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Question #1:

Dear Professor

I hope you had a lovely Christmas. Sometimes it is a good thing not being able to do much because of the weather - your present situation (says me who is enjoying, somewhat, summertime).

Christmas presents here were a pair of shoes and socks and pogo sticks, and hours of attention. Who could asked for more agreeable presents? All were gifted to our little coaster bus. 2 new tyres (shoes), socks (tubes) and pogo sticks (shock absorbers).

Pogo sticks we fitted on Christmas Day in a car park. Took double the time what the mechanics indicated had they done the job. We did it without proper tools - yes I left the ones that fitted at home; even didn’t have a jack handle which has a quick release end. Used pliers, open end shifters and an ill fitting socket bar (for the jack handle).

One of the wheel nuts and stud had damaged threads so it took some time to convince it to succumb to sheer force of willpower. Prayers also. 38 degrees Celsius max.

Covered in grease got back to the caravan park at 815 pm. An adjacent camper said they noticed us under the pine trees with our wheel off as they drove past. A warm shower, eat and sleep was a wonderful Christmas gift to end the day with.

Boxing Day morning we pulled down the gazebo, packed up, and succumbed to our boy’s Macca request for breakfast, mine was a just a coffee, picking up my curry pie from the French bake shop later. 23 degrees Celsius max.

Having confidence in our repairs (and the Lord’s blessing) I decided to take the long route home, consulting a 2007 map book I had. The road I took as being sealed was instead gravel and quite good until it wasn’t. The tyres and shockies handled the rough parts not too badly, though it was a relief to rejoin a sealed road close to Hopetoun and for the remainder of the longish drive home. I suppose you could call it a bus man’s holiday. My wife is back at work this morning - so it is excellent that we had a safe journey home.

The bigger boys were home when we arrived. After unpacking, I finally relaxed, by doing the dishes - as one does.

Nice to think you might have had an enjoyable day(s) as we did. Will make it much easier to remember Christmas Day 2020, given my poor ol’ timers memory condition.

Just finished reading your email postings. Thank you for all you do in the Lord. Your Ministry is what really makes Christmas and each day special.

I hope that the drop off in numbers is due to more people downloading your writings to use offline (might really need to rely on downloaded material in future, but I am hoping for your live stream to long continue).

I suppose one “downside” of having such comprehensive Ministry writings, is that people may look up their favourite subjects, and if they do not fit their liking, move on to where they get the nod to their interpretations. Who wants to be proven wrong anyway?

I thank you again for your Ministry and pray for its success (the Lord determines this - not the readers). I am hoping for more to come to a knowledge of the truth as we are critically close to D Day. It is comforting to think that many other believers are willing to live and die for the truth in Jesus Christ.

I pray for you, your family and your Ministry. Thank you for all you have given and are giving.

In Jesus our dear Lord and Savior.

Your student

Response #1:

I'm very happy to hear of your successful repair (I was relieved to hear that you weren't actually trying to hop about on a literal pogo stick – we are 'of an age', after all, you and I) and safe trip home. Answered prayers there on both sides of the ocean. I do have some idea of what a "summer Christmas" would be like. I still remember my first one out in California in the USMC. Seventy and sunny was not what I was accustomed to as a Chicagoan, but I got used to it real quick. By contrast, had to keep the water trickling here in KY the last several days (warming up a bit now).

Everything everywhere over here seems to have slowed down for the moment – out of sheer exhaustion from a 2020 we'd all like to forget, I think. So we'll see what the site numbers do after the new year starts. I confess to letting down a bit myself the last couple of weeks. Soon that won't be an option (so I took advantage). Since eight months of relatively minor trauma proved a bit exhausting, I'll need to re-calibrate the amount of gas needed in the tank before having a go at seven years of bigger trouble (I think I may need a bigger tank).

Your kind words are always appreciated, my friend, as well as your godly frankness. You're input has been most valuable I know for a fact (and have had this confirmed by the testimony of others). Stay in touch!

Your friend in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Bob L.

Question #2:

Wondering how do I subscribe for emails?

Thank you

Response #2:

Good to make your acquaintance.

I have added you to my notification list. I only use this for announcements of major postings (so it might be some time before you get an email). If you are asking about the weekly postings (at the link), there is an RSS feed for that (see the link for details).  Sadly, many internet browsers today do not support RSS, so you may have to get an "add on" for your browser to get the feed to work (here's a link to one I found for Chrome, but I haven't tried it personally).

Do feel free to write back.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #3:

Dear Prof,

Trusting God as usual that you are doing fine and having a nice holiday. I just want to say merry Christmas (now in arrears) and a wonderful coming new year. This coming 2021 may be the worst year world wide but to us it will be the best in terms of opportunities to doing and actually doing His will. I believe that when all are saying there is a casting down we shall be saying there is a lifting up! May you and yours be blessed richly in 2021. May your ministry cause more stony hearts to be broken and prepared for the coming of the Lord.

I am expecting some funds with which I plan to start a radio program. It's a bit expensive but the Lord is more than able as long as it is His will. I'm still learning and coming to more knowledge of the truth which will stand me up when I have to answer questions as I have been doing but with a radio program it will become exponential. Left to me, I would never be prepared enough, but I'm looking to God to guide me especially through you.

Kindly pray for me along these lines sir. You and ichthys brought me to where I am today so that will be my launch pad. But I will keep you informed of every step. I need your counsel anyway!

One of the young men I talked to in the church some time back and introduced to ichthys (after some discussions) travelled to Denmark for masters program and got talking to some people over there. One woman there told him how she can't remember when she read a book that resonates so loudly with all that God has been revealing to her and she has been researching. (SR. Her words). "To find someone who has done all the research for me is like finding gold" She said he has no idea the kind of gift he gave her! She got busy printing the materials saying that when Antichrist comes, they will surely shut down the site and she can't afford to lose the materials she has seen there. I pray for more testimonies and changed lives.

Thanks Prof. The purpose of this missive is actually just to send compliments of the season.
The Lord keep you sir.

Response #3:

I rejoice in your courageous and godly attitude, my friend! Yes, we can be spiritually well even when the world is falling apart – if we are but willing to walk with the Lord through the Spirit day by day.

Thanks also for the encouraging report – and for your willingness to share the truth with others in such a generous fashion.

As to your radio show, that is indeed a very exciting development! I don't know much about that medium, but I do know that often times there will be an internet version too, so I would appreciate any links you may have for this. I'll certainly be praying for you about this, and also would be happy to post any info at Ichthys (or files - perhaps we could get it on the internet that way if there are digitalized recordings).

Wishing you and your family a blessed (in all circumstances) 2021!

Your friend in Jesus Christ our Lord,

Bob L.

Question #4:

Dear Professor

Just wanted to let you know I had a skype text chat with my “China” boy last night. He sent a foto of my little grandson. He has very fair skin and ginger hair - just like his mother. Would love to hug him, though I am very grateful to know they are all healthy and doing well.

Our eldest boy here went back to his work town place yesterday and texted me that his girlfriend’s Dad took him shooting yesterday which he thought was cool. So with a drive of the harvester and now a shoot he thinks the parents really like him, especially since they invited him to ‘swing by’ their farm on his way back to his diggings at work.

Our middle son has another shift this afternoon/evening at the sports centre. Gives him something to do and a few shekels to spend.

Yesterday I went out to water the fruit trees on the block and shoo a group of kangaroos away from leaning and eating the apple trees. All the apricots, the birds got out there, but in town here they have decided to share with us. Nice sharing some juicy apricots straight off the tree with my wife before breakfast today.

2020 was a bit surreal and exhausting. I was grateful to make it through health wise - I was on the ropes and am sure it was only that God spared me and answered prayers, some of which were yours, so thank you. My “China” boy thinks I should retire now to be away from the packed bus environment where inevitably there are sick students, even before they know it.

I am planing to line up for the flu shot before next flu season. Never had one before but my wife has one as routine as part of her job. I have read somewhere that with older folk the shot only works on about half the viruses out and about and the protection lasts only a few months (in comparison to younger people who stay immune to more viruses and for double the length of time). As a cop out, one would miss going through the Tribulation.

Another thought I had was that it would be blessed to be under the tutelage of Moses and Elijah. And then that escape through the mountains! I have yet to check it out thoroughly (and the German system doesn’t seem to make it easy) whether there is any Jewish descent in my mother’s family. Her maiden name appears to be Jewish to me, though her mother was of one of the Protestant faiths. As you say, we will be where the Lord wants us to be. Brings one down to earth.

Reading on past from the Tecarta verse of the day, I again came across Isaiah 4:1. I am sure I read somewhere your explanation but couldn’t find it. The NIV notes mentions the death of many more males during the Tribulation, leaving females wanting to be called after a man’s family name to take away their reproach. I will have another squizzy (look, hunt) of your site. Mormons were teaching that a man would be married to these women - same reason - death of many more males in war.

Nothing to hurry about. Enjoy your break from work. You certainly deserve a rest for a bit.
I still have a chat with my friend and pray for him. He has been a friend in some of my great times of need in years gone past. Amazing how our Lord provides just enough for us to prevail over our enemies and bad times.

All glory to Him who redeems us from a fate worse than death.

Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for all you do in your wonderful Ministry.

In Jesus our dear Lord and Savior.

Your student and friend

Response #4:

Glad you are caught up with your children, even if you couldn't see them all and their families this Christmas. Especially for those living in different countries that can be challenging under the best of circumstances – how much more so under present conditions. We are grateful for what we have.

Retirement: I've probably mentioned that I'm on the "feet first" plan here in Louisville. It takes more than good intentions and concern for health, after all, to make a go of it.

Flu shots don't seem to agree with me and my mom had the same problem. That's one reason why I'm personally reluctant about the v-.

It would certainly be better to depart for sanctuary at the Tribulation's mid-point! Anyone who has a "ticket" would be wise to use it. All of my (known) ancestry is Swiss-German, Scottish and English, so I won't be showing up at the "will call" window without an invitation. Whatever happens will happen. We know that the Lord's grace will be sufficient to get us through whatever He wants us to endure.

As to Isaiah 4:1, I think if I had been the one to do the verse dividing (it's late medieval in the case of the Old Testament), I'd have made the verse the last one in chapter three instead. This continues the judgment prophesied against the land of Judah during Isaiah's day. Of course we do have here a case of the "Day of the Lord paradigm" as indicated by Isaiah 4:2 which is definitely eschatological. So the prophesied dearth of men (from death in battle) will be fulfilled also during the Tribulation towards the end, just before the second advent. However, this is a prophecy of what will happen, not a recommendation of what should happen. We know that polygamy existed throughout the Old Testament, but it never ever had happy results and more often than not just the opposite. This prophecy is given rather to illustrate the judgment resulting in many deaths of military age (and thus marriage age) men because of the waywardness of Israel then and in the future.

Thanks for your update and encouraging words as always, my friend.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #5:

Dear Professor

Also hope you are having a good Christmas season with your family.

Around 37 C (the old 100 degrees Fahrenheit) here today. Good to have the old swampy (water cooler on the roof) working to keep us cool. It works out cheaper and better than the refrigerated air conditioning which we had installed but now rarely use.

I see what you mean about Isaiah 4:1 naturally following on from Isaiah 3:26. I agree.
In my ESV, verse 2 also begins with a new heading; The Branch of the Lord Glorified.

In reality I will not be able to retire completely. I was thinking that I may look for a quieter bus run, though you only need one person to gift you with the flu. Memory of this year’s long flu bout linger.

Here on the TV they are talking about a “v- passport”. Also I was mistaken about not ‘Q’ app registering at supermarkets. I found out yesterday when I did the shopping. It is just that I haven’t downloaded the app, so need to manually register (which I forgot to), but did manually register when I enrolled our son in swim lessons today, but I forgot to sign out when I left. Must be the ol’ timers syndrome! I suppose when the “real thing” (mark) comes in, no leeway will be tolerated. And the “perfect” “key” for entering/leaving, even breathing, always “at hand”.
You can see the appeal from a worldly view. Never forgetting.

Looks as though the USA is a world leader in deaths from Covid? Perhaps there may more resistance in your population once it has swept through while we may be on tenterhooks forever? I am not saying that any deaths are not disturbing- they certainly are - just wondering what the medium/long term will bring and will the v- be the cure we all hope it is. Nice to get back to “normal” for a bit before the real nasty time of Tribulation. At least it has given us a jolt and eyes to see how quick change occurs - and this is even before antichrist emerges onto the world stage. Good to have our hope not in this life, but in the life to come with Jesus our Lord. We certainly will see how powerless we are on the physical side so anyone only hoping in this life will certainly despair.

As I read from your writings, even things I have read before (and still learning), I realise how blessed we are to have you guided by our Lord to teach what is truly needed today. Yes, all scripture is profitable at all times. Also at this time your work on the Coming Tribulation and how we should behave is most salutary to our present predicament in using the little time remaining to spiritually prepare, and also to KNOW as Jesus has foretold us.

Yes, if they are giving out tickets just before the mid point I certainly would pay handsomely for a seat. However, the Lord decides all this beforehand, so we need not be too concerned wherever we are assigned to witness.

In the preamble (to the T), I am unsure what my reaction to a flu shot will be. My wife takes the immunisation rather well and suffers very little from the flu, hence I thought I might give it a shot before the next flu season. I will keep you in prayers that you take it well if required to.

You certainly are a great blessing the Lord has granted to us of little faith. Truly His mercy is great, as is His love. I pray we can feast upon the word in gratitude for all the Lord provides us.

Enjoy your rest before the new work year.

In Jesus our dear Lord and Savior.

Your student and friend

Response #5:

No air conditioning of any kind necessary here at the moment! Although today is much milder. Actually had to bat away a mosquito while having lunch the other day (must have gotten his hemispheres mixed up).

I still don't know anyone personally who's died of Covid. Saw a report yesterday of two individuals who died "of Covid" according to the official records. The fact that they had both sustained life-ending gunshot wounds did not prevent them being added from the tally.

The v-ion process here seems to be going quite a bit slower than many had hoped. I'm just happy that the prospect of it combined with the "fact" that almost no one got sick AT/FROM U of L means it's likely that I won't be forced into remote teaching in the swiftly approaching new semester. It would be nice to think that next fall things will be more or less back to normal, but given all that's happened it's probably best just to wait and see.

Your Q-app report is disturbing. Haven't experienced that yet here, but since the technology is readily available (and that will be more so the case with each passing day) and since people here have for the most part proved willing to be manipulated if properly terrorized, I'm not discounting it – or worse things – down the road. Yes, I do hope for some period of peace for all us believers to be able to get ready for the real trouble ahead. Best we take pains NOT to forget how difficult the dry run was, and take the hint to do what we can to get spiritually prepared ahead of time.

I do hope for you (and pray for you) a healthy new year and one that is not quite so taxing in other ways (an easier route sounds like a good plan).

Thanks as always for your kind words of encouragement, my friend.

Keeping you and your family in my prayers daily.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #6:

Hi Bob,

Your very welcome for the picture; the light is my favorite too. We were driving along the highway when we came around the corner, I said that the light was perfect and that it would make a great shot. He got out immediately and put the drone in the air before we lost it. It worked out perfectly.

Christmas was good here [details omitted]. Did you ever hear from ___ ?

I've had a bit of time to read more of your writings lately. Sure have enjoyed them. I really do think when the Tribulation begins we are going to be in a new era. I don't think life will be as it is now. If the earth shakes ( earthquake) and the lighting, sounds, etc., that tells me enough to know there will be tremendous change. Just the slightest snow or rain storm takes out electricity. Life as it now relies on it. We are in for a big change. However that may be God has a big plan.

Response #6:

Happy to hear Christmas went well!

I'm also impressed that you are "drone people"! I wouldn't want to try that in Louisville – lots of airspace problems (we are a UPS hub and the big jets fly over all hours of the day and night).

No, I never heard from ___, but that doesn't surprise me. Anyone who goes to seminary (and who WENT there years ago) is probably pretty comfortable in their own skin as to what they believe and with what they are doing – whatever that may be (at least that's been my experience). In any case, there aren't many out there in Laodicea who are very much interested in the truth to any depth. But it also sometimes takes folks a while to 'get around' to it, and I will definitely let you know if I hear.

You are right! I don't think people really have any idea how difficult and different the Tribulation will be. When you considers just how much trouble this "little bug" and the associated problems have caused, it makes you realize just how fragile everything "down here" really is. Good thing our hope is "up there" instead.

Happy new year's eve eve!

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #7:

Dear Prof,

Thanks for your prayers sir. Looking forward to 2021. I pray the Lord will go ahead of me and find me a resting place (Num 10:33) where I will be more useful to Him.

Sir, the young man I mentioned in (Denmark) had told me on WhatsApp chat about a week ago that he needed to talk to me, so I replied him that whenever he is ready, he should let me know so that I could call his mobile number. He did not but sent me a long chat a few minutes ago about his plans to begin a ministry focused on eschatology with the details of his "teaching" [omitted].

Prof, the guy is enthusiastic. I don't want to dampen his enthusiasm while at the same time I feel he still needs to be deeper. I would have wanted him to at least finish CT before this. He is just rounding up SR. (I may be totally wrong) I usually pray for him. He is a mercurial person. Handling questions may be the issue.

I need your counsel. Do I just make some corrections both to content and language of what he's shared (I have a thing for such "passable" language!) and send back? What do I tell him? Do I keep checking what he writes if he sends it to me? This is a new one for me Prof, and I don't want to stop or even slow down the word of God moving out but...I hope I don't blow it!

Thank you dear sir. I await your response.

In Him,

Response #7:

I do appreciate your humility in wanting to do everything in a godly way.

When it comes to situations like this, the basis of the relationship is important to consider. Since our friend sees you as a mentor, it is important that you never give him the impression that agree with something that is clearly wrong. My own advice would be indeed not to dampen his enthusiasm when that is not the case, but to "keep your powder dry" for situations and statements that really do need to be straightened out in terms of the truth. We all have our own ministries and ways of addressing things. And some people get to it right away (with the bumps and lumps that entails) while others are more deliberate (sometimes a little too deliberate).

It's wonderful to see your work bearing fruit!

Wishing you a happy new year's eve!

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #8:

Dear Professor

Yes that mosquito is one of ours. It is too hot, dry and windy here for her so she didn’t have a lot of choice than to go with the wind. Even the flies are dropping.

We had a few 40 C days while we were away though it has eased by a few degrees lately. Today I apologised at the swim centre for only signing in and for not signing out when I left yesterday. (I used the manual method like most of the rest of the patrons - sharing same pen, paper and germs freely). He said, “No need to sign out. The government only requires you to sign in. I know it doesn’t sound logical, but that is what they require.” Ours is not to reason why. Once you’ve signed in, you are in forever! Though we still sign in every time we attend.

Many, many years before Covid (and you might have a similar system) you tag onto public transport with a card and tag off when you leave a bus, train or ferry. You can have the funds come directly out of your bank account so as to never be out of credit. I have never loaded mine up with credit as there is no public transport to speak of in this small town (other than the town bus that I used to drive, and that only runs on school days at school start and finish times, and there was no “tag” system installed).

I suppose all these things are a good way of “tracking covid carriers” as they give exact times you use transport and your personal details are on encrypted into the card. The downside occurs if you lose your card, someone else could use it before you report it and have it deactivated. We are very quick here to go with the latest technology and it appears, anecdotally, the majority think any security proofing will only make things better, so the mark will seem to fit the bill perfectly.

Actually with our modern technology that most of us need to use we are pretty much “accounted for” and privacy is likewise a misnomer. When scandals “need” to occur here, “private” phone conversations are provided to authorities as well as emails.

As has been said so often; “If you have nothing to hide (who can anyway), you have nothing to fear.” [in all these things, keep in mind my former i/c’s favourite quote; “We do tell lies and are susceptible to bribes].

Last night our friendly former farmer dropped us off a pie he had baked, and he remarked that even non religious and non believing people can smell a rat in the current system. He suggested organised resistance, to which I explained this would be futile, dealing with the master of deceit who is prophesied to be successful in all he does, and even his apparent death, then “resurrection” only serves to solidify his claim to be the Christ. So even what may seem to be a worthwhile campaign by resistors will be entirely to his evil purposes.

The best approach is spiritual growth so that we may be faithful to the truth to our end. Overall, all things will be used by God for His divine purposes (notwithstanding the devils cunning).

I am enjoying the long summer school vacation break. Though half our Bible fellowship is away on vacation, I suggested we still meet this Saturday so I will have to get to and refine our lesson tomorrow. I said that even if our teacher is away (our original teacher will be here) we should still meet - we can share scriptures and strengthen and encourage one another. Next week we will pick up my grand daughter to stay with us for awhile and to give her grandma a break.

Thank you for your Ministry. I will be having another look to ensure I stay within what is written for the lesson. Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

In Jesus our dear Lord and Savior.

Your student and friend

Response #8:

At boy scout camp they always had a "buddy board" down by the lake (where swimming, life-saving, and canoeing were taught). Every scout had a "buddy tag", a circular piece of cardboard, which had to be placed onto the "in" side before going into the water and then put back on the "out" side once leaving lakeside. Both steps were very important to be able to find out in a hurry if anyone was missing and possibly drowning. Failing to take the tag out could produce a false alert; got you in trouble with the camp counselors but not with the government.

People may find the mark "convenient", but I rather think that instead it will have the religious connotations mentioned in the CT series more than anything else. People who embrace Satan and his son will be able to "feel good" about doing so with a tangible token of it – along the lines of the virtue-signaling BLM signs people put up over here today. And in contrast to the latter, where the practice is not ubiquitous enough to make those without signs stand out too visibly, not having the mark will be beyond obvious – not to mention that it will ban a person from normal commerce. But people will not be taking the mark out of convenience – they will do it out of fear and zeal, a horrific combination when blended together.

Thanks for the report and for your continuing fight on behalf of the truth, my friend!

Happy new year's eve!

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #9:

Dear Professor,

Happy New Year Sir. I thank the Lord immensely for leading us to you. Thank you for all you do. I can’t pray enough for you and I look forward to spending eternity with you in the presence of Our Lord.

Response #9:

Thank you!

I'm grateful for the two of you, very much so!

Thank you for being such wonderful representatives of Jesus Christ.

Wishing and praying for a blessed new year of good things to come.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #10:

Dear Professor

What a wealth of information you have on your site, including things that I have read before, yet I may not have used or delved into to any great depth.

I have been wandering around following links etc and relearning, getting so absorbed and thinking I had finalised my lesson for yesterday when in fact I hadn’t and had not printed my lesson out. Got by using what I had typed out on my computer.

I was pleasantly surprised that one of our regular families who I thought were away, turned up, as they are leaving this morning for their little 3 day holiday break. I notice we all have trials and that we unfortunately still can be labelled Laodiceans, certainly not coming anywhere close to complying with the commands in Deuteronomy 6:7-9. We read the entire chapter 6 - it is just that verses 7 to 9 put our duty into tangible tasks, and not abstracts (as “love” is often passed off as). It is what we do that counts. As I and others no doubt sometimes jest: “I thought of buying you a present, but I didn’t - it’s the thought that counts.”

Our FBT and family have for the most part relocated to the city, though doing some shifts in this town for the next couple of weeks. Since part of the review lesson was about hymns, I was pleased that our FBT pointed out that some of the words we had sung were not in scripture (I also had noticed this), and we discussed it for awhile pointing to the importance of getting it right.
According to my NIV Bible footnotes of Matthew 26:30, “the Passover Fellowship was concluded with the second half of the Hallel Psalms, Ps 115-118. I am always happy for others to point out obvious discrepancies (though I did not choose the hymns). Also happy to admit to “typos” of the verbal nature. Apparently I had attributed something Jesus had spoken in the synagogue and I said was fulfilled in Psalms when it was in Isaiah. FBT called a point of order and quoted Luke 4:16-21 which has Jesus reading from scroll of the prophet Isaiah. Nice to see people on the ball for the truth. There is also a fulfilment of many things quoted in the Psalms relating to our Savior.

I started the evening in a sad state of physical discomfort due to “multi-tasking” a couple of jobs late in the day so being in some pain. Blessedly the Lord lifted this burden for me to be able to cope. Must remember, as a wise counsellor of your name said, I am not quite as young as I used to be, and so one physical job at a time is plenty sufficient!

In out of lesson discussions I asked what the church that FTB is supporting teaches as regards to the rapture. They teach a pre-trib rapture. I remarked that not one scripture clearly teaches the pre-trib. He says, they say, taken together from scriptures scattered in the Bible one can teach a pre-trib position. As this conversation took place transitioning to the eating table I am trying to recall his reasons and scriptures.

I think 1 Thessalonians 4:17 was quoted. I brought up about people trying to use coming like a thief to justify their pre-trib position but Jesus also says this in Revelation 16:15 right near the battle of Armageddon. FTB says that some are raptured because they are of Philadelphian rather than Laodicean material (they have bucked the main trend of the era we are ALL in now).

Well I would like for FTB to put this church’s position in writing so that one may consider the veracity of it’s teachings with an appeal to the Bible. I am of the impression that this is not put forth in any understandable way so as not to be available for scrutiny. Also the impression that this may be to lump this teaching under the “banner” of Ephesians 4:13. That is, according to them, yet plenty of time to come to a unity of the faith (in these minor things). [ v.14 actually teaches us not to be tossed about by “windy doctrines.” Haven’t got a real lot of time to get this one absolutely right].

Many use this scripture (Eph.4:13) to say it does not matter that we have differences in the “minor” teachings as long as we agree on the “major” truths. I see it quite differently. ALL truth is important and this pre-trib position is, contrary to, “which way, any will do” position, quite harmful as I detect a glimmer of hope in those that “ do not lean towards the pre-trib position”, though it just MIGHT be true (Whew!)

Even though they “don’t believe in it strongly.” Co-incidentally the weather has been very windy the last few weeks.

I think it would be good for FTB to put the position of his sponsored church in the best Biblical focus and present it, rather than it hovering in the background. Let us reason together. Let’s call a spade a spade. I once or twice tried to read a book on the pre-Trib position and it nearly done my head in with “suggesting” what scripture might mean, instead of reading what scripture actually says. On the upside (only for the authors) novels can and do pay the bills.

Sometimes the truth frustrates me. The truth is people will believe almost anything, as long as it is NOT the truth. Disney and fairy tales have a lot to answer for here. Mingling truth with lies is an insidious art form Satan uses. Escapism is enticing, so should never be used as an alternative to the truth. Spell it out (using scripture), or chuck it out.

That’s just a little update to show that most of the issues of doctrine remain due to the alluring sin nature we struggle with and the craftiness of men.

If I do get an explanation for the said church’s belief I will share it with you. P.S. I do like how your explanations are all in writing! All the best thoughts and hopes for you in 2021.

I am keeping you, your family and Ministry in my prayers.

In Jesus our dear Lord and Savior

Your student and friend

Response #10:

One reason for avoiding specifics in argumentation is if one has no specifics to back up the argument (to state the obvious). Your challenge, "there is not one scripture" which clearly teaches it is very painful thorn in the side of all pre-Trib people – who take the scriptures seriously, at least. Because as you say, "I see it quite differently. ALL truth is important". Amen!

And "this one" matters a great deal because none of us would exert the same level of effort to get prepared for the Tribulation if we were convinced we'd never have to go through it. That's just human nature. So while some things are certainly not worth getting into schisms over (issues in the text of the genealogies of Chronicles, for example), this doctrinal divide is "no small potatoes".

Thanks for those prayers, my friend! Keeping you and yours in mine daily too.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #11:


I hope you are well. I've come to your website at times to get more understanding about the Bible, so thank you for your studies.

I just had a question about Revelation 7: 9 and onwards.

After this I looked, and behold, a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes, with palm branches in their hands,
Revelation 7:9 ESV

You may have answered this before but when looking at the multitude in Revelation 7 9, I then wondered how it goes with the other verses like:

I tell you, he will give justice to them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?”
Luke 18:8 ESV


“Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.
Matthew 7:13 - 14 ESV

I am sure this does all fit in, but I wondered if you had an explanation about the multitude - then what is said about few enter the narrow path and will there be faith on earth when Christ comes again. I'm wondering that over the many years there will be a multitude, but maybe now it is waning etc? So, it's basically trying to understand the multitude, and that - will there be faith on earth? And a few find the narrow gate. Anyway, I'm just always keen to understand if I can and wondered if you are able to help.

Many thanks.

Yours in Christ,

Response #11:

Great to make your acquaintance!

There are more things that have happened in history than we have any idea (as an ancient historian by trade and one who has always been interested in and a reader of history, I can attest to that fact). So just because "we" are not aware of instances of the gospel being shared in various and sundry places around the world at different times in the past does not mean that it wasn't. God was and is also certainly capable of sending heavenly messengers to those who desire the truth, after all, as we see Him do in scripture many times (e.g., Acts 10:1ff.).

Additionally and importantly, there has never been a tribe or people or place where there were not those who died early on in life, right out of the womb or before attaining what it is often called an age of "accountability". If a child dies at, say, three years old, it certainly would not be just for this child to be condemned since he/she did not have a chance to even contemplate mortality and the deity of our Lord of which the entire creation sings (Ps.19:1ff.; Rom.1:18ff.). So it is the case that all children who have died before this point have been saved automatically – which is well within the rights of God to do since Christ died for the sins of all (see the link: in BB 4B: "National Revelation and Accountability"). I fully expect that this may be the largest cohort of believers in the Church of Jesus Christ – and the description in Revelation 7:9 fits it to a tee.

Do feel free to write back if I've somehow missed the nub of your question.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #12:

Hi Bob,

Thanks so much for your quick response to my email. Much appreciated. Great to make your acquaintance too!

Thanks for your thoughts. That is true, there are so many things that have happened that we can't comprehend. And just because we're not aware of things doesn't mean it hasn't happened. I see that. I'm reminded of Job 38 here - for example:

“Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell me, if you have understanding. Who determined its measurements—surely you know! Or who stretched the line upon it?
Job 38:4 - 5 ESV

Sort of, how are we to fully comprehend everything. Ultimately it is to have faith in God, remain in Christ and know God's word is true. But I do see what you are saying about children who have died. And God is compassionate and loving. Yes I can see how this can be the largest cohort of believers. Thanks for the link you sent, I'll have more if a look at that too.

So do you think it's more a case of when people do know and are capable of coming to the Lord that often people then choose the wide path of the world?

But thanks for this, I'm just mulling it all over!

Thanks for your help with this.

Take care.

Yours in Christ.

Response #12:

As to "do you think it's more a case of when people do know and are capable of coming to the Lord that often people then choose the wide path of the world", it does seem to be the case that for most people in the history of the world, being given "more" of whatever (knowledge included) has not had the positive effect we who DO believe and respond would have hoped for. Satan, after all, was given absolutely the most of any creature in history. And the millennial population will have the best environment since the garden of Eden and the best of all things, knowledge included – yet most will reject the Lord and His rule and rebel as soon as they get the chance (Rev.20:7-10).

I will also say that God knows everything, and He knows what circumstances are best to bring those who would be willing to believe to the point of faith in Christ. God wants all to be saved (e.g., 1Tim.2:4), and He is absolutely just and righteous, so we may be sure that He has designed His plan, the perfect plan, the only plan that actually exists (the hypotheticals we may wonder about actually do not exist) for the salvation of all who are willing to use the image of God given them to respond to Him instead of resisting Him.

Thanks for your thoughtful comments!

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #13:

Happy new year, Bob!

Here's hoping and praying for a much BETTER 2021! No matter what lies ahead - how wonderful that we're one year closer to being with our dear Lord Jesus and our brothers and sisters.

Thanks so much for your patience and encouragement this week. The battle continues on and deepens today but the Lord is with me.

Hope you and your family have a lovely day!

In our dear Lord Jesus

Response #13:

Happy new year to you and yours too!

"Here's hoping and praying for a much BETTER 2021!" - Amen and Amen! As one wag put it, "more of a prayer than a wish this year!"

It is true that trouble does help us to focus on the great deliverance to come when "the things which God has prepared for those who love Him" will be revealed in glory (1Cor.2:9). That is the greatest comfort (2Cor.1:3-7).

It's been a great holiday! Taking advantage of the day – next week will be "interested" to say the least.

Your friend in Jesus Christ our Lord,

Bob L.

Question #14:

I've felt like I've really been in the firing line tonight. I've been bombarded . . . [omitted]

Response #14:

I'm encouraged by your resoluteness. Every hard decision we make which is also a good one will be challenged. The Lord allows this, no doubt, to test our resolve and also to demonstrate the genuineness of the decision. That is why those who believe in Him are mostly left here after salvation for at least a while, to show that our faith in Jesus Christ was genuine, or not.

They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us; but they went out that they might be made manifest, that none of them were of us.
John 2:19 NKJV

But the ones on the rock are those who, when they hear, receive the word with joy; and these have no root, who believe for a while and in time of temptation (or testing) fall away.
Luke 8:13 NKJV

This is not a salvation issue, of course, but it is a very important "life direction" one. Since the Lord has made it clear what He wants you to do, regardless of bombs exploding, you need to stick to your guns – confident that He will keep you safe.

In my prayers, my friend.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #15:

Hi Bob,

Try not to be distressed about anything - our Lord is right by our side and in control of everything! (1 Peter 5:7, Phil. 4:6-7)

The universities here did do the same last semester. I read today that there is still some face to face learning for courses like medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, education (initial teacher training) etc. Students on other courses are starting their term online - they say until at least mid-February.

I'm feeling fine after my flu jab yesterday. My arm just feels a tiny bit achy but I can hardly notice it so that's good. Today at work we were all given a box full of Covid test kits. They are lateral flow tests and we have to use them ourselves at home. We have to do two tests a week and record the results online. I'm not sure how accurate the results are but they come through in about 15 - 30 minutes. So interesting times at the moment - needles in my arm and swabs up my nose! I hope they haven't got any more delights planned for us.

I've been feeling pretty exhausted after all that stuff. It's amazing how much it takes out of you. I think I need to make sure I look after myself and catch up on some sleep.

I'll let you know when I'm going to get my Covid shot. It won't be for a while yet - I think we come after those aged 80 and over and care home staff and residents. Thanks for your prayer on that, - I'll be ready with my personal report!

Hope everything is still going okay for you this week.

Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

In Jesus our dear Lord and Saviour

Response #15:

Great to hear that you're doing OK! Last flu shot I had (many years ago) didn't bother the arm too much either. It was some weeks later when I started feeling "flu-ish" . . . and it lasted all winter long.

Yes, emotionally draining situations like the one you've been subjected to are very hard on us physically as well. So it would be good to be extra careful with all you've got going on.

I got down to the uni today and did all my photocopying and various and sundry other "first day" preps. Dealt with a number of work issues over email too – but I didn't see anyone except our admin person who is there mornings only (working remote in the afternoons). It was good to get the lay of the land before next week. I know Monday next will be a bit more palatable as a result.

Keeping up those prayers, my friend! Keep me in the loop.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #16:


Response #16:

Emotional wounds are easily re-opened. It's easy to forget that down the road when one THINKS that they have moved on completely with things. That is why it's so important to back out and back off at the first sign of trouble (sort of like with temptations that are particularly difficult). The more we can dis-invest from such things, the better. That is particularly true where family is concerned because there it is often impossible to do a complete break, even when that would be the best thing. Coming to terms with our emotions is always a challenge in the Christian life. We have to learn how to lead them and not be led by them. If we are doing what is right, we always need to be very stern regarding our emotions when they try to make us feel guilty. If we have hashed it out and come to the conclusion that course X is the godly course and for the best in every way, then we need to suppress false guilt – the devil always challenges our good decisions, and making us feel guilty is one of his key tactics. We do have a right to regulate our own feelings, but it takes effort and discipline to do so (a bit like knowing you need to lose weight and still having a hard time with eating less). God helping us, we will do so, however, and overcome this obstacle by the Spirit of God as we have overcome all the rest – to the glory of Jesus Christ.

Please be extra careful with your health in the meantime, my friend. Over here we have "sick days" and I don't know of anyone who hasn't occasionally taken one for the sake of "mental health".

Keeping you in my prayers.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #17:


Response #17:

In my personal experience, there are a LOT of people out there who LOVE "drama". And family drama seems to this sort to be the most rewarding kind. Some even get addicted to it. This is basically gossip with an edge that stings because it's directed at people with wounds which are easily reopened. Yes, staying clear away would be a good idea in my opinion.

We do indeed have to "own it"; that is the only way to get anywhere in the spiritual life (or life in general).

Glad to hear you have a little time off to rest back up. That is critical. People generally push themselves – if they are truly good people – beyond the safe line and only then realize that's what they've done. It's prudent to stop before we cross that line.

Monday should be interesting. Got our first snow of the season here today. Those who are tele-teaching and learning don't have to worry about such things. I'm glad it came today instead of on my first day back! Very pretty, but not what you want to have to cope with on the first Monday morning of the semester.

Keeping you in my prayers, my friend!

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #18:

Hi Bob,

Hope all is well, and you are in a good rhythm.

In the Zechariah verse, Scripture makes it seem like the 1/3 of the Jewish people will make it through the Tribulation while Isaiah makes it sound like only a 1/10 will make it through the Tribulation.

Zechariah 13:8-9 (NASB) 8 “It will come about in all the land,”
Declares the LORD,
“That two parts in it will be cut off and perish;
But the third will be left in it.
9 “And I will bring the third part through the fire,
Refine them as silver is refined,
And test them as gold is tested.
They will call on My name,
And I will answer them;
I will say, ‘They are My people,’
And they will say, ‘The LORD is my God.’”

Isaiah 6:13 (NASB) 13 “Yet there will be a tenth portion in it,
And it will again be subject to burning,
Like a terebinth or an oak
Whose stump remains when it is felled.
The holy seed is its stump.”

The explanation I can think of is that Isaiah says that overall of all the Jews who start the Tribulation 1/10th will make it through, while Zechariah speaks about Armageddon with a third of the Jews who start the siege making it all the way through. I doubt this explanation is right so I’m keen to hear your view on these two passages.

In our Lord,

Response #18:

I don't think we can be specific about the 1/3 since it says in your quote that this part will be brought through fire and refined (indicating a further winnowing and reduction). I think these passages are companions to the following which makes the situation clear:

"Now, son of man, take a sharp sword and use it as a barber’s razor to shave your head and your beard. Then take a set of scales and divide up the hair. When the days of your siege come to an end, burn a third of the hair inside the city. Take a third and strike it with the sword all around the city. And scatter a third to the wind. For I will pursue them with drawn sword. But take a few hairs and tuck them away in the folds of your garment. Again, take a few of these and throw them into the fire and burn them up. A fire will spread from there to all Israel."
Ezekiel 5:1-4 NIV

Also, there is Israel and there is "Israel". We know from Romans that "not all Israel is Israel" (Rom.9:6), because only believers are members of the Church – and many of those who do end up believing of those who go into the Tribulation will only do so AFTER Christ returns (and thus not be members of the Church but of the Friends of the Bride). And it's also the case that of those who do survive and who are regathered that some will not be allowed to enter the land because of continuing, stubborn unbelief (link).

So these numbers are meant to express the small percentage of the remnant, both contemporaneously and eschatologically.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #19:


There may others, or just me, that is still a little confused on Satan's physical roll in the end.
Where is Satan now, he's in heaven. Rev 12.7 states he's there and starts a war. so Defacto he's there. His influence of sin and lawlessness is down here already working, djure. During the end times, actually the physical antichrist is already here, just not revealed yet. The antichrist is the beast, (sea) comes up out of the people a political power person, with a beast system. The second beast ie the false prophet, both of these are and will have a human form appearance to us. Tho at times I did think this second beast (earth) came up out of hell , a demonic being, maybe satan's offspring son cain. but the confusion after Satan's physical arrival, after the war in heaven, does he take direct physical procession of the antichrist or false prophet. ? these two physical forms are thrown directly into the lake of fire, as soon as Lord Jesus return. Satan locked down. there is no 3rd power broker or beast, and satan is not about to share power or glory. rev. 13.2 The dragon (satan-devil) gave him his power ,authority, seat, this is the antichrist having power. so where is defacto satan in all this. I am missing something. please point out where I am confused I am on your study lessons , and this one point has got me confused. The antichrist will and his setting up the OWO and soon they will HQ in Rome. the biggest indication of the antichrist sounds like the pope himself. Will satan take procession of him ?

Response #19:

Mostly I agree with what you've written here. A couple of points of clarification (and do write back if I miss something you have questions about).

1) The devil moves freely between heaven and earth at present:

And the LORD said to Satan, “From where do you come?” So Satan answered the LORD and said, “From going to and fro on the earth, and from walking back and forth on it.”
Job 1:7 NKJV

In the verse above we see Satan present in heaven (where he makes a practice of accusing believers) but relating his roaming over the earth. The devil is "the prince of the power of the air" (Eph.2:2), meaning that while he has wrested some degree of control over the earth from mankind at the fall, he is not properly "of the earth" so that this control while extensive (see link SR 4), is limited by God (otherwise we'd all be long since dead).

2) Revelation 12:7 details the expulsion of Satan and his followers from heaven. After that point – the mid-point of the Tribulation – the devil's access to heaven is cut off and he will no longer be able to accuse believers before the Lord.

Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say: "Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Messiah. For the accuser of our brothers and sisters, who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down."
Revelation 12:10 NIV

3) There are demons all around (Eph.6:12), but they cannot be seen. The same is true of Satan when he is here and not busy accusing us before the Lord. During the Great Tribulation, all fallen angels will be operating on earth, having been cast from heaven entirely and restricted from leaving earth – but their function / method of operation will be as it has always been, just more intense "because the time is short" (Rev.12:12).

4) Antichrist is only half human (Gen.3:15), and it would not surprise me if the same is true of the false prophet and possibly the ten kings as well (nephilim); scripture does not say explicitly. It is true that uniquely among those born the false prophet along with the beast is cast into the lake of fire immediately at the second advent with no further adjudication mentioned but only summary execution (a fact which argues for the false prophet not being fully human either).

5) As to possession, it is not necessary for fallen angels to possess bodies in order to be present and operate on earth – but they do obviously prefer this (cf. Matt.12:45; Lk.11:26). Whether or not the devil possesses the body of his son, antichrist, during the Great Tribulation is not stated, but either way the beast will be doing Satan's will.

6) Rome has nothing to do with anything (neither the city nor the papacy). The RC church is just one of many false religions which the devil will employ (link) in bringing all religion together to worship him in unison (with only genuine faith in Christ – which is NOT a religion – excepted).

Hope this answers your questions – do feel free to write back.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #20:

Interesting. yes, I remember book of JOB, and Satan walking up so it does lean to he still has access. This helps clear a lot up. But main point , if satan has a front guy, ie the antichrist ok but at mid point, when the antichrist reveals I am god and have returned. satan want to be worshiped and people bow down to him. wouldn't satan himself want this all to himself. meaning there is an antichrist and satan. ? that would leave a antichrist, a false prophet and satan. sooner or later, satan was to stand in that temple and play god, what hes wanted for ages. he wants to tell people he can rapture you out of here. a death sentence to any Christian, handing their children up to death. antichrist is heading up the political system OWO confederation. the powerful false prophet is calling down fire, causing people to receive a mark. these two figures are taken and thrown into lake of fire, alive right then. what is satan doing during all this time. we know what brain trust tern means. I know satan is running the show, pulling the strings, what defacto figure is he playing out ... if he's all the parts, that's got me confused. 2 figures we think we see, run and control things, are thrown in the lake. satan interned into Judas. worked his evil deed then bailed out. I think satan will do same to the antichrist and false prophet, then bail out at Christ return. the two willing participants antichrist and false prophet are thrown into lake. so in away, satan is all the parts.

Response #20:

The devil is definitely involved. It's his "counter plan" to the Plan of God, after all. He did possess Judas for a time – and most definitely influenced him (as Satan does personally and through his emissaries and through his world system all the time; link SR 4). The beast is the devil's physical seed and the false prophet is the prophet for antichrist and the devil. They are all different, however. There is no comparison to the Trinity where God is "One". These three are distinct and all different with the pecking order being very clear as well: the devil, the beast, the false prophet, and with a big drop off at each stage.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #21:

Hi Bob,

Thanks so much for your encouragement! It was great to share with you how the Lord brought me through. It was a really tough one and I know He will do the same for me when the next test comes along!

I'm sure you've heard that we're into another national lockdown over here. They say because of the speed at which the new variant of the virus is spreading and that it's between 50 - 70% more transmissible. The number of cases are the worst they've been so far. All schools, colleges and universities are having an "extended period of remote learning" as from today.

[omitted] I have no real worries personally about the v- and so I'm happy enough to have it. My boss said his wife has just had hers (she works in a hospital) and she's fine too - no side effects. So that's five people I know of now.

They were also recommending that we have the flu v- because of the job that we do. I wasn't going to bother at first but then decided to go ahead and I phoned the doctors today to make an appointment. They offered me one this morning. I wasn't quite expecting it that soon but I went along and got zapped! I feel fine right now but it's my first ever flu jab so we'll see how I go in the next couple of days.

Crazy Covid times but it's so good to have the Lord's complete peace in my heart. Hope you had another good day, easing back into work.

Keeping you all in my prayers!

In our dear Lord Jesus

Response #21:

I have heard that you're having a tough time of it over there. But unless a person deliberately digs, the "news" (or what passes for that) here in the states is very much inward looking. I used to tape the BBC World News, but they mostly gave US news too! And were just as biased as US outlets and in the same corrupt direction.

I am distressed to hear the RATE of infection and even more so to hear that instruction at universities is all-remote. Of course, if memory serves, they did that last semester too (even though it wasn't as much justified by events). I'm sure hoping it won't happen here. I've just now today posted my syllabi and emails my students about our "face to face" classes that will start next Monday. I do have to have a quarter of my classes remote; that will begin on Fridays from the third week onward and make my quota.

Glad to hear that you are being correctly classified . . . finally. Of course it would be a case of total ignorance of history to assume that governments would get all this right and immediately so. v- distribution here is lagging behind expectations. Things haven't come off quite so smoothly. What a surprise (not). I'm also happy to hear that you've heard no reports of problems and will be getting yours soon. I'll say a prayer for you for that – thanks in advance for your personal report!

Keeping you and yours in my prayers, my friend.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #22:

Hello Bob,

I seem to have entered another trial on the heels of the last. Is it usual for them to be very close together and back to back?

I fear that the "break" I took to recover, it is as I feared that the enemy has launched a surprise attack on me while the troops are in the medical tents being nursed better. I already feel worn out from before so now it is hard as the attack is focused on ME and my energy is depleted..

I will do as I only know how to. I will knuckle down on my study and reading again. I was reading the bible everyday as well as reading a page from your site and a pastor Omo video [link] a day before but all of that went out the window again. I guess because I am still reeling after the last battle, I have started out on this one badly as I feel I did fairly well with the last one.

Today I intend to get back to my study again and seek that calm peace I feel when I am in the Spirit.

When you say that a good OFFENCE is better than DEFENCE, what do you mean by this? I realise that at the moment the devil has me on the retreat and is swooping down at me and I'm trying to defend myself whilst running away which I know is a terrible strategy.

Today I will calm down, seek a quiet space and regroup. I will get all my study materials together and do a study plan for every day and try to stick to it. Would this be a good offence?

Eph 6:12
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

On a happier note, I have invested in a Hendrickson's Audio Bible so that I can listen to Scourby's reading of the KJV on a pre-loaded MP3 player. I find that listening to a book that I have already read a few times really helps.

I hope as always this email finds you and yours in good form and fighting fit.

In Jesus, the Light of the World.

Response #22:

Surprise attacks from the evil one . . . should come as no surprise. But we needn't feel despondent about BEING attacked – in fact that's a deadly mistake. It doesn't matter if the attack is a result of divine discipline or a wonderful compliment (à la Job). We need to respond the same way, with joy in the Lord (Phil.4:4; 1Thes.5:16). This is what you are doing, so rejoice in Him and His truth, my friend, and in your clear growth in that truth.

Yes, by "offense" I do mean moving forward with spiritual growth, progress and production – exactly what you are doing.

". . . and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."
Matthew 16:18b KJV

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.
p.s., the Scourby rendition is great!

Question #23:

Dear Teacher-

Please forgive the long delay in updating you on my prayers requests. I didn’t really have the kind of time necessary for correspondence while guests were about, and then the New Year got off to a running start (it feels like it must already be a month in!). Quite a bit has happened, but I will try to be clear, concise, and appropriately selective!

[details omitted about things going better spiritually in the quest to reach family members through the truth]. God is so good and is working so much in all of this! Believe it or not, I haven’t even told the half of it!

Thank you, as always, for the ministry of Ichthys and the weekly connection to other believers through their email postings. You and all of those brothers and sisters are ever in my prayers.

Your student in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Response #23:

This is great news, my friend!

I am sorry that things haven't been completely "fixed" but then again the Lord does often work things out over time, and for very good reasons (even if we don't always see them at first).

This is a wonderful testimony, not just the answer to prayer but your "reading" of the spiritual situation on all levels. I hope you will consider allowing me to post it as I think it would be an encouragement to others (without names, of course).

Always wonderful to hear from you!

Keeping you and yours in my prayers.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #24:

Dear Teacher-

Just reviewing some previous reflections before getting back into my more intense Bible study time after the interruptions that started this year. I feel compelled to share this entry (unedited) from a few weeks ago, after reading the account of Abraham’s life in Genesis. It ends up touching on what made 2020 a personally great year, which I referenced in talking about last Thanksgiving being the “Thanksgiving-est.” (I wasn’t intending another lengthy email so soon after my prayer request updates, but somehow whatever I feel prompted to share with my dad also seems good to share with you!)

‘For some time it has puzzled me to ponder God’s fingerprints all through my life, even long before the time I would identify as when I truly believed (i.e. a saving faith). When was I actually saved? I’m coming to realize that, to an eternal God, that question simply makes no sense. I may actually have to live my journey in time, but from His perspective I’ve always been saved (in a manner of speaking). Because He could see that I had the heart to turn to him in faith, He was always there, lining everything up in my life to be prepared to surrender to him and grow into the person He would have me be doing the service He would have me do. I may not understand why He didn’t line things up for me to turn to Him sooner, but I can rest assured it was right on schedule! And it should not surprise me now to see that he was always there! He was there when, as a child, I never doubted that “Jesus Loves Me” (though I had no inkling of what that really meant). He was there when, as a college student, I began to seek Him (though it was motivated more by guilt at the time). He was there when, as a wife and a mother, I frantically sought a conversion experience (though it was approached according to human understanding). He was there when, as a confused and lost sinful woman, I turned and try to pretend I didn’t believe in Him (though “Jesus Loves Me” occasionally echoed in my heart). He was there when, as a saddened and guilt-ridden daughter who just lost her mom, I tried to find my way to Him in all the wrong ways and became disillusioned (though my heart told me something had to give). And He was there when, wandering way out in the desert following the moon, trying to make my own way, being my own god, in the most unlikely of circumstances, doing the most unlikely of things, I was deposited at the foot of the Cross with faith! But that was only the beginning of the real journey. I set out with just His Written Word, trying to listen for His still, small voice, and following where I thought He was leading me. I doubted it was real, but the improbability of it kept me pressing on in faith. I felt my complete unworthiness, but the improbability of the timing kept me pressing on in faith that Jesus’ blood cleanses even me. I wondered if I was going the wrong way, but the improbability of the circumstances kept me pressing on in faith that the same Spirit Who preserved me and led me unexpectedly to the Cross would somehow continue to guide me. In spite of doubts and misunderstandings and mistakes and distractions and worldliness and continuing sin, that faith was real. That faith led me back to the well of God‘s Word every day. That faith led me back to conversation with Him every day. That faith led me back to surrender to His Will every day. And eventually that faith allowed me to begin letting go of the things I thought I was supposed to do, the things that I thought were of benefit to my walk, the things that I thought I needed, just in time for the great next great leg of the journey. In His perfect planning, God set everything up so that, just as the world was closing down, I was truly opening up! As the world was being restricted, I was being freed! As the world was scrambling for “normal,” I was finding the extraordinary! In the solitude, in the stillness, in the silence... Away from demands, away from distractions... God was leading me to the better part, the one thing needful - to sit at the feet of Jesus and listen only to Him, going when He told me to go and staying when He tells me to stay, allowing Him to empty and refill me again. Walking in faith...’

Light shines in the darkness, and it seems even brighter the darker it is! May we continue to wear our “God-tinted glasses” so we can continue to see His Light in the growing darkness and shine it on those around us...

Your student in Christ Jesus our Light,

Response #24:


What a great testimony – and a brilliant perspective: "from His perspective I’ve always been saved". Amen!

I know this will be an encouragement to many others too.

Thanks for being a bright light in this dark time.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #25:

You're welcome brother.

Thank you kindly for the footnotes for a quick reference. What I glean from the lack of concrete evidence both for the death of Herod and The Birth of Christ is that The Lord has purposely obscured these so as to catch folks by surprise when He Returns, The Parable of the watchful servants come to my mind. The more I try to unravel the mystery the more confusing it gets online. The only thing I have been pondering is if The Lord was actually born between 5 and 6 BC if indeed Herod died by 4 BC, then the tribulation would have start 5 years earlier (this very year 2021). Either way we will know when it commences as you always write. With all the video streaming technologies doing the rounds worldwide I will expect to find a video steam of two weird looking guys witnessing in sackcloth in the Judean wilderness shot by some random person.

On a serious note, I tried looking up the document online by W.E Filmer but it is locked up for want of a $50 subscription, so I gave up. You have already done the research so I will lay this to rest there.

Thank you again for the quick reference links. I appreciate them. You have a blessed day ahead brother Bob.

Response #25:

Attaching a copy of Filmer's article here. Another very good book on this subject is Harold W. Hoehner's 'Chronological Aspects of the Life of Christ' (Grand Rapids 1977); he does a nice job surveying the various issues involved – not that I agree with all of his conclusions.

Ancient history is a tricky business. There are other issues beyond the date of Herod's life. Lots of moving pieces and they ALL have to fit. The truly unavoidable date is that of Luke 3:1, "the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar" (28/29 A.D.) as the beginning of John's ministry which began six months before that of our Lord who was "about thirty" (meaning just on the point of turning thirty) when He was baptized by John (Lk.3:23) sometime therefore around December of 29 A.D. Add three and a half years to this and we get the spring of 33 A.D. as the date of the cross and resurrection. Add 2,000 years and we get 2033 as the date of the second advent. Subtract seven years and we get 2026 as the start of the Tribulation – in the fall, however (the "half hour of silence" being the six month interlude of peace before hand).

I was never any good at math, but this is pretty simple stuff.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #26:


I have another issue that I have been chewing on recently, and this is whether the “locusts” plague is visible to the inhabitants of the earth or not. Since you say that the 200 million demonic horsemen are invisible to the world (although their effects are not), can you show me the evidence that pushed you to make the conclusion that the seventh trumpet is invisible but the demonic locust plague is not? Personally, when reading it I see little evidence to make a position either way.

In our Lord Jesus Christ,

Response #26:

Revelation chapter nine describes the locusts as actual locusts, namely, creatures that do actually exist on earth. So even though these of course do have a supernatural origin, the fact that they are discernible creatures tells me that they are visible. The horses and the horsemen are also described in detail, but these riders are clearly demonic. There is no parallel in scripture for demons ever being visible, much less a vast army of them.

At any rate, this is always how it has seemed to me in reading this passage – so the Spirit has confirmed it for me many times.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #27:

Hi Bob,

I do not presently agree with your conclusion based on the evidence given, but I appreciate the reply nonetheless because it helps tremendously in clarifying my own thoughts on the matter. If you would like to see my point by point analysis I will send it to you in a word document, but only if you want to. I have another question on a verse I have asked you before because it is so difficult.

Revelation 6:8 (NASB) 8 I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth.

If the "beasts" are the antichrist and the false prophet then why does it call them "wild" and "of the earth" especially since antichrist rises from the sea (Revelation 13:2)? I lean towards your interpretation on this but those caveats of "wild" and "of the earth" throw me off.

Response #27:

You're certainly entitled to your own opinion. So do you see the locust as invisible? Never heard of that before in the Bible. Do you see the demon horsemen as visible? I don't know of a biblical precedent for that either.

As to "wild", that is a way to expand the translation of 'therion' – which is a beast or animal, mostly "wild" (cf. "panther" which means "total-beast") as opposed to domesticated (but there is no additional modifier present in the Greek). As to "of the earth", that is the place of their authority and activity – important to add since "death and Hades" are not visible presences on earth (especially the later which is not "on earth" but under it).

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #28:

Dear Teacher

I am very glad that you found it useful. Please do publish it. Any feedback would be helpful in my own understanding.

I'm also very happy that the Lord is providing you with options. For me, I think the silver lining may be that we will not be forced to take the v-. I have little inclination to taking it unless I am forced to do so. If a normal traditional v- shows up though, maybe I'll revisit the issue then.

Your student in Jesus Christ

Response #28:

That seems reasonable to me too, my friend. I understand that there are "normal" whole or dead virus v-s in development, but whether or not they will be available any time soon is questionable. Seems to me that we're trying to cure a bad variant of the common cold here, and, well, that has been problematic for a long time.

In Jesus,

Bob L.

Question #29:

Thank you brother for the book links. I have bookmarked it. I am incomplete agreement with you on the "tricky business" part. I am aware of your dates but just that I was being jostled fairly recently. Thank you kindly for copying it here.

I have been busy and am so far behind on my emails. I need prayers as I am currently exposing false teaching about events surrounding the tribulation days. Here is my recent post that is gaining traction in Arnold Murray's Shepherd's Chapel Facebook Groups please correct me if I am wrong about this one There is false teaching in Christian churches today (especially Shepherd's Chapel in AR. I was removed, without any explanation from Scripture, from their fb group because I continued to expose their false doctrine! (Ephesians 5:11 ) They are being misled en masse' The group sadly chooses to place man's lofty yet faulty opinions above The Word of God ) and members choose to believe that nobody will be put to death except the two witnesses during the tribulation days! Angry members unable to refute behave like "Cultists" - - If only the two witnesses are put to death and nobody else is killed when the antichrist reigns explain this to me Revelation 13:15, ESV: "And it was allowed to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast might even speak and might cause those who would not worship the image of the beast to be slain." I proof text... Do ya'll do that too? Aren't we all called to be like them Beareans? You Reckon Read what The Lord Jesus Christ Himself Said in "John 16:1 through 4 " 1. All this I have told you so that you will not fall away.2. They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, the time is coming when anyone who kills you will think they are offering a service to God. 3. They will do such things because they have not known the Father or me. 4. I have told you this, so that when their time comes you will remember that I warned you about them."? Ok, Now, Read this Revelation 20:4. We are told that" True Christians" (messianic jews included & Why? Read Ephesians 2: 14 - 22! & Galatians 3:28 ) will not receive the mark. Read this "Then I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was given to them. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony of Jesus and because of the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received the mark on their forehead and on their hand; and they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. (Revelation 20:4) (NASB) So, We are clearly told that those who do not receive the mark will be beheaded. We are not told how many Christians will die. (Cf. Matthew 24: 9-14 ) We know that some "Christians" will not be killed and will live to meet The Lord Jesus in The Clouds True Christian Believers WILL NOT worship the beast and WILL REJECT his mark. The potential penalty for this freewill choice will be Death. Only God knows who will die to RECEIVE THE MARTYR'S CROWN because they chose to refuse the mark of the beast to protect their Testimony for Jesus AGAIN Three times we have been told that Christians must refuse the mark of the beast in the earlier narrative! It is a choice they will have to make. No Christian will be automatically protected. It would serve well to remember It all boils down to freewill choices while on the earth! The reason why OSAS is a satanic lie OSSS rather is the correct doctrine! (ONCE SAVED STAY SAVED.) TAKE THE WHOLE COUNSEL OF GOD Acts chapter 20

Thank you brother We Love you!

In our Matchless Lord Jesus

Response #29:

It's my pleasure, my friend.

It's hard to know what counsel to give in debating people who won't accept the Bible at face value, e.g.:

"Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake."
Matthew 24:9 NKJV

"If anyone is to go into captivity, into captivity they will go. If anyone is to be killed with the sword, with the sword they will be killed.” This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of God's people.
Revelation 13:10 NIV

But you are doing as good a job as anyone could!

There's a lot more at the link at Ichthys, "The Great Persecution".

Keeping you in my prayers in Jesus Christ,

Bob L.

Question #30:

Hello, Bob,

I pray all is well with you and yours and all are safe and unaffected by the current pogram. I hope your tech adventures expire painlessly. "Anyone can make a mistake, but it takes "high" tech to totally foul things up." And, yes I remember that iron was high tech at the time and completely changed the world. (Was it good?) The printing press was another. (The printed word still has many advantages over the world wide web:)

Yours in our Lord,

Response #30:

"Anyone can make a mistake, but it takes "high" tech to totally foul things up." – love it!

As mentioned before, tech is just another word for magic as far as scripture is concerned:

"Keep on, then, with your magic spells and with your many sorceries, which you have labored at since childhood. Perhaps you will succeed, perhaps you will cause terror. All the counsel you have received has only worn you out! Let your astrologers come forward, those stargazers who make predictions month by month, let them save you from what is coming upon you. Surely they are like stubble; the fire will burn them up. They cannot even save themselves from the power of the flame. These are not coals for warmth; this is not a fire to sit by. That is all they are to you— these you have dealt with and labored with since childhood. All of them go on in their error; there is not one that can save you."
Isaiah 47:12-15 [the Lord addressing mystery Babylon]

It's certainly harder to collect and destroy written books than it is to blast someone you don't like completely off of the internet – if you have that power (as some clearly do).

As to "good?", I don't think much of anything that has happened in the world since Adam and Eve got themselves ejected from Eden has been good – unless it came directly from God: the cross, the Bible, the Church. It's a very short list, but it's the only list which really matters.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #31:

Hello Dr. Luginbill,

Yesterday, I just happened on this person who said this before they spoke:

"We will make some declarations because God's angels are standing by to fulfill them".

I encountered another person some years ago, who was a Charismatic and they believe from this one scripture in Pslam's 103:20, that we have the "authority" from God, according to this verse, to declare things to the angels, and they will perform whatever we declare to them.

This to me is the height of blasphemy, and arrogance, taking God's Word to fit what they would like to have. Can you give me your thoughts on this and the verse quoted?

The person that I mentioned first, is touted as a prophetess. They are a dime a dozen, and a multitude said, "God spoke to me and said that our current President will definitely be reelected again. Well.....!!!!!!!

Boy, you can know that I run into some real lemons and deal with some also.

Thanks again for all your help.

Also, who is the personage in Rev. 9:1 who is referenced as a star who was given the key to the bottomless pit?

I was also sent a teaching, well they say it is, on the Book of Revelation in the form of a chart in which it depicts the Seven Trumpets duration as 7 months, and is the last things that happen in the Great Tribulation. They quote Rev. 11:15 as their proof.

Well, we know that is incorrect.

Blessings to you always,

Your friend,

Response #31:

Don't get me started on the charistmatics.

As I have often remarked, Laodicea is not interested in the Bible, not interested in the truth. So what are Laodiceans interested in? Substitutes for the truth. When the truth is neglected, a substitute will always take it's place. Some have gone in for high ritual (which explains mainline Protestant denominations resembling the RC church more and more day by day), some have turned the church into essentially a rock concert venue, and others have gone in for this emotional excitement stuff, speaking in tongues, prophesying, casting out demons. Now they're giving angels orders too? Doesn't surprise me. One might point out that in the verses that follow all of creation is commanded to "bless the Lord" – so I suppose they can make Jupiter and Saturn collide if they wish. We wait in expectation.

Keep up the good work for Jesus Christ, my friend! Some one has to be shining a light on all this darkness.

In our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #32:

Hi Bob,

Thanks so much for your emails and for the ones posted this week. It was interesting to read them and I've learnt a lot more about the v-s.

I'm afraid I haven't got such good news for you today. We had our official email sent to work today to book an appointment for our v-. We have two choices of hospital to go to and both are giving the Pfizer v-. So after everything I've learnt through the emails and preferring the Oxford / AstraZeneca v- I'm pretty disappointed about this.

The only other thing I could do would be to wait until it's time for my age group to be called but we're way down on the list. I'd be putting myself at more risk because of the job that I do by leaving it.

So right now I have a choice of the Pfizer v-, or to wait or to have no v- at all. I honestly thought I'd have the opportunity to walk just up the road from where I work and get the Oxford / AstraZeneca v-. I'd have booked an appointment straight away.

So I don't know - think I need your prayers. It's all pretty draining.

Your friend in Jesus

Response #32:

It is draining. I had pretty much decided just to go ahead with it . . . until I got the email that leads off this week's posting [1/16 Eschatology Issues 59 link], then asked some people whom I trust who know a little something about such things and also did some of my own research.

I think the "problem" is that none of these things, including I'm sorry to say, the Oxford one, is really a "v-" in the traditional sense. Instead, all three hijack our own cells to produce Covid particles to build up immunity (Oxford has similar problems; it just introduces the genetic material in a different way). If this approach had ever been used so extensively on humans or if there had been any animal trials or toxicology studies I'd be less concerned. As it is, I am indeed concerned that the cure might be worse than the disease – especially since it's mutating with no real proof that the "v-" will work on the mutations.

So it's a muddle. If someone asked me straight out what to do, I couldn't in good conscience say anything more than "do what you can – reasonably – to be informed, and pray about it". I don't have any problem at all "risking" Covid (I do have a problem risking the "v-"), but I certainly would never want to give the impression that my way of thinking is right for others. If it turns out that all the concerns about the "v-s" are largely overblown and that it really is better and safer to go that route – and that could happen / be the case – I sure wouldn't want to be responsible for someone NOT getting v-ed . . . and then getting seriously sick (or getting someone else sick).

I am praying for you . . . and for us all!

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #33:

Dear Teacher-

I just had to pass along a brief message to let you know how much I appreciate the latest email postings. So much “Amen!” - and such a comfort to be reminded that there are others who are trying to maintain a balanced walk through these strange times, with folks flying off to extremes around us, and our own tendencies threatening to sweep us away with them. It’s so difficult to stay in “Today” - ever expectant but ever resting, ever alert but ever trusting - and all too easy to start following the shiny objects of the perceived signs of the times. The only shiny object we should be following is the Light Who is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! In His light we see light...

You are ever in my prayers, as are the brothers and sisters who “meet” on Ichthys!

Your student in Jesus our Light,

Response #33:

Thanks so much for this encouraging email, my friend!

I really appreciate your positive spirit. We certainly need more of that these days.

Keeping you and your family in my prayers daily – thanks so much for yours!

In Jesus Christ our Lord,

Bob L.

Question #34:

Hi Bob,

I have been thinking about all this from a spiritual perspective.

Our decisions with regards our bodies only have spiritual consequences if the decision is a sinful one. The mark of the beast is the obvious and flagrant ultimate example of when a choice regarding the body has dire spiritual consequences. I would imagine aside from suicide, it is the only one where there is no point of return from. (Even with suicide I wonder about the fleeting last thought of the person, if it was in faith? I wonder..)

Every other bodily sin choice, there is always hope because there is salvation and forgiveness if it is desired and sought through faith.

We know that the v- is not the mark. So is the main worry people have one of ailing health or whether it could kill? Even this, though frightening won't have spiritual consequences as long as we still are in Jesus.

I was thinking on this worry about the idea of "genetically being altered". Even if this were possible, how could this have spiritual consequences if you weren't deliberately seeking to change your body but only innocently sought a v-.

Let's say (and forgive the wild hypothesis here) that the RNA v- was made by the enemy to make us into nephilims. I know hybrids were possible before. Even if this was possible through some sort of pharmakeia/ sorcery, would this have spiritual consequences if this was done deceptively against us? That is to say that something was slipped in and we were changed against our will, God would not judge us for that? I don't see how He could because I realise how important our free will is to God. We cannot leave Jesus' hand unless we walk out.

If the v- altered us to the degree that it stripped away our cognitive abilities and therefore our free will, could we be judged on that? Personally I don't think so.

Thinking about it, I can't imagine any of these v-s having any spiritual consequences at all and therefore no real lasting harm done. Obviously no one wants to get ill and even less so, to die. It's the spiritual consequences that are what I worry about you see but at the same time I know there is no need to worry as long as I don't walk out of His hand (apostatise) or take the mark. Those are the only ways I can lose my salvation.

I'm not minimising fears of illness or death here but thinking about the eternal spiritual threats people may fear.

Some people have worried that this RNA thing is about hybridisation or transhumanism. Even if this were possible (which part of me doubts) it would be something that was done against our will, against our knowledge and so we wouldn't be held accountable. For example: I know from my previous research that the reason witchcraft and sorcery is forbidden by God is because there is power in it but it is only available to humans through direct rebellion against God by seeking fallen angels and "borrowing" their power. Magic is only a word after all that means contacting a fallen angel and using their supernatural abilities. All these occult and new age practices are ultimately the same thing and although purport to have different functions deceptively, all of them are basically the same thing: rebelling against God and borrowing supernatural power from fallen angels or making contact with them.

When people do this, they don't always know the full extent of what they are doing but nevertheless they are deliberately rebelling against God and therefore will suffer both spiritual and physical consequences.

God has warned us not to seek false gods or to practice sorcery. So when we do this we are not really worshipping another god because there aren't any but instead worshipping a fallen angel. It's the same with sorcery. Again it's all about rebellion against God and therefore sinful. A lot of people don't understand that it is a satanic deception and that the "goddess" or "god" of their choosing is merely a fallen angel/ demon but it doesn't matter in a sense as it still is a sin and the consequences are the same (although the pagan will expect to be rewarded from their god rather than suffer any discipline, mischief or demonisation.)

So with this in mind, as a v- is not an obvious sinful act, even if it were tampered with by the enemy and had something supernatural in it. Although it may well harm the body, could it harm us spiritually?

In Jesus,

Response #34:

Don't know if you've read all of the "Eschatology" emails in the past few months [link to list of previous postings], but this question has been asked a number of times – I actually appreciate you re-asking it.

I agree completely and you have stated things very well indeed: it's not a sin to get one of these treatments. I'm reluctant to call them "v-s" because a v- is the introduction of a dead or weakened virus / organism to which our body reacts through the natural immune response process, and that is NOT what is going on with any of the currently available treatments. Your links were great. So this has never been done before on humans (at least nowhere near to this extent and without normal prior testing), namely, utilizing the body's own cellular mechanics to produce viral protein to prompt an immune response. So there are many unknowns, chief among them being whether or not the body will (ever) stop producing these proteins, and whether or not in some cases this might result in a cascading effect when another similar threat is encountered.

If there had been trials on animals and if there had been toxicological studies and if there had been a completed trial on humans (none of the present "trials" are complete nor have results been released apart from cryptic PR press releases), then perhaps I'd feel differently about a process that is introducing mRNA or other genetic material one way or another.

Here's my bottom line: as you say, it is NOT a sin to get "v-ed" (or whatever you want to call it). If a believer does so, whether in ignorance of the things we've now heard about or in cognizance, weighing the risks, I have no problem with that either way. It really is a "judgment call" in any case. Personally, I'm not worried about getting CV. Perhaps I should be, but in fact I'm not. Those who care about me are concerned and do want me to "get dosed", but at the moment I see a great deal more downside than upside. For one thing, I'm not convinced that these treatments will work. The "evidence" that has been provided thus far is no evidence at all and the motivations are suspect. I don't think there is grand malevolence afoot in terms of governments or the medical and pharmaceutical communities. I think at the top levels they know this is a gamble and they're willing to risk it since so much is hanging in the balance. But I get to make my own decision concerning my own body, thank you very much, and at present it would take a bit more convincing. After all, the virus is mutating, and if there is precious little solid evidence that these "v-s" ward off the original, I don't think anyone can tell us that they'll help with the new ones. In fact, if the worries expressed about mRNA et al. continuing to be produced and potentially causing immune system overreaction to new viral threats turn out to be justified, it is possible that the v-ed will have a tougher time of it because of the procedure.

These are all possibilities and probabilities – including the ones hoped for, namely, that the v-s will keep people from getting Covid – about which even the experts can't really say for certain since the "science" hasn't been done and they're all just taking a flying leap of faith. I have a great deal of faith . . . in the Lord (none at all in governments, bureaucracies and "science and technology").

So my position remains unchanged. I'm not planning to jump off the roof just yet – not until I have a bit more confidence that there are actually firemen down there holding a trampoline.

But I also understand and would NEVER second guess the decision of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to get v-ed ASAP. There's no sin in that! And, depending on the motivations, there could be a great deal of love involved in it.

Your friend in Jesus Christ,

Bob L.

Question #35:

Hey Bob

Read your recent covid postings. Circumstances have apparently provided me with a natural immunity that makes the v- less necessary . . . I had covid over Christmas. Some low grade fever at night, sinus headache, dry cough; symptoms lasted a week. Got tested when I found out someone I’d been around Christmas tested positive. Others I know that have had it seem to recover fairly quickly or get worse; do know a couple of people in their 50s who died. Personally, I do not intend to take the v- as I’ve had reactions to other vacs in the past. Agree with you its a personal decision, not a spiritual one, or at least should not be. Think a lot of folks are so whacked out over the political/national happenings that they are panicked; its testing time as prep for what’s coming. Testing comes in many forms and is personalized; God knows where each of us needs to be strengthened. Stay well old friend.

Response #35:

Thanks for the update! Do you mind if I post this?

I'm relieved to hear that you are OK, and also encouraged to hear about a Covid experience which doesn't seem too much worse than the generic flu (please correct me if I'm wrong about that).

Once people start going back to work, etc., when "normal" returns, I'm sure we'll have sickness everywhere for a year or so – since exposure to normal immune system challenges has been so low for so many for so long. Elementary school teachers are traditionally sick all the time the first year – then build up resistance.

Back to the salt mines tomorrow!

Bob L.

Question #36:

Hello Bob,

This from a PHD microbiologist who has studied viruses:

"So here is the deal with the v-. Having sequenced the genome of the virus, it is known what the sequence is for the mRNA that ultimately makes the DNA that encodes the synthesis of the spike protein. Remember, all viruses require the human host cell to provide the essential ingredients for protein synthesis. The v- is made up of the mRNA that encodes the spike protein and some lipids (i.e., fat molecules) that stabilize the mRNA to prevent its degradation. Once injected into human cells, our cell begin synthesizing the proteins that make up the spike protein. Once our immune system "sees" these proteins, it begins synthesizing antibodies to the single most important protein that the virus has to produce to enter cells. The idea here is that the antibodies produced in response to the artificial synthesis of the spike protein will inactive the coronavirus should a subsequent infection occur. And the data indicate that the v- is extremely effective in doing just that."

I don't know whether you want to share this or not. The last discussion produced as much heat as light. He doesn't think the v- is much of a risk though he admitted it could cause a cytokine storm in those with weakened immune systems. He thinks that had a lot to do with the 1918 Spanish flu. I trust his judgment though not the v-. I think you're right, taking or not taking the v- is a personal choice without spiritual consequences. It may have mundane consequences now that they're rolling out v-/freedom passports. Probably good practice for the Tribulation.

Stay well and safe.

In our Lord,

Response #36:

Thanks for this. I understand the barest basics of the theory. Problem is it hasn't actually been tested. Guess that's a problem for the "vector" ones as well. Good friend of mine, a tad older than me, had the bug over Christmas and got over it fine. It really does seem like a toss up to me as to which may be worse: no great problems either way OR big problems either way.

Thanks for your help!

In Jesus,

Bob L.

Question #37:

Hi Bob,

I've read through all of the emails again and also the links included in some of them. They were helpful and made me think a lot more about the v-s and I've done some more research for myself.

After all this and most importantly continued prayer I've decided to go ahead with the v- as I had originally planned to do.

With the Lord's help I've made the best decision I can for my family and those around me and myself. I have His peace in my heart and I trust Him completely for His care and protection.

As you say, Bob - what's right for me to do is not necessarily right for someone else.

Thank you so much for all your help and your prayers. I'm keeping you and your family and our brothers and sisters in my prayers too.

Your friend in Jesus Christ

Response #37:

Sounds reasonable to me! I suppose we'll know more by mid-summer.

I'll be keeping you and this in my prayers.

In Jesus,

Bob L.

Question #38:

Hi Bob,

Here is an overview on the four types of treatment available..

And in detail
1) whole virus

2) protein subunit

3) nucleic acid

4) viral vector

It is debatable whether some of these treatments should be called "v-s" at all as some are technically genetic engineering.

mRNA (Pfizer and Moderna) uses "nanotechnology" or "nanomedicine" which is basically a form of technology/ tiny machines will be put in the body.

Here is an intro to nanotechnology/nano medicine

This is a more detailed article

The Viral Vector jab (Astra Zeneca/ Oxford) is actually known as Gene Therapy. It is about putting genetically engineered material in the body by using another virus as a vector or carrier. The genetic information is "spliced" into the virus. The virus Astra Zeneca is splicing this genetic engineering into is Adenovirus which is a cold virus that is common to chimpanzees.

Here is an intro to Gene Therapy

Also here's a more detailed article on how they are using adenoviruses in gene therapy/ the virus vector jab

Here are some articles that I have found that already say these options have had serious side effects..

This is about the Pfizer one



This is about the Astra Zeneca one

The good news is that there are traditional v-s down the pipeline but we would need to wait for them

I know that we all need to do a bit of reading and thinking on this rather than going into it blind. I agree we should pray and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance on this and for me personally there was one word given "WAIT!" So I've decided to wait on the Lord.

It has made me think that we will be rushed and pressurised into taking the real mark of the beast so this will be training for the pressure we will be under to follow the whole world into taking the mark. I have already had pushback from family on this but we have to go where we are being led and stand firm and put our trust in Jesus as He will ALWAYS deliver us!

My parents had hope in these "v-s" and by giving them the same info I have been accused of depressing them and killing their hope of the v- saving them ( only Jesus can save). I have stuck my neck out however and given them the inconvenient truth that these jabs are experimental genetic engineering without full animal testing trials or toxicology reports and I have done this to protect them as much as I can from possible injury or death from dubious technology.

We mustn't be lulled into this sense that everyone in the world is a Christian and loves and serves God and so are doing things to protect us. We live in the Devil's system and we need to always remember this especially when going into the tribulation. I'm afraid that people who have a wrongheaded view of how the world works will be the most at risk of the great apostasy as they may be rocked to their foundations when they realise just how evil this world is going to become (it's pretty evil already).

The most common form of apostasy I have experienced is when someone loses a loved one unexpectedly or violently. They then become bitter and the pain causes them to blame God and turn their heart against Him.

If things go wrong with these "v-s" and I mean badly wrong, we have to make sure it doesn't shake our faith in the Lord if we trusted in the medical industry to protect us.

Hope this information is useful for yourself and others. I acknowledge that this may not be what people want to hear but I feel it needs to be said.

In Jesus,

Response #38:

Thanks for this! I appreciate you doing this leg-work.

After mulling this, I'm thinking that these therapies MIGHT work and that they MIGHT not create terrible problems for MOST people. On the other hand, no one really knows. During this "crisis", experts over here have been fond of saying "hope is not a strategy". Seems to me that gambling on these procedures without really knowing how they will work or if they will be effective or what consequences they might have is committing that very mistake.

"The most common form of apostasy I have experienced is when someone loses a loved one unexpectedly or violently. They then become bitter and the pain causes them to blame God and turn their heart against Him. If things go wrong with these "v-s" and I mean badly wrong, we have to make sure it doesn't shake our faith in the Lord if we trusted in the medical industry to protect us."

That is an excellent point, my friend! That has been my observation too. It seems that many people are just looking for an excuse to "blame God" for everything and particularly in the case of a lost loved one. It hadn't occurred to me to put two and two together like that, but I'm sure that this current trouble and whatever happens with the "v-s" and of course especially the trouble of loss in the Tribulation will definitely contribute to that trend of apostasy.

Keeping you in my prayers in Jesus Christ,

Bob L.

Question #39:

Hi Bob,

I'm glad your friend is well. My problem with all this nonsense is, that while it may be a bad flu, 99%+ get over it just fine, as did your friend. Even for those of us in our 70s-90s. Would the other -1% have died anyway? Who knows? As you've observed, the v- is untested and nearly all v-s include preservatives and adjuvants that add an entirely new levels of risk. So I've made my decision to avoid it. I have no employer or contractor demanding it.

My aunt. 93+ years old and in an "assisted living" home, has been fine through all this. To put all this in perspective, my attitudes and preferences go back three generations. Today, for my rare headache from eye strain, I still use white willow instead of aspirin, e.g. Haven't had the flu in over 20+ years. My choices are not for everyone, of course, and everyone will have to make their own choices, which is as it should be.

My belief, while completely unscientific and uninformed is that the symptoms of can be vitamin and mineral deficiencies and parallel baribari (a vitamin B1 deficiency.) If true, it points to a diet issue (D or C deficiency also).

Please share only the part of this you feel would help someone. I certainly don't want to start another emotional email storm.

Yours in our Lord Jesus Christ,

Response #39:


I appreciate your input very much, my friend!

Lots of folks have questions about all this and are not as educated about the problems or the issue as you are (I certainly wasn't).

Keeping you in my prayers!

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.
p.s., I am taking my vitamin D.

Question #40:

Hi Bob,

Thank you for sharing the email from your correspondent. It's very helpful and confirms a lot for me.

I've been contacted to make an appointment and I've made one for Saturday morning at the hospital. I'm expecting to feel a few side effects for a day or two after like my work colleagues did but that's okay.

Thanks for your prayers and keeping you in mine too.

In Jesus

Response #40:

My pleasure.

I admire your courage and respect the fact that you are doing this out of love for others, particularly your family. There's no higher motive.

I still haven't gotten an invite, although an 80-something friend has gotten one through U of L, so . . .

Keeping you in my prayers on this – and do please keep me in the loop on how it all goes.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.


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