory and fatigue), and for getting a better job in the midst of budget cuts. *Please also pray for Lisa's health.
  • For Cary, for encouragement in persecution abroad, and for health and strength (praise here for answered prayer as our brother has managed to find employment as a teacher).
  • For Alex' and Chris' mother, for her salvation and the opening of her heart to the truth.
  • For our friend Carmen, for the protection of her granddaughters, and her encouragement and strength in negotiating a difficult trial; for her boy Josh's recovery from alcoholism and for encouragement for him to turn to the Lord for help.
  • For Amber's continued spiritual growth and encouragement, and for her healing.  Please also pray for the salvation of her grandmother.
  • For Sande's encouragement and perseverance in proclaiming and teaching the Word in the face of significant resistance. Please pray also for his health and the health of his mother and grandmother (suffering from aplastic anaemia and spinal stenosis respectively).

  • For Christian, for the prospering of his consultancy in order to have more time to prepare for and engage in ministry [praise here!  please continue to pray for the success of his business].
  • For Jeffery, for the salvation of his two sons.
  • Dorota went to be with the Lord yesterday (5/27/19); please pray for the salvation of her two daughters.

  • For Peter, for the deliverance of his family from cult influence and to be led to salvation in Jesus Christ, and for help in meeting serious financial challenges. Please also pray for his son's return to spiritual growth and for the salvation of his grandchildren.
  • For comfort and encouragement for Charles and his family in the recent loss of wife and mother.
  • For Kamil, a new believer, who has been unjustly accused because of his family's political activities.
  • For the spiritual growth and encouragement of Max and his family.
  • *For Michael, for his health and for his livelihood in providing for his family, and for his efforts in leading his family to the truth of the Word. *[our friend is currently unemployed and his business is out of operation, so please pray for him for restoration of livelihood]

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    Eschatology Issues VIII: Revelation, Tribulation and Judgment

    Antichrist: the Mark, the Number, and the Identification of the Beast

    Satan's Revolt and the Tribulation to Come

    Old Testament Interpretation III: The Name 'Jacob', the Mark of Cain, Jeshrun.

    Old Testament Interpretation II: Urim and Thummim, the Bronze Serpent, the Ark.

    Being Saved: Security, Apostasy, and the Sin unto Death

    Fighting the Fight III: False Teaching, Local Churches, and the Truth

    Fighting the Fight II: Struggling with Sin, Doubt, and Severe Testing

    Fighting the Fight I: Accountability, Faith, Sin, Forgiveness, and Reward

    Dispensations, Covenants, Israel and the Church II

    Dispensations, Covenants, Israel and the Church I

    Witnessing: Cults and Christianity II

    Witnessing: Cults and Christianity I

    Ministry and the Ichthys Ministry

    Biblical Interpretation V

    Baptism: Water and Spirit V

    Spiritual Growth, Church-Searching and "Discipling"

    Unbelievers, Free Will, and the Plan of God

    Biblical Languages, Texts and Translations VI

    Baptism: Water and Spirit IV

    Paganism, Idolatry, Mythology and the Occult

    The Lives of the Apostles and the Writing of the New Testament

    The Essence of God and Deity of Christ

    Parables and their Interpretation

    The Meaning and Purpose of True Christian Assembly

    Marriage and the Bible

    Spiritual 'ups' and 'downs'

    1st John: Text and Interpretation

    Eschatology Issues VII

    Perseverance in the latter days of Laodicea

    Babylon USA?

    Baptism: Water and Spirit III

    Prayer: the Persistence, Purpose and Power of.

    Paul the Apostle: Aspects of his Life and Ministry

    Gospel Questions VII: The Wedding at Cana et al.

    Israel, 'Lost Tribes' and the Star of David

    Israel and Antichrist in Eschatology

    Explaining and Defending the Trinity and the Person of Christ II

    The Holy Spirit: Pneumatology Questions III

    Culture and Christianity VIII

    The Geography of Heaven, Hades and 'Hell'.

    Eschatology Issues VI

    Bible Interpretation IV

    Legalism, Past and Present

    The Resurrection Body and our Eternal Future.

    Christ the First-Born, High Priest in the Order of Melchizedek.

    Bible Versions, Bible Translation, and Bible Reading II

    Bible Versions, Bible Translation, and Bible Reading

    Hermeneutics, Typology, Christophany, Theophany and Anthropopathism.

    No, Hebrews does not teach that you lost your salvation.

    Gospel Questions VI: the Long Ending of Mark et al.

    Judas and the Betrayal of Christ

    Doubting Salvation and Questions of Sin

    The 144,000: God's Seal vs. the Mark of the Beast

    Atheism: Putting Truth to Death

    War in Heaven II

    The Holy Spirit: Pneumatology Questions II

    War in Heaven

    The Holy Spirit: Pneumatology Questions I

    The Law, Love, Faith-Rest and Messianism

    Paul and the Law

    Genesis Questions III

    Sin and Salvation, Confession and Forgiveness

    Have I Lost My Salvation? (III)

    The Battlefield Within: Fighting the inner spiritual Struggle.

    Putting Christ in Christmas: Loving Jesus, the Star and the Magi, Wonderful Counselor.

    Old Testament Interpretation: Moses and Zipporah, David's disastrous Census, the Destruction of the Midianites, et al.

    Healing, Miracles, and Dreams: Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff by biblical Means

    153 Fish: Explaining some Difficult New Testament Passages

    Kenosis: Our Lord's Self-Limitation during the 1st Advent

    Biblical Anthropology II: 'Soul sleep', & dichotomy vs. trichotomy

    Biblical Anthropology I: The Nature of Human Beings and Human Life according to the Bible.

    Genesis Gap: Questions and Answers II.

    Culture and Christianity VII: Jury Duty, Witnessing, Biometry, Military Service et al.

    Culture and Christianity VI: Halloween, Holidays, Aliens, and Christian Applications.

    Angelic Issues V: Michael, the Angel of the Lord, Christophany, demons, cherubs, and Satan's revolt.

    Angelic Issues IV:  Satan's Revolt in the Plan of God.

    New Testament Interpretation: Melchizedek, 'Forsake not Assembly', 'Women Remain Silent', Water-Baptism, Tongues, Prophecy, Intervention of Departed Believers.

    Lost my salvation II?

    All about Ichthys: Mutual Encouragement in the Lord. 

    Genesis Questions.

    Fallen Angels, Demons, Nephilim, and the Devil's Methodology.

    End Times Interpretation II.

    Salvation, the Gospel, and Unbelief.

    The Bible and the Canon: The Inspired Word of God.

    End Times Interpretation.

    Grace versus Law.

    Communion and the Spiritual Death of Christ.

    Sinlessness and 1st John.

    Israelology, Anti-Semitism, the Remnant, Gentiles, Lost Tribes, Jewish Myths.

    "Soul Sleep" versus our true Heavenly State.

    Christology Questions III: The Angel of the Lord, the Lamb Slain, monogenes.

    Angelic Issues III: Demons, Satan, Elders, Female Angels and Guardians.

    Against Universalism III: Unbelievers in the Plan of God.

    Waters Above, the Firmament, and the Genesis Gap.

    Marriage "Matters".

    In Need of Guidance and Encouragement.

    Biblical Languages, Texts and Translations V.

    Servants, Slaves, Disciples, and Ministers.

    Baptism: Water and Spirit II.

    Bible Interpretation III: David's Anointing, Stephen versus Genesis, Triplets, This People, and more.

    Evangelism in Principle and Practice.

    Scripture versus Personal Experience.

    Calvinism, Covenants and Catholicism.

    Culture and Christianity V: Temporal Authority vs. Biblical Application.

    False Doctrine of Absolute Eternal Security III.

    The Dangers of Messianic Legalism IV: Unclean and Impure?

    Things to Come III: The Wrath of God and the Fate of the Beast's Army.

    God Works All Things Together for Good.

    The 7 Trumpets, the 7 Kings, Nephilim, Antichrist and Revived Rome.

    The Coming Tribulation and the Kingdom of God.

    Sin, Confession and Forgiveness.

    Mutual Encouragement in Christ.

    Biblical Languages, Texts and Translations IV.

    Culture and Christianity IV: Doing one's job as 'unto the Lord', the peril's of 'heroic medicine', Christian perspectives on legalizing marijuana, when lying is not a sin, and when life begins.

    Eschatology Issues V: "It is not for you to know the times or the seasons".

    Ichthys and Contemporary Christianity.

    Gospel Questions V: Help my Unbelief, Respecting our Enemies, etc.

    The Two Witnesses of the Tribulation: Moses and Elijah.

    The Apostles, the Jerusalem Council, and Legalism then and now.

    Aspects of the Christian Walk: Gambling, Lying, Christmas, Judging, Worrying, et al.

    No Rapture

    Believers in the World: Using our Free Will to Respond to the Lord

    Christology Questions II: The Serpent Lifted and the Cross, Jesus' Infallibility, Destroy this Temple, the Sign Spoken Against, His Glorification, the Spirit's Anointing, and the Necessity for His Humanity.

    Paul's Jerusalem Error, Worshiping Truly, the Priesthood of the Believer, and Peter's Vision of the Impure Food

    Christian Trials and Testing

    Gospel Questions IV: The Prophet, the rich man in Hades, Peter's wife, the 'eleven' and the 'twelve' apostles, 'the world could not contain' (Jn.21:25), and progressive revelation.

    Eschatology Issues IV: Israeli politics, 'This Generation', Signs of the Times, the Beast presently alive?, 'Flee Babylon', Preparing for the Tribulation, and 'was, is not, will be'.

    John's Water-Baptism versus the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

    Eschatology Issues III: Over-focusing on Revelation, the Seven Churches, Enoch versus Elijah, and the Symbolism of the Menorah

    The Purpose of Chronicles, Cyrus the Persian, the Chronology of the Exodus Plagues, Qumran and Isaiah, Nebuchadnezzar's Madness, and Jeremiah 31:22, "A Woman will Embrace a Man".

    Aaron and the Golden Calf, Mount Zion, Moses and Zipporah, the high priest's attire, and the ark of the covenant.

    Aspects of the Genesis Curse on Animals, the Tree of Knowing Good and Evil, Jacob Wrestling with the Angel of the Lord, and Kainam.

    The City of David, the Star of David, Solomon's Wisdom, and the Song of Solomon.

    The Israelites at Kadesh and 'not entering the Land of Promise'.

    Genesis Gap: Questions and Answers.

    Sin and Spiritual Transformation.

    Cults and Christianity IV

    Cults and Christianity III

    Cults and Christianity II

    Cults and Christianity.

    One Baptism: the True Meaning of Peter's Words at Acts 2:38.

    Apostasy and the Sin unto Death, the Conscience and Sanctification.

    The Plan of God and Individual Salvation (excerpt from BB 4B)

    In Your Anger, do not Sin:  Ephesians 4:26 and the Sin Nature

    Bible Interpretation II: Easter, Abiathar, the Hyssop-Blood Cross, Baal, the Scarlet Thread, Names of God, Adiaphoria, and Mezentius.

    Spiritual Warfare II

    Culture and Christianity III

    Have I Lost my Salvation?

    On the Firing Line: Encouragement in Christian Trials

    Eschatology and the Old Testament

    Prayer and our Walk with Jesus.

    Issues of Canonicity II: Aramaic, Enoch, KJV, and the Pastorals

    Bible Vocabulary and Bible Word Studies

    Satan, his Demons, and the Gnostics

    Antichrist: Alive and Well and Living on Planet Earth?

    The Nature of Angels

    Our Eternal Future: Life after Death for Believers in Jesus Christ

    Giants and Nephilim, Sumerian Myths, and Sea Monsters

    Dreams and Visions II

    The Golden Rule

    The Divinity of Jesus Christ

    Free-Will Faith and the Will of God

    Some Sensitive Topics III

    The Spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to envy: explaining James 4:5.

    Faith: What is it?

    The Seven-Fold Spirit of God.

    Free-Will Faith in the Plan of God.

    Putting the Word of God First.

    Free-Will Faith.

    The False Doctrine of "Soul Sleep" II.

    The False Doctrine of Absolute Eternal Security II.

    The Plan of God

    The Dangers of Messianic Legalism III

    The Dangers of Messianic Legalism II

    The Dangers of Messianic Legalism.

    The Gift of Tongues: Part 2

    The Gift of Tongues: Part 1

    Mega-Churches, Emergent Christianity, Spirituality and Materialism.

    Epignosis, Christian Epistemology, and Spiritual Growth.

    Jephthah's Daughter, Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage.

    Christian Unity and Divisiveness.

    Death, Martyrdom and Resurrection.

    Blessing, Cursing, and Prayer.

    Freedom and Responsibility.

    Fighting the Good Fight of Faith.

    Only-Begotten, Mother-of-God, On-this-Rock: English-only Interpretation is Dangerous.

    The Greek Text of the New Testament and some Issues of Textual Criticism.

    What does the name 'Christian' mean?

    Some Jewish Issues.

    Christians Beware: Internet Frauds and the Need for Spiritual Discernment (part 2).

    Christians Beware: Internet Frauds and the Need for Spiritual Discernment.

    Sin and Forgiveness.

    Spring Special: The Millennial Regathering and Purging of Israel.

    Life Begins at Birth.

    Culture and Christianity II

    Culture and Christianity I

    The Saved and the Unsaved

    Last Things and Last Judgments

    The Local Church and Personal Ministry IV

    The Local Church and Personal Ministry III

    The Local Church and Personal Ministry II

    The Local Church and Personal Ministry I

    More on Antichrist and his Kingdom

    Antichrist and Babylon

    Prophecy Questions.

    Theological Questions

    Heavenly Things.

    Dysfunctional Churches.

    Some Sensitive Topics II.

    Christmas Special: The Judgment and Reward of the Church.

    What is God's Will?


    Thanksgiving Leftovers.

    Combating Legalism VI

    Combating Legalism V

    Combating Legalism IV

    Combating Legalism III

    Combating Legalism II

    Combating Legalism I

    Aspects of the False Doctrine of Institutional Security

    Chronological Order of the Books of the Bible II

    Biblical Languages, Texts and Translations III

    Biblical Languages, Texts and Translations II

    Biblical Languages, Texts and Translations I

    Gospel Questions III: Least in the kingdom, Millstones, Pennies, Pebbles, Babes, Rhaka, Tallits, and the Crown of Thorns.

    Gospel Questions II: Jesus' Turning Water to Wine, Sweating Blood, Walking on Water, Washing the Disciples' Feet, and the Promise of Freedom."

    Things to Come II: Genesis Rapture, Daniel's Weeks, Seven Kings, Signs of the Apocalypse, Tribulational Suffering, Seven Seals, the Bride of Christ, and Mystery Babylon.

    Things to Come: The Half Hour, the 144,000, the Book of Life, Rewards, the Beast's Kingdom, the Great Apostasy, and the so-called 'Partial Rapture'.

    Satan and the Existence of Evil.

    The Holy Spirit: Blasphemy against, Restraining Ministry, and Gender.

    Spiritual Gifts and Spiritual Growth

    Christian Love, the Golden Rule, Christian Military Service and Self-Defense.

    Issues of Canonicity: Apocrypha, Enoch, and Inspiration.

    Church: The Biblical Ideal versus the Contemporary Reality.

    Numbers, Letters, and the Mark of the Beast.

    Gospel Questions I: Jesus' Life, the Gospels and Cherubs, and who Wrote Matthew.

    More Questions about Genesis.

    Naaman, Nero, Nineveh, and Senacharib.

    The False Doctrine of Absolute Eternal Security.

    Choosing Hell: Questions about Salvation and the Love of God.

    The Chronology of the End.

    The Route of the Israelites in Crossing the Red Sea.

    Some Issues of Transmission, Translation, and Transliteration: The Camel and the Needle, etc.

    Aspects of the Life of Christ: Jesus' siblings, the man born blind, et al.

    Jesus is God and man.

    Jesus is God.

    Redemption, the Blood of Christ, Christ our Passover, and The Passion of the Christ.

    Eschatology Issues II: Angelic bodies, heaven and hell, Satan and the Nephilim, etc.

    The Book of Job and Biblical Interpretation.

    Some Questions about Eternity.

    Who Controls our Thoughts and Emotions?

    The Day of the Lord.

    Sleep as a Euphemism for Death.

    Literal Hell.

    Christ's Preaching to the Spirits in Hell (1Pet.3:18-20), & Michael's Rebuke of Satan (2Pet.2:10-11 ).

    Recovering from Sin.

    The Timing of the Resurrection.

    Dispensations, the Church, the Rapture, and the Destruction of the Universe.

    Christianity versus Contemporary Kitsch.

    Purpose Driven Life, Oprah's New Age Religion, et al.

    Lot, Esau, and Cain: Learning through Negative Examples.

    Against Universalism II: Only Believers are Saved.

    Against Universalism I: Free Will and the Image of God.

    Courage in the Fight.

    Demon Influences.

    Sabbath Questions.

    The Seven Edens and the Eden of Adam and Eve.

    Opposition to the Genesis Gap from the Creation Research Institute et al.

    Mary 'Full of Grace'?

    Changing the Name of God?

    The Beast:  Some Questions about Antichrist.

    The Book of Revelation:  Some Questions.

    Red Hot or Lukewarm? Bible Teaching versus Sermonizing.

    The Last Judgment and the Great White Throne.

    Baptism:  Water and Spirit.

    Spiritual  Marathons.

    Christology:  Some Questions on the Life of Christ.

    Regarding Ichthys.

    Train up a Child in the Way he should Go.

    War, History, and Politics.

    Unbelief and its Consequences.

    Dreams and Visions.

    Explaining and Defending the Trinity and the Person of Christ.

    Free Will and Faith under Pressure.

    Angelic Issues II.

    Science and the Bible.

    Bible Interpretation I:  Academics, Versions et al.

    Faith in the Word of God: the Basis of all True Worship.

    Aspects of the Resurrection II.

    Faith and Encouragement in the midst of Fiery Trials.

    Some Sensitive Topics.

    Jethro, Amenhotep, Iraq, the Catacombs, and the KJV.

    Eschatology Issues: The Fig Tree, Ezekiel 38, Joel 3, and the Trumpets.

    Christ the Rock, the Rooster's Crow, and the Cross.

    Applying Faith II: Production, Forgiveness, Circumcision, Truth over People.

    Applying Faith: Eating, Drinking, and Vacation.

    The Tree of Life, Communion, and the Virgin Birth.

    Grammar Questions.

    Can Prayer Be Offered From Heaven? & Some Genesis Questions.

    Walking the Path of Faith through the Light of the Word of God.

    Salvation on the battlefield, truth revealed to infants, and damnation.

    Preparing for Tribulation.

    Divine Sovereignty and Divine Judgment.

    God's Free Gift of Salvation.

    Should Christians wear Jewelry?

    The Lord's Prayer.

    The Events Surrounding the Birth of Christ.

    Cremation or Burial?

    Zechariah, Demon Possession, Marriage, Spiritual Experiences, and Bible Prophecy.

    No Grounds for Divorce?

    The Shape of the Universe, Hominids, and the Genesis Gap.

    Taking Personal Responsibility: Interest, Bankruptcy, Gambling, and Employment.

    The Seven Churches, the Judgment Seat of Christ,  and other issues in Eschatology.

    The Canonicity of the book of Hebrews.

    Great White Throne, the Last Judgment, and the Outer Darkness.

    Political Action versus Biblical Christianity.

    Study Tools and Methodologies.


    The Gospel and the Kingdom of God.

    Pursuing a Deeper Relationship with Jesus and Christian Epistemology.

    The Origin and the Danger of the Pre-Tribulational Rapture Theory.

    The Divinity of the Spirit and the Percentage of those who are Saved.

    Should Christians ever consider getting a lawyer?

    Pastoral Authority, Popes, Pat Robertson, and Pelagianism.

    Some Questions on Church Polity.

    Apostles and Evangelism

    Luther, Arminius, Calvin, Kant, Ironside, Tutu and Thieme.

    Angelic Issues.

    Transmutation, Resuscitation, and Resurrection.

    Is the Soul a tertium quid?

    More on the Documentary Hypothesis and More on the Rapture.

    Enoch's Walk with God and Some Questions in the Gospels.

    The Influence of the Renaissance and Rationalism on the Church and Cutting off Arms in Malachi 2:3.

    Sabbath Observance.

    1st John 5:20 & Romans 6:23.

    Eschatology Questions.

    Baptism and Following Jesus.

    Where is Armageddon?

    Assurance of Salvation.

    The Cross, Sin, and the Devil in God's Plan.

    More on: Spiritual Gifts; Hats & Hair; the Age of Accountability.

    Daniel 9:25 and Daniel 11:30.

    Who will populate earth during the Millennium?  and  Asking for Wisdom: James 1:5.

    Was Judas Saved?, The Gospel of Judas, and Issues of Canonicity.

    Is 'My Son' Israel or Jesus in Hosea 11:1?  &  How do you Prove Sin to Someone?

    Did Matthew Write his Gospel in Hebrew?

    Christian Crowns, Pagan Names, and the Time of the Cock-Crow.

    Child-like Faith, Mark vs. Matthew, the Mahdi, and 'Who was with God in the Beginning?

    True Orthodoxy and False Creeds.

    Foot-washing, Bitter Herbs, Baptism, and Borrowed Faith.

    All Things Charismatic.

    Friday versus Thursday Crucifixion.

    Jesus' Cursing of the Fig Tree, Apostasy, and 'Feng Shui'.

    The Genesis Serpent, Using "it" to refer to the baby Jesus, and more on Tattoos.

    Combating Gnosticism.

    Resisting the Devil.

    Why did Jesus choose John over James to take care of His mother Mary?

    Antichrist's 'desire of women' in Daniel 11:37 et al.

    Do recent catastrophes have a divine origin?

    Does God really want us to be sick and poor?  Revisiting the prosperity gospel.

    Why did our Lord Jesus arise from the tribe of Judah?

    What will our relationship be in heaven with children who died young?

    The baptism of the Holy Spirit as distinct from speaking in tongues.

    The Grammar behind the Genesis Gap.

    The Great White Throne Judgment.

    Moses and Zipporah.

    The Victory of Faith.

    Does God's choice of us eliminate our free will?

    Why does God allow bad things to happen?

    The Bible as "divine", roof prayer, and tattoos.

    Character in Hebrews 1:3, et al.

    Exorcism, et al.

    "Are the children of unbelievers lost if they die before receiving Christ?"

    How not to get "left behind".

    "Is baptism necessary for salvation?"

    "The nature of life after death."

    "The personality of the Holy Spirit."

    "The dragon of Revelation 12 and the talking idol of Revelation 13."

    "Bound by Satan in Luke 13:16, language and the Tower of Babel, Daniel's 70th week, and the number 12."

    "Infirmities and Diseases in Matthew 8:17"

    "The Leftover Baskets of Bread and Fish in John 6."

    "Waiting for the Ascension" and "Amos 4:11".

    Why was Canaan cursed?

    Should Christians have a competitive attitude?

    John "leapt for joy" in the womb - or did he?

    Satanic Influence in Video Games and Television.

    Moving Mountains:  Matthew 21:21

    Not a hair shall be lost? Luke 21:16 versus Luke 21:18.

    The reign of antichrist:  7 years or 3 and 1/2 years?

    The Trinity in Scripture.

    The Ark of the Covenant.

    "Doubts about the Nephilim in Genesis 6" and "Ezekiel 9:4 and the Mark of the Beast"

    "Word Counts in the Bible", "Him whom they Pierced (Rev.1:7)", and "Necromancy".

    "Waiting for a Savior" and "The Direction East in the Bible"


    Is there a purgatory according to the Bible?

    Your desire shall be for your husband: Genesis 3:16.

    Have I committed the unforgivable sin?

    Is the local church meant to be a patriarchy?

    Why doesn't the Bible mention all of the prophets of the children of Israel?

    The True "Victorious Life".

    Tohu in Genesis 1:2 and the Cause of the Darkness.

    Why Doesn't God Prevent All Children from Dying?

    Why were Christians being regarded as "evil-doers" in 1st Peter 2:12?

    The Scofield Reference Bible.

    Phylacteries and the Mark of the Beast, and "What about Joseph?"

    Feeling desperate and alone.

    Is Tithing net or gross?

    Assembly of the local church, and Jesus' use of "I AM" from Exodus 3:14 in John 8:58

    The "burden of the Lord" in Jeremiah 23:32-40, and judgment for idle words in Matthew 12:36-37.

    The importance of spiritual resiliency.

    Does God use disease to discipline us?

    Recovering from Cult Exposure.

    Variability in Christian Testing and Personal Tribulation.

    Is there any value to the Apocrypha?

    The Communion Ceremony outside of the local church.

    The Christian Walk, the End, and Tattoos.

    Should Christians honor Sunday as the new Sabbath?

    Chronological order of the books of the Bible.

    Doubt, light, missed opportunities et al.

    Addicted to Sin.

    Corporate prayer in Matthew 18:19:  "when two agree on earth".

    What does the Bible say about humor?

    The value of cumulative prayer.

    Our Heavenly, Pre-Resurrection, Interim State.

    How could a loving God order the destruction of the Canaanites?

    Should Christians observe the Torah?

    Church Polity and three other passages.

    Walking with Jesus.

    Tongues: does 'no man' understand?

    The few saved, the door in heaven, visions of heavenly realities, and Christmas.

    Spiritual Warfare.

    Christian suffering and spiritual maturity.

    Aliens, antichrist, and eschatology.

    Does exceptionally sinful behavior indicate that a Christian has lost salvation?

    Should Christians celebrate Jewish festivals?

    The Deaths of the 12 Disciples / Apostles of Christ.

    Categories of Sin in Psalm 19.

    Some brief answers on a variety of topics.

    Pastoral Support, Pastoral Preparation, and the Purpose of Assembly.

    Eternal Rewards.

    Encouragement, Isaiah 6:11-13, and the Hope of Repentance.

    Questioning the Genesis Gap.

    Dinosaurs, the Nephilim, Noah, et al.

    How much should we pay our pastor?

    More about Women Preachers.

    Is it wrong for me to celebrate Easter?

    The Remnant in Isaiah 6:13.

    The Big Distinction.

    The Day of the Lord in 2nd Peter 3:10.

    The Day of the Lord.

    Church History.

    The Sealing of the Holy Spirit.

    Visions of Angels: Colossians 2:18.

    Waiting on God's timing:  patience in testing.

    "Your Throne, O God":  Psalm 45:6.

    Moses striking the Rock.

    Procreation and Creation.

    What is meant by the phrase "the Lord's footstool"?

    1st Peter 3:3-5

    A conversation about divorce and remarriage.

    Faith in the midst of the fiery trial.

    Hebrews 10:26 again, and two other notes on Arthur Pink and the Greek word diakonos.

    What is the correct translation of Isaiah 59:19?

    Is the star of Acts 7:43 the star of David?

    Some questions about Nimrod and Christmas trees, Tongues, and Healing

    Is Jesus the only One ever to restore sight?

    What happens to people who were born and died prior to the birth of Christ?

    Which is better, the King James Version or the New King James Version?

    What is the minimum necessary to be saved?

    How can we know whose interpretation of the Bible is right (Part 2)?

    How can we know whose interpretation of the Bible is right (Part 1)?

    Psalm 22:1, "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?"

    The "Mind of Christ" in 1st Corinthians 2:16

    Simeon and Simon, and the two crows of the rooster

    Ichthys, saints, and the Last Adam

    Does Hebrews 10:26 teach loss of salvation?

    Eternal security: where does one draw the line?

    Who are Gog and Magog in Ezekiel 38-39?

    How did John the baptist come to doubt Jesus?

    Is Jesus literally seated on the throne at God's right hand?

    Are the Celts the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel?

    Whatever happened to the "Genesis Gap"?

    "The baptism which now saves you":  1st Peter 3:21.

    Hebrew Language Study Tools.

    What type of healing is being discussed in Isaiah 53:5?

    The Origin of the Four Seasons

    2nd Peter 3:5: Doubting the Tribulation

    Tent-making and Galatians 6:6

    A Question about Ichthys books

    Biblical Metaphors and Symbolism

    Faith and the Pre-Tribulational "Rapture".

    Faith Healing.

    Bible translation and John 8:58.

    Melchizedek and the high priesthood of Christ:  two questions et alia.

    In need of encouragement.

    The centurion and the Syro-Phoenician woman.

    Who is the Meshiach?

    A Sadducean Question

    What is "heaven" like according to Christian teachings?

    Acts 20:28: Whose Blood?

    1st Corinthians 11:  Hats or Hair?

    Confession of Sin, Fellowship, and the Filling of the Holy Spirit.

    A Miscellany of Questions and Answers (Nineveh, the beast, tongues, demons, Sadam, etc.)

    Some Greek Questions in the Gospels (John 1:3; 2:19; 8:58; Luke 23:43)

    Is Man trichotomous, and does that mean that salvation is three-tiered?

    Questioning the Trinity

    The blood of Christ

    Christ knocking at the door in Revelation 3:20

    The futility of memory without God and eternal life.

    The meaning of Jesus' words, "I am" in John 8:58

    What does the Bible say about Heaven and Hell?

    Peace in 1st Corinthians 14:33

    Salvation and Church Affiliation.

    Several questions on the book of Hebrews.

    Does the Bible prohibit women from preaching or teaching in the Church?

    Should Christian leaders refrain from drinking in public?

    How to use the Bible translations at Ichthys.

    The Worship of Jesus:  a proof of His divinity?

    An Extended Conversation about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

    Is water baptism required for Christians today?

    Are health and wealth a part of the gospel?

    Will those in Hades be able to see Christ's return?

    Feelings of Guilt about Remarriage.

    Who are the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel?

    What does "the Word was with God" mean in John 1:1-2?

    Three questions on three verses in Isaiah (Is.21:4; 28:10, & 66:24).

    How important is education for a pastor?

    Does Hebrews 10:26-35 ("deliberate sinning" etc.) mean that a believer can lose his or her salvation?

    Availability and use of Ichthys materials: several questions.

    Is there any difference between demons and fallen angels?

    Confronting atheism.

    Two questions about Judas Iscariot.

    Three Questions about Tattoos and Salvation.

    The Hebrew word for 'one' (`echadh) and the uniqueness of God.

    Did the witch of Endor really conjure up the spirit of Samuel?

    A Question about the "Waters Above".

    Why did God the Father wait so long to send Jesus into the world?

    How does being "slain in the Spirit" relate to being baptized in the Spirit?

    How do you prove the existence of God?

    Where does the Bible teach that Jesus is God?

    Is it ever Justifiable to Tell a Lie (part 2)?

    Seeing double in Matthew.

    Mary, Joseph, and Nazareth.

    Is the Westminster Catechism a Good Reference Tool?

    What does it mean "the spirit returns to God" in Ecclesiastes 12:7?

    Is there any Connection between biblical Gemstones and Moral Characteristics?

    Are Miraculous Gifts Operational Today?

    Jesus Christ in the Old Testament (Christophany: Gen.3:8).

    Can those in organizations which teach "salvation by works" be saved?

    Is "helpmeet" a wrong translation in Genesis 2:20?

    Our will and God's WILL.

    Cast thy Bread upon the Waters:  What do the seven and eight portions in Ecclesiastes 11:2 mean?

    Was Cain Satan's literal "seed"?

    The Demon Possessed Girl in Acts 16:16.

    The "Sin unto Death" in 1st John 5:16.

    Is death just a natural part of human life?

    Communion and the Blood of Christ.

    What does it mean in 1st Corinthians 7:14, "the unbelieving husband is sanctified"?

    The Re-institution of the Feast of Tabernacles in the Millennium.

    Secular Documentation for the Exodus.

    The false doctrine of "soul sleep".

    The Author of Hebrews and Jesus' Perfect Completion of His Mission.

    The Trinity in Isaiah 63:10-15.

    How old was Jesus at the time of His crucifixion and resurrection?

    Five Smooth Stones: 1st Samuel 17:40

    How can we know the Bible is true?

    The name "Jesus".

    Habakkuk's Prosperity Prayer: Habakkuk 3:17-19.

    Jeremiah 31:22: "A Woman shall Compass a Man".

    The New International Version of the Bible and some issues in Bible translation.

    Is "the Prophet" of Deuteronomy 18:18 Muhammad?

    The One True God and the Trinity in the Old Testament.

    Are those in Hebrews 6:4 who "crucify the Son of God afresh" lost?

    Are New Bible Translations Part of a Conspiracy?

    What exactly is the "red heifer prophecy", and how does it relate to the events of the end times?

    Where did the waters of Genesis 1 go?

    Interpreting Revelation

    Sin, Baptism, and the Book of Revelation

    Tithing and the Book of Life

    The Dangers of the Prosperity Gospel.

    English and the Tower of Babel.

    The "Seven Thunders" of Revelation 10:3-4

    The fate of the unrighteous dead in Isaiah 66:24

    Who are the "sons of the kingdom" in Matthew 18:11-12?

    Why does Judah get greater honor than Jerusalem in Zechariah 12:7?

    Are there Female Angels?

    Longevity in the Millennium.

    How is the date of Easter computed?

    What is the meaning of the 1290 days versus the 1335 days in Daniel 12?

    What Church era are we now in?

    The mark of the beast.

    Christophany in the Exodus.

    Can you explain "help my unbelief!" in Mark 9:24?

    What does it mean to "overcome" in Revelation chapters 2 and 3?

    Are women required to wear veils or hats in church?

    Is the world about to come to an end?

    Does the Bible ever describe the earth as being round?

    Pre-, mid-, or post-Tribulation rapture?

    Pearls before swine.

    Recognizing the Messiah.

    The gift of healing.

    The origin and fate of the "giants" in Genesis chapter six.

    Christian suffering - Christian encouragement.

    Is speaking in tongues biblical?

    Is speaking in tongues a sin?

    Can you recommend a good commentary on the book of Romans?

    Aspects of the resurrection.

    The recipients of Peter's epistles.

    Pre- or Post-Tribulation "rapture"?

    The lives of the prophets.

    The old prophet who lied.

    Animal sacrifice in the millennium.

    Is it ever justifiable to lie?

    Who wrote the King James version?

    The meaning of the divine name יהוה.

    The so-called "documentary hypothesis".

    The relationship between the books of Kings and Chronicles.

    David's disastrous census of Israel.

    Aspects of the Unseen Angelic Warfare and 666, the Mark of the Beast.

    The 200 million strong demon army of Revelation 9:13.

    Deliverance through Childbearing in 1st Timothy 2:15?

    Some questions about the Tribulation.

    More on divorce and remarriage.

    Divorce and remarriage.

    The antecedents of ICHTHYS.

    What does it mean to "remember the Sabbath and keep it holy"?

    The manner of the apostle Peter's death.

    Wasn't Matthias the thirteenth apostle?

    Forward progress necessary for salvation and spiritual growth.

    The "seven days" of human history.

    1st John 1:9 and confessing sin.

    ICHTHYS and the role of traditional Christianity.

    Can you recommend a good survey for the Old and New Testaments?

    Where can I find more information on the "Genesis gap"?

    Is Church membership an issue in salvation?

    Can you recommend a church?

    Are these materials available for purchase as books?

    A bit of autobiography.

    What is your opinion of the Abingdon one-volume Bible Commentary?

    What is the significance of the number "20" in the Bible?

    The 144,000 of Revelation chapters 7 and 14.

    What is your view on predestination?

    Who is "true Israel"?

    The chronology of the date 2026.

    Does baptism play a role in being born again?

    Why does the devil have access to God while man cannot stand in His presence?

    The structure of the book of Revelation.

    What is your view of the rapture?

    What is meant by the "10 days" of Revelation 2:10?

    Dragons in the Bible?

    Are there apostles in the Church today?

    What is the meaning of the word "chosen" in the Bible.

    The Passover.

    What are the most common Bible names?

    What is the biblical significance of the number forty?

    What does the Bible have to say about witchcraft?

    How can I protect myself from false teaching?

    Didn't the devil know he couldn't defeat God?

    Are the Masons wrong according to the Bible?

    Six Questions.

    Can the faith of "backsliders" be restored?

    Are there biblical origins to mythology?

    What does the phrase "sides of the pit" mean in Isaiah 14:15?

    Can prayer be offered in the name of the Son?

    Election and John 6:37?

    Is it valid to celebrate Christmas?

    Can you give me some information on divine names in the Bible?

    What is the significance of name changes in the Bible?

    Is faith a "gift of God"?

    Is there a "gospel of Thomas"?

    Is the nature of Man dichotomous or trichotomous?

    Will the temple be rebuilt in Jerusalem?

    Does the Bible teach a literal Millennium?

    What does the word "good" mean in Genesis?

    Who are "the dead" who "rise first" in 1st Thessalonians 4?

    Are the Greek tenses in John 7:34 correctly translated?

    Is the devil "mad" to oppose God?

    Does the Bible require supporting the pastor financially?

    How can Jesus be a man and God at the same time?

    How did people atone for intentional sin in Old Testament times?

    What is the symbolism of the Lamb of God in Revelation?

    Can you recommend some word study tools for Bible study?

    Can people who commit suicide be saved?

    Are tattoos biblical?

    Is it "ichthys" or "ichthus"?

    What is the difference between wisdom and discernment?

    Marriage of Believers and Unbelievers.

    Is hearing believing in John 6:35?

    How certain a date is 2026?

    Is Paul describing himself in Romans chapter seven?

    Is tithing required for salvation?

    What is the evidence for the "rapture"?

    Is there any validity to the "prosperity gospel"?

    Who are the "Nephilim" in Genesis chapter six?

    Church attendance.

    Is there a literal "devil"?

    What does the Bible have to say about reincarnation?

    What is the unpardonable sin?

    Believing the Bible for Spiritual Growth.

    Why was the New Testament written in Greek?

    What about those who have never heard of Christ?

    What about elders and deacons?

    Eternal Security and "sinless perfection".

    Eternal Security and "salvation by works".

    Does the Bible teach ex nihilo creation?

    When did Jesus first know He was God's Son?

    Are there prophets today?

    Despairing of life.

    How important is baptism?

    How could Christ have been three days and nights in the grave?

    Do Muslims worship the One true God?

    What can I do about spiritual fainting?


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